White Boy Book 1: The Owen Thomas Story

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Owen, Isaias, and Victoria. Childhood friends grow up and two of them leave one to fend for themselves. Owen Thomas, the gregarious outgoing leader of the band named Therapy finds love in his Puerto Rican best friend, named Desiree though his parents would have a fit. Nadia a wealthy socialite accepts her son's choice because she loves him only to find out later that he has chosen the best woman for him in spite of all she has done to keep him in their inner circle. His best friend Isaias Reynolds finds love in a beautiful black woman by the name of Whitney, and his mother also would disapprove, though she shouldn't. His mother, Charlotte Reynolds is rich and well known in the city of Napa. She would do absolutely nothing to tarnish her spotless reputation until her son comes home with his girlfriend. It is then that Charlotte re-thinks her life and decides to let the true love of her life in. Victoria Tyler realizes only months after she has let the love of her life go she wants him back only to find out that it is too late. He has moved on with his life as she suggested. She enlists the help of his mother to win him back only to discover later that honesty should have been on her team from the start.

Drama / Romance
Kayresia A. Bass
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Chapter One

Isaias Reynolds and his girlfriend Victoria Tyler were lying in his over-sized king-sized bed, and had just finished making love. Two beautiful people on the outside, who loved what was on the inside.

Isaias was tall. Six foot two easily with dark brown hair, and brown eyes. Victoria was shorter than Isaias, but average height for a woman. She was five foot five with long blond hair and sapphire blue eyes.

Isaias loved her with all of his heart, and believed that Victoria loved him the same. However, her feelings recently changed. Victoria was sad because Isaias was going off to college, and she would miss his friendship more than anything else. She’d known Isaias since they were ten years old, but for some odd reason, she felt she was outgrowing him. She wanted to learn something else in life. A daughter of a wealthy couple like so many who lived in Napa, she wanted to be average every now and then. She didn’t want to be a socialite all of the time. What Isaias didn’t know is that Victoria had met someone else.

This man was showing her how to be an average woman, and Victoria enjoyed it. So just two days before Isaias was to go to school, she decided she would end their two-year relationship. Isaias was reveling in his sexual victory. “You are so good to me,” he said smiling widely.

“Not as good as you are to me,” Victoria replied.

Isaias turned over on his side and looked Victoria in the eye. “I’m gonna miss you.”

She blinked, thinking of how her news was going to affect him, and gently smiled. “We’ll still talk on the phone.”

“I was thinking that you can come see me on some weekends. That way we won’t have to be apart for so long,” Isaias said confidently.

Victoria got out of the bed and began to put her clothes on. Isaias was immediately concerned. “Did I say something wrong? Vic what’s up?”

Victoria continued to put on her clothes. “Isaias, we can’t be together anymore.”

Isaias, surprised by her words. “What?”

Victoria never looked at him but continued to get dressed. “I want you to move on and find someone else that’s better for you.”

Isaias scooted to her side of the bed and reached out for her. “Vic what are you talking about. You are that one. I love you.”

She stepped away not wanting him to touch her. “I’ll only be holding you back. I’ll say goodbye now. You won’t be seeing me for a while.”

Isaias got up out of the bed, held her by her arms, and forced her to look at him. “Victoria baby wait. What did I do?”

She shook her head and gave him a gentle smile. “Nothing. It’s me.” Victoria kissed him softly on the lips, and turned to walk out of the door. She stopped short of opening the door, “Say goodbye, Isaias.”

Isaias was desperately trying to understand the situation. “Vic, wait. Please don’t leave.”

“Say it.”

“Just tell me what I did,” Isaias begged. The pain in his voice was evident.

Victoria still did not turn to look at him. She only wanted to hear the words that would set her free. “Please say it. I want to hear you tell me goodbye.”

Isaias paused for a long time. Reluctantly he replied, “Goodbye, Victoria.”

Victoria walked out of the door, and didn’t turn back. Isaias was at a loss. He sat down on his bed, and buried his head in his hands trying to figure out what had just happened. He didn’t come out of his room until the next day.

The following morning, when he went down for breakfast, his mother, Charlotte, was sitting at the table quietly eating. Isaias spoke quietly. “Good morning, mother.”

Charlotte Reynolds was still a beauty even at forty years old. Short with brown hair, brown eyes, and a perfect figure.

“Good morning, Isaias,” Charlotte replied quietly.

Frederick Hall, the head butler emerged from the kitchen. “Good morning Mr. Isaias. What are you having for breakfast this morning?”

“Good morning, Frederick. I think I’ll just take some toast and coffee. I don’t feel much like eating.”

“As you wish.” As soon as he appeared, he was gone. Isaias sat and stared at his mother. She still wasn’t the woman she was before his father died, and Isaias was concerned. “What’s the matter mother?”

“Nothing dear,” she sighed. “Just trying to mentally prepare for a meeting with the board today that’s all.”

Isaias saw pain in his mother’s face. Charlotte missed her husband Charles. “I miss him too,” Isaias said.

She then took a deep breath. “It’s so hard to do this without him. I guess if we still want the company, I have to do this. I will be happy when you graduate. Then you and Victoria can get married, and I can step down.”

Isaias hung his head. “There isn’t going to be a wedding mother.”


“She broke up with me.”

Charlotte sat with her mouth slightly agape. This was shocking news. “Oh honey I’m so sorry. When?”

“Yesterday morning.”

“Well that would explain why I didn’t see you at all yesterday. Do you want me to talk to her? I will if you want me too.”

Isaias shook his head. “No. For some reason she doesn’t want to be with me anymore,” Isaias said sadly.

“I don’t understand, I thought you two were in love.”

“I don’t know about her, but yes, I do love her. Even still, I don’t want you to get involved. She left me for some reason other than what she told me. I won’t believe she left me for my own good.”

“Is that what she said?” Charlotte asked.

“More or less.”

Charlotte loved her son more than her money. She was also saddened with this news and tried to cheer him up. “Isaias, that’s ridiculous. She’ll come around, you’ll see. She’ll be by your side again, just wait and don’t give up so easily.”

Isaias wasn’t convinced, but humored his mother. “Do you think so?”

“I do.”


Charlotte gave her son a reassuring smile. “Women are funny creature’s son. She may be trying to figure out how she is going to be without you on a daily basis. Breaking up with you now just might be her way to adjust quickly. She’ll be fine. Just wait, you’ll see.”

Isaias still not satisfied, replied. “Okay, mother.”

The following day, Isaias left for college. He wasn’t afraid, because he knew he would be a success. Not only that, he had his best friend, Owen, by his side. They had known each other forever, or though it seemed. They had been friends since they were ten, and they loved each other as if they were brothers.

Owen was just as good looking as Isaias. He also with dark brown hair and beautiful sultry brown eyes. The women couldn’t get enough of gawking at the two of them. Both of them very aware of their good looks were happy with this. For they knew they could get any woman they wanted.

The following month, Victoria didn’t bother to keep her promise to Isaias. She was too busy with her new boyfriend. Heath Sutton was just what she needed to get to know the other side of herself. The side that she wouldn’t dare show in her normal circles. Heath was no Isaias, but he was attractive.

Balding at a young age, with a shaved head, Heath had strikingly hazel eyes, and a body to match. Heath was not just a handsome man; he was also very smart. He was not a wealthy man, nor did he stand to inherit any money, but he was sweet.

When he spoke to Victoria for the first time, she felt an attraction to him, and he to her. Heath did all he could do for Victoria. He knew she came from an affluent family, and he wanted to be able to show her he could take care of her, despite the fact that he didn’t have any wealth. All Heath had to offer was his honesty.

He showed her things that average people do. When they wanted to see a movie, they didn’t have a private screening, they actually went to the theater. Victoria learned things from him, and he learned from her. He learned what it meant to dress for dinner, and how much food is actually in a seven-course meal.

Victoria’s family instantly loved him. He wasn’t disrespectful. Always said please, and thank you. When Victoria’s mother insisted that he call her by her first name, he refused to do so. That made her father happy.

When Heath made love to Victoria the first time, it was something she had never experienced with Isaias. Where Isaias was careful not to hurt her, Heath didn’t care. He was a very passionate man. Victoria grew as a young woman mentally and physically. She was beginning to forget all about Isaias. The first real boyfriend she really had was suddenly put on the back burner until she missed her cycle. She went to see Heath.

He opened the door and she gave him a gentle smile. “Hey honey.”

“Victoria, what are you doing here?” he asked, confused. “I thought you were going shopping or something with your mother.”

“I am but I had to see you first.”

“What’s going on?”

Victoria paused for a moment. “I’m pregnant.”

Heath was surprised. “What? Mine?”

“I’ve only been with two men in my life, and one of them is not here anymore.”

Heath wanted no parts of being a father so early in life. “Well we can get an abortion if you want.”

Any normal woman would have been upset with that statement if she really intended on having her baby. Victoria was no normal woman. “No, I have a better idea.”

Heath was now curious. “What?”

“If you are willing to go along with it, your child will be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, and you will never have to earn a penny. My parents will still love you to death, and they won’t disinherit me. It may take a long time to pull off, but a few years will be well worth the wait if one day your child is President and CEO of a profitable company right?”

Heath was unsure of what he’d heard. “Did you say years?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Count me out,” Heath said shaking his head. “I will be with you and help raise my child, if you want to go through this pregnancy, but no way will I wait years to reap any reward.”

Victoria had given her plan a lot of thought, and it would work if Heath would go along with her. “Hear me out. I can put this pregnancy on Isaias. My parents will love the idea, that he is the father of my child, and his mother will be clueless. But we will have to do this together.”

“What is your plan?” Heath asked, now suddenly interested.

“Isaias loves children, and won’t even question the fact that it is his if I keep you a secret for a while.”

Jealous of a man that he never met, Heath quickly rejected the idea. “Nope, don’t like it.”

“I remain close to him as long as he is in school.”

“That’s four years Victoria, and now I like it even less.”

Bound and determined to get her point across, she ignored Heath and continued talking. “There is a condition in his father’s will that won’t let him inherit controlling interest of the company until he graduates school, and is married.”

Heath smirked. “Does he have to be married to you?”

“No. Charles Reynolds made it very clear that his only son would inherit the family business if he shows stability. Hang in there honey, and this baby, your baby, will one day be extremely wealthy just by sheer means of their name.”

Heath then tried to understand. “Why do we have to go through all of this? Why can’t our baby inherit your family’s company?”

“Although I will benefit when my father retires, I am not his heir. I have an older brother remember?” Victoria continued to try to convince Heath to go along with her idea. “All you have to do is remain by my side, and I will take care of the rest. My family will ask questions on how you feel about me being pregnant by my ex-boyfriend, and you just simply tell them how you feel about me in spite of my pregnancy. I will let them know the conditions of the will. They already know Isaias would drop everything at the drop of a hat to raise his child. So if I tell them that he can’t know, they will understand.”

“And what about Isaias’ mother?”

“She would cut of her right arm to have someone else to leave her money to just in case something happens to Isaias. Charlotte Reynolds will not abandon her grandchild even for a minute. I know the baby will be well taken care of, and she will keep our secret. Not that she will know it. She still loves me to death, and wants Isaias to marry me. She is not a problem. In fact if I play my cards right, she will be a very good asset in the tangled web that I am about to weave.”

“How’s that?”

“Simple. She loves her son very much, and wants the best for him just like any other good parent.”

Heath sat for a moment and absorbed what Victoria had to say. “You know, I love how your mind works. I just hope like hell that I’m never your enemy.”

“So you’ll do it?”



In order for Victoria’s plan to work, she had to sleep with Isaias immediately. Since their break up was so new, it would be easy for her to do. After she left Heath’s apartment, she made the phone call to Isaias. Since they hadn’t spoken in a month, she knew he was dying to talk to her. Owen and Isaias were sitting at their dining room table studying, when the phone rang. Owen answered it.


“Hey Owen. How’s it going?”


Isaias stopped what he was doing, and stared at his roommate on the phone.

“Yeah, it’s me.”

“It’s good to hear from you, but I didn’t expect you to cut me off too.”

“I did what I had to do for Isaias’ sake. Is he there?”

“Yeah, he’s right here. You wanna talk to him?”

“Yes, please.”

Owen smiled, and handed Isaias the phone. Isaias couldn’t believe she finally called him. His mother was right. She was going to come back to him.


“Hello Isaias.” Her voice like music over the phone.

“Hey Vic. How are you doing?”

“I miss you.”

“I miss you too.”

“Can I see you?”



“Certainly. It will have to be early I have lots to do tomorrow,” Isaias lied. He didn’t have that much to do; he really just wanted to see if her intentions were real.

“Perhaps some other time then.”

“No. No, I’ll make time.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

“Loved you when.”

“Loved you since we were ten.”

Victoria hung up the phone. Isaias just sat there holding the phone. Owen waited for Isaias to move. “Did she hang up?”


Owen smiled, reaching for the phone. “You want me to hang that up for you?”

Isaias ignored Owen and got up from the table. “She’s coming to see me,” he said, placing the phone on the hook.



“Tomorrow? What about our dates?” Owen was disappointed, and Isaias was in his own world.

“You go. I have to cancel.”

“Aw man, come on. You know Ashton will not go out with me without you and Jessica.”

Isaias shrugged. “Sorry it can’t be helped. Vic is coming to see me, and no one is going to stop me from seeing her. I’ve waited too long to see her.”

Owen chuckled. “It’s only been a month.”

“An eternity man. An eternity.”

The next day Isaias was up at five o’clock. He cleaned the apartment from top to bottom, took a shower, and cooked breakfast for Owen and himself. He then knocked on Owen’s bedroom door. He was in a hurry to get Owen out of the house. “Get up!”

Owen opened his room door. “I sure hope you have breakfast ready. I’m starved.”

Isaias seemed agitated. “Come on man eat and shower so you can get the hell outta here.”

“Where am I going?”

“I don’t care, but you have to leave.”

“She’s my friend too. I can’t at least say hello to her?”

“I suppose. Make it quick. I want you outta here as soon as she gets here.”

“All right, All right.”

Not long after Owen finished his shower, the doorbell rang. Victoria made sure she looked her best. She could not leave Isaias until after he made love to her. Owen ran to the door. “I’ll get it!” Owen opened the door, and there she stood. He was glad to see his old friend. “Vicki! Hey long time no see!” He gave her a hug.

Victoria was cool, and very relaxed. “I missed you guys.”

“You look good. How have you been?” Owen asked with excitement.


At that moment, Isaias came from the kitchen, and greeted Victoria. She was even more beautiful than he remembered. He reached out and hugged her. “Hey honey.”

Victoria still remained calm. “Hey.”

Isaias was still in a hurry to get Owen out of the house. “Owen can’t stay. He has class.”

“I do? Oh yeah, I do. It was good seeing you again, Vicki. Don’t stay away too long.”

Victoria smiled. “I won’t.”

“See you later.”

“Bye, Owen.”

Owen grabbed his car keys and walked out of the door. Isaias was so overwhelmed he couldn’t control his words. He didn’t want to appear desperate, but his mouth betrayed him. “Are you coming back to me?”

Victoria knew she had to get control of the situation, so she gave him only what she thought he needed. “I missed you. I wanted to be close to you again.”

“And I you. You have no idea how hard it has been without you.”

She thought she would turn him down, but not enough to hurt his feelings. “Isaias, I’m not exactly sure if we should get back together so soon.”

“Vic, that’s crazy. You’re here. I’m here. It’s destiny.”

Victoria looked up at him and ran her hand across his chest. “I just want you to make love to me. I miss your hot body next to mine, making me feel like a woman. Please make love to me, Isaias.”

He was beginning to get aroused by her touch and thought about how much he missed her. “Are you saying you don’t want to get back together?”

Victoria ignored the question. “Tell me you don’t miss my love making, and I will leave here right now.”

Isaias wasted no time taking her in his arms. He forgot all about the inquisition, and played right into Victoria’s hands. Isaias kissed her with all of the love he had in his heart. He indeed missed making love to the woman he was still in love with. He didn’t bother taking her to his bed. He made love to her on the living room floor. After they were finished, Victoria stayed with him until after lunch, and then she said her goodbyes again.

“Isaias thank you,” she said with a seductive smile.

“Are you sure we can’t get back together?” Isaias pleaded.

She shook her head. “I’m still not ready for us to do this. I still feel like I will be in your way. I needed to feel like a woman again.” Victoria lowered her head and didn’t look at him. “Forgive me.”

Isaias was so happy to hold her in his arms again, it didn’t matter the reason. “I’ll always love you, Vic. Know that.”

“I have to get back. I’ll see you soon okay?”


“I don’t know.”

“I’ll wait for you.”

“I know.”

Victoria kissed him on the cheek and left him again. Isaias wondered if she was telling him the truth. He could only wait and find out.

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