Last Bit of Sky

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Chapter Seven

“Hey,” Damon greeted Ryan as he opened his door. Ryan and Damon knew each other from Paradise Comics as they’d both been going there for years. Damon had the time and the means to get his own books each week but he knew that as a scholarship student, Ryan wasn’t allowed to have a part-time job and this was the only way he could earn extra money. Damon wasn’t hurting for cash by any means and so he happily became one of Ryan’s customers.

“You know I heard that one of your customers is a chick. “

“Yea, she lives two dorms over.”

“Seriously? I know like a handful of girls that read comics and none of them are black. Does she read comics comics or just manga and the girly stuff?”

“You’d be surprised how similar your weekly pull lists are,” Ryan replied laughing at the shocked look on Damon’s face.

“Is she pretty? ’Cuz if she is, you may have found the girl of my dreams.”

Ryan laughed again but his voice seemed a little tight when he replied, “She’s definitely pretty but I don’t think she’s interested in dating right now.”

“They never are until they meet me,” Damon replied with a mischievous smile.

Ryan gave a small smile and shook his head before leaving for his next drop-off.

Well, she’s off limits. He clearly likes her.

As he settled in to read his comics, Damon couldn’t help but chuckle at the fact that he’d managed to find both the coolest girl on earth and the female anti-christ on the same campus. What he found perplexing was how often he thought about the latter. She had treated him with nothing but disdain since they’d first met. They were in a lot of the same classes and had been paired up one day in their Literature for Our Time class for an in-class activity. She’d made it clear, with her cold attitude and barely concealed hatred, that she would much rather be working with anyone else. In fact, if hadn’t been for the professor he wouldn’t have even known her name as she refused to say anything unless it pertained to their project. Alanna, that was her name as it turned out, was smart and had a definite talent for writing. The ‘A’ they received on that project was entirely due to the way she put their ideas into words. And she was pretty, there was no denying it. If she hadn’t seemed so intent on hating him for no reason, he might have been tempted to ask her out. She had shoulder length dreadlocks- the neat kind. She was fair skinned with slightly almond shaped eyes that hinted at some partial Asian ancestry. He supposed she had a pretty mouth but it was hard to tell when it remained in a permanently hard line. She seemed comfortable with her height as she hardly wore heels. She had ‘meat on her bones’, as his mother would say, and filled out a pair of jeans quite nicely.

Damon was starting to think that the old adage of men ‘always wanting what they can’t have’ might be true of him. Logic dictated that he should, at the very least, dislike Alanna for her unreasonable hatred of him but he found himself staring at her in class and wanting to know more about her. So far he’d deduces that she had a strange obsession with even numbers. She’d always mirror what she did with one hand with the opposite hand. For example, if she drummed the desk with one hand, she would drum it with the other hand on a corresponding spot on the other side of the desk. Alanna ate Skittles and Starburst in pairs; and always had two pens as well which she never used. He had spent all of last class trying to figure out how she was getting through school without taking any notes. Since he spent all his time spying on her in class, he was facing his first round of tests with no notes himself.

He should probably be trying to study now but Skullkickers was infinitely more interesting than Wuthering Heights. Emily Bronte was no Jane Austen in his book. He’d always thought that a straight guy who loved Jane Austen was the oddest possible anomaly until he heard about the girl who loved comics on his campus. He was sure they’d hit it off if they had a chance to meet. Wonder if she’s prettier than Alanna…

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