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If only

By Heidi Campbell All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Other


The fate of your happiness lies at your feet and yours alone. Just one thing could change what you thought was real, a life filled with unfamiliar memories shared with different faces. If only I stayed may I have never turned out way I am today.

Only one

I awoke to the sound of what seemed like yelling followed by constant screams of utter distress . My eyes jolted open as my body suddenly awoke as concern flashes throughout my body as I slowly get out of bed and cautiously begin to walk towards were the source of the sound seemed to be radiating from. With every step that I toke my feet began to tremble with fear. As I reached the kitchen I saw what made a piece of my heart gradually break as I saw the two people I cherished the most in the entire world standing in front of me arguing. Just seeing this makes my heart ache in complete and utter pain. I feel myself going unconscious as silence welcomes me and nothing but darkness engulfs me. I feel vulnerable like a butterfly that’s lost it ability to fly yet I feel an odd sense of comfort.
In a matter of what felt like seconds I felt my body being brought back to reality. As my eyes begin to flutter open I notice a tall slender shillouhete standing over me, after seconds passed I realised it was my mother her face showed nothing but concern as a weak smile slowly formed on her face.
As I went to get up, my body just collapses back down on the cold harsh floor as if it were paralysed and had no sense of strength left in my weak body.
I decide to let the darkness welcome me once again as I close my eyes once again in an attempt to sleep and escape the harsh reality I’m forced to deal with.
Once I awoke I noticed I was back in my bedroom, at that moment I notice someone standing in the entrance to my bedroom. At first I jumped at the sudden intrusion. When I realised that it was just my father within seconds relief filled my body bringing back to its once calm state.
He walked over to me, I moved over to make room for him to sit down his facial expression read nothing but despair. Just seeing my father in such a state made my heart sink and burry itself deep down within my chest.
Just at that point in time my fathers voice brought me back to reality. What he said next I will never forget ever no matter how hard I try ‘Me and your mother are getting a divorce’ those words still haunt me to this very day just the thought makes my body go numb and nearly brings me to tears. The worst part in all this is that I got to decide on who I wanted to live with, which broke what still remained from my already shattered heart. At this point I felt like my world came crashing down yet time itself just froze. But I think choosing to live with my mother was not what I consider a mistake but I always imagine what life may of ended up if I choose to live with my father instead of my mother. It’s always a thought that seems to constantly creep its way into my mind. If only I choose to stay.

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