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Chapter 4 - Cinderella Lied

A short night of hard drinking left me wilted as Richard carried me across the threshold of Kelly’s apartment. I listened as Kelly, Richard, and Jason laughed at my alcoholic virginity.

“She must a’ drank a whole case of beer and a bottle of Tequila,” Richard laughed.

“Yeah. At least,” Jason said.

“I don’t think she’s ever been to a bar before,” Kelly laughed as I attempted to spit out the long, curly, blonde strand of my hair that had glued itself to my wet lips.

“Come on, Richard. Put her down in the living room. No, not the couch. She might puke,” Kelly directed. Richard laid me on the cold tile and put a throw pillow from the couch under my head. The tile felt good on my warm body, so I lay still.

Kelly asked, “Do you guys want a beer?”

“Sure,” Jason said.

“Nah, I’m good,” Richard said as he sat his hard-muscled body next to me on the floor.

“Hey, Jason. Let me show you something,” Kelly said, and I heard her start down the echoing hall to her bedroom.

“Okay,” he laughed as he followed the spider happily to her web.

Richard laid against me, leaned over to my ear and whispered, “Lilian?”

With my eyes closed and near sleep, I grinned and drew out my greeting to someone I recognized as a friend.


“Can I help you with your boots, honey?”

“Sh-ure. Thanks.” Richard was such a nice guy. Chuck will be so happy that he took care of me while he was gone. He’s been like a big brother.

Richard sat up and pulled on the heels of my rose pink ropers until they slid off to reveal Chuck’s white tube socks. I wriggled my toes at the breath of cool air. Richard laughed and moved his lips back to my ear.

“Can I help you loosen your belt?” Richard asked.

“Sh-ure,” I replied.

Richard slid his hand over my belly toward my belt.

“Ew…chilly bumps,” I smiled as my stomach tingled under his fingers. Richard laughed again as he continued to unhitch the silver buckle.

He didn’t stop with the buckle.

Richard unbuttoned my Wranglers and unzipped them as well. My eyes opened slightly, and I tried to focus. The light shone off the thinning bald spot on the top of his head.

“What’re… you doin’?” I asked laughing and trying to make a joke out of the slight panic clenching my stomach. I wanted to brush his hands away, but like naughty toddlers, my fingers didn’t follow my mind’s instructions. “Who’re… you?”

“It’s alright, Lilian. It’s me, Richard.”


“Yes. You know me. We spend lots of time together. Remember ? We had fun when you first got to . I danced with you tonight, and we had lots of fun.”

Panic took hold of my mind but my muscles refused to listen as Richard pulled on the hems of my Wranglers. He slid my jeans completely off.

“Richard?” I asked knowing who he was, knowing what he was doing to my body. Brown hair, round cheeks, smooth skin, and dimples. Chuck’s friend, my big brother. I said, “Don’t,” but the alcohol closed my eyes.

Pain ripped through my body.

I regained my senses while I was leaned over a couch arm, face planted in a cushion stained with puke and tears, and Richard plowed into me.

“Stop,” I whimpered into the couch cushion.

“I’m almost there, Lilian. Hang on,” Richard whispered in the dark as he continued to fuck me in the ass. Almost there. I couldn’t scream. It wouldn’t help. The deed was done. I only felt more pain as I passed out again, unknowing, unfeeling.

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