Prison Stories -- Life Unfolds

By hermanbennett All Rights Reserved ©



Port Arthur, Texas. 1954. I was in third grade, sitting in an uncomfortable oak desk of the times. Bored, I wrote my name on the desk, practicing my cursive writing by scrawling among the hundred or so names that had been written before mine. Some people had chosen to make deep indentations into the wood, perhaps with the brass that is left on the end of a pencil when the eraser is gone. I was more inclined to write with the pencil lead, erase, and attempt a more perfect signature with a flourish underneath it, a la John Hancock.


In the forty plus years I’ve known her, my friend Kathy has told me a hundred times, “Life unfolds perfectly.” She navigated four marriages, all happy at the beginning and, as most breakups go, difficult at the end. Four kids and several career changes may have added some creases, but, through it all, she maintained her belief about the perfection of the unfolding. Her son put a different spin to it. Kathy was making her ‘mother speech’ after she had helped him through a trying adolescent experience. Kathy said, “You see, it’s just like I always say-- life unfolds perfectly.” Her son, without making eye contact, but looking in her direction through his eyebrows, shuffled his feet and countered, “Well, I don’t know about that, but I guess it unfolds okay.”

It’s true. Life unfolds okay.

At least it unfolds.

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