Last Bit of Sky

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'Last Bit of Sky'‚ is the first in an intended young adult trilogy that explores the ramifications of rape and racism; and the healing power of love and friendship. Alanna Harrison is beginning her freshman year at St. Aloysius, an historically black university in Toronto,Ontario. Brutally raped by a gang of Neo-Nazi skinheads a year prior to the start of the novel, she believes her new school will be a safe haven from a world she now hates and fears. Unfortunately for Alanna, St. Aloysius has broken tradition and enrolled its first white student, Damon Cunningham. Damon's attraction,coupled with her fear of him, results in a cat-and-mouse game that can either be Alanna's salvation from the fear and hatred that has ruled her life since that fateful night. Or, it could shatter her completely.

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Chapter One

He knew there’d be some consequences to enrolling here. He expected weird stares, maybe some teasing, or whispers that he’d only gotten in to boost the athletics department. Some hazing from his teammates? Sure. A five foot three girl kicking him in the shins, and screaming, “You’re not supposed to be here” as though he had offended her personally, was something he did not expect.

The pointy toes of her high heeled boots were really starting to dig in now and he realized he only had one option if he wanted to get away before his shin bones started to splinter. He didn’t want to be known for the next four years as the six foot three guy who punched the lights out of that tiny girl on the first day of school. And running away from a girl that was small enough for him to use as a hockey stick wasn’t going to help his reputation either. Solution? Gently pick her up, while ensuring her feet were too far away to hit him in the crotch, move her to the side and then walk quickly away before she realized what had happened.

Strangely enough, when he looked back, she didn’t seem aware of anything- that he’d moved or that people were staring. She had collapsed to her knees and was hugging herself, rocking back and forth, and back and forth, muttering to herself, “He shouldn’t be here” over and over again.

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