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Queen Zaria: Bridgeton inspired story

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A young princess is thrown the challenge of marrying the heir of England after battling with the death of her both her parents. She comes across many different obstacles with the King and learning of odd his behavior and drastic personality changes A very smart, strong and ambitious woman who brings the definition of class. Based off the Bridgeton stories

Drama / Romance
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The arrangement

(Palace of requirements, England 1857) " It is final,your daughter will marry my son when she has made her 21st birthday, are we clear Felix?" Felix reluctantly accepted "Yes your majesty,  but may I add my concerns as to what this may result to?" Said Felix. The King awaited a response for he would not think there would be a problem in view of the fact that when he spoke everyone were to listen. " I'm listening" said the King. "I'm afraid that by that present moment she would already be ruling over our country and she would have to abandon everyone there with no ruler, I do believe that our country is just as in important as to yours." Said Felix. Although this had the King fume of rage and irritation he then responded saying "Would you much rather loose everything for the sake of having a ruler in your lawless country or have your daughter live a life she deserves as well as your country Felix?" Said the King in a threatening tone. "Alright it is well with my soul if she is happy but make sure she is happy Darius." said Felix. "Very well then, see you when the marriage happens" said the King in the most happiest tone. Soon after the arrangement Felix finally headed home to his wife and Daughter after a year of settling everything. He came home to find his wife already birthed children he hadn't known about. "What happened here,whose children are those?" Felix said to his wife but there was no answer. His wife was in bed therefore he thought she was asleep. " Whilst you were away she had discovered she was with child and later birthed two lives in this world" said Regus the butler. He held both of them in his arms and informed the King with their names "This is Zarmania and Zander" he said, the King was shook for a moment and finally opened his mouth to say " Where is my Zaria?" Zaria was the now eldest daughter to King Felix, she was on 4 years of age, beautiful and very smart. Felix tried to wake his wife up when she didn't wake up his world shattered, to weak to command an assistants from the royal medical center. Regus called for the doctor and the doctor announced the death of his late wife. "What will I do without her, she was my rock,my world and how may I raise my children on my own, she knew these things Regus" said King Felix.They soon put her to rest and this devastated the King and he had landed in great depression state. This made his country run down for 12 years and he decided it was enough. It was evening and Zaria and her father just came from the beach side like they normally did and were about to prepare for dinner. He came to her bedroom and knocked " Zar, will you be a darling and open the door for your father" Felix said. Zaria ran to the door before her maid could open and opened for her father."Of course father" she grinned while opening the door. They both sat down on the bed that was in the room "You know how proud I am of you and everything you do, you're a world famous ballerina just like your mother, lord how you remind me of her." King Felix said "Of course I know you're proud you tell me everyday" she said smiling. "I'm telling you this because you are now 20 years of age are you not?" King Felix said "Why I am father" she said. "The following year you will be marrying to a man in England who goes by Philip." King Felix said. "I beg your pardon father, Marry into an heir of England?" She said. "You'll understand why, everything will make the best of sense later my Zaria but at the moment I prepare you for it-" King was interrupted. "Father?" Said Zaria cutting him off. "Do let me finish. I tell you everyday I love you and I live to make you happy but I don't want to be on this earth any longer without your mother, the heavens call my name. My time is sooner than we both think and all I hope for everything goes well, continue dancing, persue what you want. Do not let them take the fire you have, you are phenomenal my beautiful daughter, my beautiful Zaria." Him saying while leaving before she could even utter a word. "What was that?" She wondered thinking aloud. Dinner soon was prepared when they heard a thud from the east wing of the castle, they all ran outside to suspect the cause of the thud to come and see the King laying there dead. "Noooooo!!!!" Said Zaria as she screams and sobs. "This cannot be" said Zarmania. "Father?" As Zander sobs. Zaria ran to what was her dead father "wake up, awaken! Is this why we had that talk earlier, answer me" as she yells with tears streaming down her cheeks. It soon came to the time when they had laid their father to rest. Soon after the following months came and Zaria was recruited the 1st of August exactly by the England guards. Taken forth to the Buckingham Palace, sooner than later she arrived and she was awaited by a white beautiful queen who seemed as sturn as donkey, prim and proper. "Hello Queen Zaria" said the woman. Zaria stumbled a bit when she was addressed as queen, she has never been called one. "Queen?" Said Zaria "Yes Queen your father told us you'd be a Queen by now, are you not?" Said the woman " Ummm I only were to be Queen when I turn 21 years of age which is this year but yet I'm here" chuckled Zaria. The queen sighed in disbelief " Where is your father now dear" said the woman. "Oh" Zaria said with a shaken tone " He died a few months ago" said Zaria " Oh that's pitty isn't it? Good deed he always defended the wrong things anyway" said the Queen. Zaria froze and looked at her with judging eyes she wondered who was this woman and she was so quick to judge her background "Ummm were you going to explain the reason as to why I'm here" said Zaria. Zaria had known exactly why she was there she just was not told n depth therefore hoped the woman or Queen would share extra information" Ugh such an unprofessional man he did not even try to enlighten you with some sort of information at all?" Said the Queen. " I'll have you know my father came back to my dead mother and children he did not even know about, no he did not let me know due to the gobsmacking particulars!" Said Zaria angrily " Oh we have a smart mouth do we not now? My husband always warned me about your kind" she chuckles "My kind? Oh it is now because I'm a woman of colour is it not?" Said Zaria " We could do something about the skin before the Wedding" said the Queen " Wedding?!" Said Zaria "Yes Wedding child you will be wedded by the end of this day to my son" said the Queen "Son? who is this Son of yours?" Said Zaria " He is my son" said the Queen "I mean what is his name? What does he do for a living? Of course he is King, how is he like does he know about the wedding, how old is he?" Said Zaria bombarding the Queen. The Queen had felt overwhelmed by the questions but the only retaliation that she could evict was "He is the King and he will soon be your husband that is all I shall say" said the queen "Is this all you can tell me frankly?" Said Zaria "I shan't go against my husbands orders and I would hate for you to do such as well" said the queen grinning "Where is your husband may I ask?" The Queen sat in a questionable loud silence as her face dropped from her witty grin "He unfortunately departed from this life." said the Queen "My condolences" said Zaria. "Enough with the chit chat on we go, Agtha come get this lovely girl, get her the best garments. The wedding is only an acalling stint away. Chop chop Agtha." Said the Queen. "As you wish your Majesty" said Agtha. Agatha pulls Zaria into a room where a lovely British native gown was gently laid on the dresser, Zaria admired the beautiful dress as Agtha stayed running around like a headless chicken calling servants for help. As one was undressingher the other looked for shoes for the occasion"Good dear, are you not going to burn yourselves out? You have been running around everywhere like a chicken that has lost it's head." As Zaria says laughing "Her Majesty wants you to be prim and beautiful by a flash, I need to" said Agtha "Okay tell me what needs to be done and maybe I could assist?" Said Zaria "Oh your majesty it is my job you just wait for me to get everything set and ready my job once again" Zaria did not want to agure so kept to herself. She seemed overwhelmed by seeing a whole lot of people around her, not that she was never used to it all because she didn't feel at home. Back home she knew everyone and befriended even so assisted them with work. Yet here was different. "Agtha, why won't the Queen tell me about her son. Am I not marrying him?" Said Zaria "Oh the young master is darling! He just has not been really here nor there, he just drifts with the air like the wind almost" said Agtha "What was so hard about that?" Said Zaria as another servant was putting the gown up her " arms up up up. Also the queen gets sensitive when it come to her boy she hide him from the world like a shell" said Agtha. Well the problem did not exactly lie upon there, the real reason of the Queen shielding her boy was due to the mental instability he had. "Oh that is a shame." Zaria was quickly changed into the beautiful gown but they soon needed to do her hair. The real obstacle "Dear, my hair it was already put up has it not, there is no reason to temper with it." Said Zaria "It is not quite to the Queens liking, she pulled me aside and told me that your hair shall be straight and styled like hers was the night of her wedding." Said Agtha. "Do you wish to straighten my hair Agtha? Or can simply not change it and make it seem "taimed". I do not wish to straighten my hair. Said Zaria "why your majesty, I can already see in straighten hair and you would fabulous" said Agtha "I simply have never done it to my hair and never seen my mother evestraighten hers as well" said Zaria. "Do you not want to try? I promise you will stunning if only you try" said Agtha. "Perhaps it wont cause much damage to me, it is change. Indeed I will try" said Zaria. "That is the darling the King will marry." Said Agtha with a kind smile. The time went faster than expected and Zaria was all done with preparation, deciding to stroll around the castle. As she strolls a man follows behind her. She then realized she was being followed and stopped to see if the man would stop as well. "Are you following me?" Said Zaria "Why I am Your Majesty." Said the man "Is there anyway you could stop?" Said Zaria "Unfortunately no, tis my job to. I am you butler and servant you call I shall already be ready to serve because I am behind." Said the man lightly "Your name?" Said Zaria "Walter your majesty." He said "Do you mind leaving for a few minutes I have business." Said Zaria "I am afraid that is not possible." Said Walter "Why is that" said Zaria. "I am forever supposed to be next to you." Said Walter "Did you not say at the beginning of your background story I can order." Said Zaria " Yes your majesty." Said Walter "Then I order to you to leave, Now!" Said Zaria. Walter did not waste time and left, Zaria asked him to leave due her curiosity towards the king and why no one described his detail more in depth. As she searched each she came across she was called by Agtha. "It is time we need to get you ready your majesty." Shouted Agtha "I am coming" said Zaria. She left thinking what was awaiting her at the ceremony.
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