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Finding me

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Parker was the only girl in her family. Her mother was convinced she was a boy so had decided her name while she was in the womb. Her mother and her three brothers all called her Parker even before she was born so the name stuck. Parker takes care of her family. She cooks and cleans for her brothers when her parents are off travelling the world. At 18 she has never so much as kissed a boy let alone had a boyfriend. She doesn't have time for it between studying, working and looking after her brothers. She didn't mind, that's what families did apparently. As her graduation draws near her parents and brothers promise to be there. She is excited to finally be finishing high school. She had been accepted to university on the other side of the country but was reluctant to accept because it would mean leaving behind her family. Parker's brothers are working in the family business since there dad retired to travel with there mother. Leon is 26, Jude is 23 and Tanner is 22. They are play boys and are loving life. They have no responsibilitIes at home because Parker takes care of them. They forget all about her graduation until the day after it occurs as do her parents. They vow to make it up to her but when she doesn't come home they know they have made the biggest mistake of there lives. Parker is hurt by her family. Her brothers friend, who had seen everything that had been ha

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Authors note

This story deals with things that may trigger certain people. I do not put trigger warnings on each chapter so be warned.

I am not a professional author at all. I write for fun and as a way to cope with PTSD. There will be errors in spelling and grammar and I apologise for that now. I do try to edit my stories but being dyslexic I sometimes don't see an error. If you see one please point it out and I'll correct it.

Second I am an Australian which means some spelling and sayings I use in my work will be different to what you are use to. I also sometimes use Australian slang. If you don't understand something just ask me and I'll explain. My writing style is different to what some people are use to because it seems that Australian's were taught a little differently. My work is based on Australian schooling and university so again it may be different to what you are use to reading. I write what I know so yeah.

I own all the rights to all my stories and I do not give permission for anyone to use my work or copy it at all. I only ever publish my stories on Wattpad so if you see my work elsewhere and that someone has copied it please report to me and also to wherever you see the work. I try to make my stories unpredictable and not follow the same story lines. I work hard to keep people interested and don't appreciate people thinking they can just copy what I have done to make their own stories.

I love getting feedback on my work with the comments and votes. It helps motivate me to keep writing. I know not everyone likes my work and that's ok but please don't be rude or nasty about it. If you don't like it don't read it.

Thank you for clicking on the short story and I hope you like it.

Take care and keep safe.

Smiley xx

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