Dude Smith

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Chapter Fourteen: Dude’s Return

A week after Danny and I had our meeting, I got out of the shower and dried off. I needed to read the news before I took that long drive. I subscribed to several local papers in the area. I picked up my phone to read the morning news. I started with the Bronx News.

MURDER RATE GOES UP BY ONE OVERNIGHT! An unidentified man found dead in alley!

I smirked and shook my head. As I moved to another newspaper, nothing unusual. People in NYC get killed every day, I thought.

I made it to work and started working on the Harrison deal. This one was worth five million dollars to our firm. The biggest deal in our company at the moment. As I typed on my keyboard, a text message came in. I glanced down to find it was a message from Danny.

Jacob is dead. I paid my boys ten grand in advance. I need fifty from you.

I went rigid. Was this true? Was Jacob really dead? I hoped so. But first I had to have the proof.

I typed back. I will need to see the proof first. Do you have that?

I have his wallet. Come see me when you get time. Danny typed.

I couldn’t believe it. Was that piece of shit really dead? I thought back to the article I read in the paper just that morning, and knew he was. With the proof Jacob was dead. I could continue my life comfortably. I was going to be a dad. Not once, but twice. However, my wife didn’t know that. Was I going to tell her? No.

Three months later, Dude started knocking on my door again. However, Dude was not interested in multiple women. Only one. At least that is where it started. I should have left the damn door closed.

At this time, I had my first son. My true heir to my fortune. Celiene would flip if she knew. I didn’t want that, so Kay and my new son was still my secret.

I was at her house preparing to leave. I had to get home. I was in the middle of a fantastic kiss when Carl, my son, started to cry.

“Babe, I have to go,” I said.

“Don’t you want to at least say goodbye to your son?”

“Kay, you know I still love you, but Celiene needs me too.”

She gave me an evil stare. “But I loved you first.”

Really? Jealous? “I will not have you getting jealous on me,” I stated.

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry. But at least go and tell your son goodbye.”

“I have to go babe. I will talk to you another day,” I said as I made my way to the front door.

I had a newborn. It was a miracle that he happened to be born during my work hours. That way I was able to be there for his birth. I was exceedingly happy about that. Cute little thing that weighed seven and a half pounds. He had his mother’s beautiful eyes. Women would certainly love that as he got older. His skin tone was between mine and Kay’s. But since he was still new, that could change as he got older. I digress. He was beautiful, and I couldn’t have been prouder to be his father.

Kay named him Carl Michael Jacobs. We argued about his last name for what seemed like hours. I wanted him to be a Smith. Kay reminded me that we were not married. I didn’t care. I could name my kid anything I wanted. I wanted him to have my last name. She shook her head and put her foot down. I eventually conceded.

But she was right. I had not told Celiene that Kay had my baby. I told Celiene before I married her that I would not go back to Kay. But she knew me. She knew me better than I did. I was ashamed to admit that she was right. So Kay and my new son were going to remain my secret.

At this time, I was dealing with some serious stress. Darren had been in control of my life for quite some time. It was time for Dude to make a comeback.

It was a Saturday evening when I felt the need to get away. Celiene was huge. Our baby was due any day, but I was stressed. I wanted to get away from the house.

I picked up my phone to send a text message. Halfway through the text, Celiene walked into our bedroom.

“Hey babe,” she said with a smile. She walked up to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

I replied, “Hey sweetie,” as I finished sending my text.

“I’m pretty tired. I’m going to bed. Wanna join me?” She asked, wanting to get some cuddle time in, I assumed. I needed to get out of the house.

I shook my head. “Actually, Jeffrey and I are going out for a drink.”

She crossed her arms in front of her, and they rested on her huge belly. Her eyes were angry. What was wrong? What did I do?

“You have been out of the house a lot lately these past couple of months.”

“What are you talking about babe? I’ve just been working.”

She smirked. “I don’t believe that, but okay if you say so.”

I had to reassure her, I wasn’t cheating on her…at least Darren wasn’t. “Babe I’m sorry. I love you. I just need this.”

She rolled her eyes. “Whatever, Dude.” She walked out of our bedroom and slammed the door.

“Aw Celiene, come on!”

I crossed my arms in front of me and went over the last few seconds in my head. Did she seriously just call me Dude? She has no idea how stressed out I am. I really needed this. Screw it. I changed my clothes and headed out.

I met Jeffrey at Tony’s Bar. We sat at the bar drinking and talking about work when a couple close by were arguing.

When the argument was over, her boyfriend, or I assumed he was her boyfriend, walked away, leaving her crying. I hated to see beautiful women crying. I was totally weak.

I turned to Jeffrey and asked, “Say man did you see that?”

“See what?”

“That couple fighting just a second ago.”

“Nah, why?”

“Wow she is pretty,” I stared at her. She looked familiar to me. “I think I know her.”

Jeffrey crossed his arms in front of him. “I wouldn’t be surprised; you have slept with everything in town.”

I chuckled. “But I didn’t sleep with this one.”

“How can you be so sure? There have been hundreds.”

“I know, I know but I’m certain I have not slept with this one,” I said and started to walk towards her.

“Where are you going?” Jeffrey asked.

“To talk to her. Look at her, she’s crying.”

My best friend looked at me with an angry scowl. “Dude, don’t get in the middle of that. You are a married man now.”

I smirked. “With a baby on the way, I know. But I just want to talk to her.”

Jeffrey sighed heavily. “Alright. Don’t get busted.”

I smiled widely. “I won’t because you didn’t see anything.”

“I didn’t see a thing.”

I made my way across the bar to talk to this sad woman. I was going to cheer her up. She was still crying and had her back to me.

“Boyfriend problems?” I asked, and she turned to face me.

“Sort of.”

“Would he be offended if I bought you a drink?”

She wiped her tears. “Fuck him. He’s an ass.”

I chuckled. “What’s your name?”


“I’m Darren, but my friends call me Dude. What are you drinking, Shelly?”

She was happy to be getting some attention. “I will take a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.”

I nodded. “Coming right up.” I called to the bartender. “Tony!”

Tony made his way down to my end of the bar. “Yeah, Dude what is it?”

“Crack open the bottle of Quintessa and bring two glasses please.”

“Sure. Would you like me to order you another bottle?”


“When I did my inventory last week, the bottle has gone up a bit. It’s running around four hundred a bottle.”

I chuckled. “You know I don’t care. You can’t charge me until you open it anyway.”

“You are so right, and I’m always happy when you do. Be right back with that.”

I smiled. “Thanks.”

She was surprised. “Four hundred dollars a bottle? I can’t drink that. I’ll just take something cheaper.”

I shook my head in effort to impress her. “No, no. You are going through a tough time right now. You deserve the best.”

I bet he’s rich, she thought. “Aw how sweet of you to say so.”

Tony came back with the bottle of wine, and I thanked him. Shelly and I stood talking for a bit over a glass of wine. She was nice, and I swear I had met her before. The next thing you know, her boyfriend was standing behind us with an angry scowl on his face.

“Come on Shelly, you’ve flirted enough,” he said.

She turned to face him. “I’m not going anywhere with you, Dale.”

“Let’s go girl,” he insisted, as he grabbed her arm.

“I said no damn it! Now leave me alone!” She yelled jerking away.

Dale sighed and softened both his tone and his features. “Babe look, I’m sorry.”

No way was she leaving with him. Not only was I enjoying her company, I had just opened a four-hundred-dollar bottle of wine to share with her. “The lady says she wants you to go away. Why don’t you?” I said with a smart-ass tone.

He wasn’t afraid of me, nor was leaving. “I don’t know who you are, but Shelly is my girl. And she is going home with me!”

I smirked. “Not tonight she isn’t. So why don’t you just leave?”

He ignored me. “Shelly, if you stay here, we’re done.”

She crossed her arms in front of her. “Fine then. We’re done.”

The kid rolled his eyes and walked away. I was glad. We finished the bottle of wine. I was a bit tipsy, but I could still drive. I looked down at her, right into her gorgeous brown eyes and had no words, but my loins were beginning to stir. The next thing I knew, I was kissing her. Man she was beautiful. I could have kissed her all night. Just as all my blood began rushing to my nether region, someone cleared their throat behind me. It was Jeffrey. I stopped kissing on Shelly.

Irritated. “What man?”

“Time to go.”

I wasn’t ready to leave. “I’m still talking to Shelly.”

“Well Melissa called and is gonna meet me at my house, so I’m gonna go.”

I nodded. I wasn’t going anywhere. “See you later, bro.” I stared at Shelly for a while and really wanted her. “You ready to get out of here beautiful?”

She grinned. “Ready when you are, handsome.”

I placed my hand on the small of her back and led her to my car. I took her downtown to a fancy hotel. Shelly’s love making was spectacular. I made sure I wore a condom. Didn’t want any more babies coming into the world. Perhaps I would see her again, maybe not. I really missed being Dude. I couldn’t stay out all night. I had to go home. I’m glad I did.

I walked in the house, and I heard Celiene screaming from our bedroom. I ran as fast as I could to get to her. When I got to the room, Josephine was there with her.


“Damn it Darren, where have you been?” she yelled.

“You’re in labor!”

“No shit! Are you going to stand there or are you gonna help me to the car?”

Another contraction hit her before I could answer, and she screamed loudly.

“It’s okay baby, it’s okay. Come on let’s go.”

After fourteen long hours, Tevin Kyle Smith came into the world. I was happy, and so was Celiene. Now I am going to have to try and split my time between two infants. How in the hell was I going to do that? I had no freaking idea.

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