She of the Sea

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A story of loyalty and love, the power of the sea, and wild freedom. A race between life and death, a race to save love, and a race to the ends of the sea. Day and night. I stand watch. I stand waiting… She will return. She must return. She must. For if she does not return…he will die.

Drama / Romance
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She of the Sea

Day and night. I stand watch. I stand waiting…

She will return. She must return. She must.

For if she does not return…he will die.


Everyone has sworn that she’s been swallowed by the salt of the sea, that I waste my days gazing into the night. I’d have sworn it too, but they don’t know her like I do and she swore to return.

She was as wild and free as I am tame and bound. She laughed at the clouds and mocked the thunder. She taunted the dark skies and beamed in the flashes of lightening. Most would call her a fool, but I knew better. I’d seen the storms feed her hunger and the moon light her path. I’d heard the waves call her name.


They met at the docks. She’d stumbled upon our humble village in need of supplies. We offered her what we could, but it wasn’t much. She’d smiled and thanked us, sure that it would be enough to support her crew until they reached their next unknown destination. The old sailors shook their heads. A woman commanding a ship? It must be a farce! But where she’d come from, the men respected her valor, her skill, and the very salt that ran through her veins.


I am bound to this land. Bound to my family and the ways of our village. But she is not. She roams the sea, searching for adventure. And yet…something here piqued the interest of such a woman as she.

We began to see more of her. She’d gather our meager supplies—sure to pay handsomely for the scraps—bid us farewell, and set sail. She’d assure us that the sea held so many wonders that she may never return. She knew she’d not the time to see them all, for each man’s years have been numbered. And no one can escape that.

But return she did. And each time she brought him a treasure from far away. They eventually grew quite close. I watched, awed by her boldness and warmed by her cheerful smile. He took my hand and let me follow wherever they went. She told me stories that not even books can hold. She taught me to run when I’d only ever known to walk. She taught me to hear the whispers of the wind and to sing the song of the rolling waves. She taught me to dream.


Months turned into years. She would never promise to stay and he would never have dared to ask. When she was gone, he’d care for me, watch out for me, encourage me. He was my world. And when she became a part of his, she became a part of mine.

She didn’t seem to mind. I think she liked me. She’d tell me secrets and laugh at my silly jokes. She clapped as I hopped and wobbled from rock to rock. She braided my hair and kissed the shells I found for her. She drew my name in the sand and walked me home at night.

He worked hard, always has. He could set more traps in an hour than any man on the island. He could repair the nets and gut the fish as well as the best of them. He knew every tug and pull of the currents on our coast. He’d take me out to the reefs, teach me to swim when no other girl could. He showed me how to catch a fish, how to clean and cook it. He wanted to know that I could take care of myself if the time ever came. It seems he taught me to care for me, but now I care for him.

I don’t think he ever thought we’d be separated. I’d half expected him to sail with her when the time came. I’d dreamed of sailing with them one day, but I am not free. Not like she is. I could never leave. Maybe they thought things would change. Maybe they’d hoped to cut my ties and loose my binds. Maybe I am why they waited. At this point, I may never know.


I remember the first time I saw them kiss. The sunset lit up her dark brown locks. Her sun-tanned skin glowed and her gentle smile turned small. The gold in the sky made her honey brown eyes gleam and the wind tossed sand at their feet. He looked so happy. I knew they were meant to be.

It hurt my heart. I’d run in tears to the knobby tree. I nearly flew up its trunk, determined to never come down. He bit back a laugh and chased after me.

“Come down, Isabeau!” he cried from the ground. I refused, weeping as the darkened skies settled into my desperate heart. She’d take him from me! I knew she would. Truth be told, I’d known all along.


But she’d charmed her way into my heart. And soon I learned that he’d charmed his way into hers. She taunted us and teased us each time she set sail. “No promises,” she’d sing, swinging from the mast. But one day, that all changed.

Fever. It doesn’t listen to fate or destiny. It doesn’t concern itself with great love stories or even little sisters. And it doesn’t show mercy.

She sailed in just like any other time before, confident, buoyant, and sure. But when I ran to her and buried my head in her sturdy shoulder, her smile faltered and her glow shuddered. She listened through my sobs, staggering at the news. Even her crew had come to know and love us both. I thought they’d seen it all, they’d know what to do, but alas…this was indeed something new.

In a rage, she flew to the ship. She’d hugged me fiercely and she’d sworn to find a cure. Neither of us knew how much time there was, but if anyone could do it, it was she.


And so, day and night. I stand watch. I stand waiting.

She will return. She must return. She must.

For if she does not return…he will die.

He’s all I have. He is my world. I am bound to this land, bound to him. But she commands the seas, she hears the whispers in the wind. They will tell her the secrets, just like she’s told me. The moon will guide her and the stars will slow time as long as they can. I will stand watch. I will stand waiting. And she will return.

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