A Tracker And The Heart Stealer

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Drama / Thriller
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The following complaint was registered by Delhi Police:

Secret information was received in the third week of March 2015, that certain members of underworld are involved in some sort of fixing of ongoing cricket matches of Indian Premier League (IPL) with active participation of some unidentified conduits based in Delhi. It was also revealed that these conduits are contacting the cricket players who have been recently engaged by IPL sponsors at very high prices for the respective teams with a view to stage manage some matches for making windfall gains through several bookies facilitating illegal gambling in the sport.

It has also been informed that players who will be fixed will be paid huge amount to underperform during pre-decided bowling overs /spells. For these over(s) and spell(s) huge amount of money will be put on stake by bookies.

Such acts will amount in cheating innocent and sports loving people of their hard-earned money used in purchasing tickets. Large number of people watch the matches; not only in stadiums purchasing costly tickets but also across the globe through televisions and internet expecting it to be a fair game. The telecast of matches involve large sum of money through advertisements.

As a result of such malpractices, the innocent and sports loving people end up getting robed of their precious time and money.

In order to act upon this information technical and manual surveillance was deployed and so far it has come to my notice that the suspects (match fixers and bookies) from Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab etc; and some players in this IPL tournament have joined together to indulge in spot and match-fixing.

The above said group decides before a match as to which portion of the match will get fixed. Pre-decided signals will be given by the players to the bookies that will be clearly visible in the stadium or on the television for initiating heavy betting. In this process, the fixed player would get a huge amount as illegal gratification over and above his contractual value already committed to him by his franchisee.

Under these circumstances a case under section 120B/420 IPC is made out. Kindly register a case and handover the investigation to the undersigned.

Inspector Brijesh, Special Cell, NDR, Delhi Police.

On receipt of the complaint, the FIR has been registered and the copy of the same sent to the IO and senior officer for necessary action.


After registering the FIR, Inspector Brijesh was feeling relaxed as well as excited. The reason of feeling relaxed was the success of his previous assignment which had culminated into a successful encounter by security forces with the terrorists in Kashmir valley eliminating all of them on the basis of his precise inputs pin-pointing their location and strategy by tracking their conversation of which he was an expert sub-inspector of Delhi police’s special cell.

At the same time he was excited for getting another challenging case of cricket betting involving high profile people and players and crores of rupees at stake.

He lit a cigarette, pulled a deep puff and closed his eyes while sitting into his official revolving chair.


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