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Finding Nate

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Nate is a four year old boy who has just been been diagnosed with autism and sensory processing disorder. He has never met his father and doesn't really ask. He likes his routine with his mum and doesn't really communicate with others. His mum who is just 22 years of age is struggling as a single parent with her child as she never told her ex boyfriend he had father a little boy. Nate had no idea his mum is struggling but he doesn't care as long as she does what she always does and follows his routine and safe foods he is happy. Charlotte loved her little boy and is working hard to pay for his therapies and keep him in child care while she works part time and studies at uni. She knows his father and his family could support the little boy but she just can't bring herself to let them know incase they take Nate from her. Charlotte and Nate are doing it tough but they have love and when it's just the two of them, Nate does talk. Nate uses sign language at preschool to talk to his teacher when he has to and also uses a combination of both with his speech therapist and occupational therapist. Luca is the eldest boy of the Taylor family. He has two younger brothers. Luca is 24 years old and has no plan to settle down and have children like his mother wants him to. He prefers the chase then once he has taste a woman he wants nothing more to do with her. His brothers are the same. He

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Author's Note

I am not a professional author at all. I write for fun and as a way to cope with PTSD. There will be errors in spelling and grammar and I apologise for that now. I do try to edit my stories but being dyslexic I sometimes don't see an error. If you see one please point it out and I'll correct it.

Second I am an Australian which means some spelling and sayings I use in my work will be different to what you are use to. I also sometimes use Australian slang. If you don't understand something just ask me and I'll explain. My writing style is different to what some people are use to because it seems that Australian's were taught a little differently. My work is based on Australian schooling and university so again it may be different to what you are use to reading. I write what I know so yeah.

I own all the rights to all my stories and I do not give permission for anyone to use my work or copy it at all. I only ever publish my stories on Wattpad so if you see my work elsewhere and that someone has copied it please report to me and also to wherever you see the work. I try to make my stories unpredictable and not follow the same story lines. I work hard to keep people interested and don't appreciate people thinking they can just copy what I have done to make their own stories.

I love getting feedback on my work with the comments and votes. It helps motivate me to keep writing. I know not everyone likes my work and that's ok but please don't be rude or nasty about it. If you don't like it don't read it. Also this book will be a little cliche sorry.

I don't have an updating schedule as such, I write and update when I can. Sometimes that's daily, sometimes a couple times a day and sometimes once a week. This is due to my PTSD, sometimes I need to write to get out of my head and sometimes I have bad days and can't think of writing at all. The more people that read and vote seems to motivate me to keep writing as I don't like to let people down so bare with me.

This story, one of the main characters has been diagnosed with autism. I want to make it clear, I am not an expert on autism at all. I have worked with children with varying degrees off autism as well as having a child who also is diagnosed. Please remember autism is different for different people so what Nate does may be different to what other people with autism do.Start writing here…

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