White Boy Book 1: The Owen Thomas Story

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Chapter Three

Three weeks later, Whitney was calmly sitting in the living room with her overnight bag next to her leg. She was dressed to kill and obviously impatient. Desiree came out of her room and saw her sitting there. “Owen and I are going to a party tonight, wanna come?”

“No thanks. I have a date.”

“A date? Where are you going with your over night bag?” Desiree asked.

“I don’t have a clue.”

“Who you going out with?”


Desiree smiled and said, “Oh wow. Girl I hope you are ready for something you’ll never forget.”

Whitney was still uncomfortable with her choice, and Desiree didn’t make it better. “Why do you say that?”

“From what I hear, Isaias is a great first date if he really likes you.”

“Where is he taking me?”

“No telling.”

“Damn girl, you’re no help.”

“What’s the matter? Nervous?” Desiree smiled again.

“A little.”

“Well I assume you like him.”

“Yeah, he’s cute.”

“I think he will take really good care of you.”

Just then, the doorbell rang, and Desiree started towards the door. “I’ll get it.” Desiree opened the door. There stood a man in a chauffeur’s uniform. “May I help you?”

Isaias’ personal servant, Isaac, answered her question. “I was instructed by Mr. Reynolds that I was to pick up a Miss Whitney Matthews at this address. Is she ready?”

Whitney quickly rose from the couch. “Yes, I’m ready.”

“Do you have what you were instructed to bring?”


“Well we should be off then ma’am. Mr. Reynolds is waiting for you.”

Whitney walked toward the door. When she got there, Desiree smiled at her. “See you later.”


Whitney went downstairs and got in the beautiful white limo that waited for her.

“Make yourself comfortable, Miss Matthews. We have a long ride ahead of us.”

“Where are we going?” Whitney asked.

“I was told not to reveal that ma’am. Just sit back and enjoy the view.”

Isaac turned on the music in the car. A beautiful song started to play. After the song, a recording of a familiar voice spoke to her. It was the voice of Isaias. “Hello Whitney. I know you are wondering what’s going on, but all will be revealed in time. I just wanted to say thank you for agreeing to go out with me. It’s been a while since I’ve had a very important first date with a special woman, and I want you to just relax and enjoy yourself. The song you just listened to is the one that wasn’t quite finished. We finally got everything together, and well you are the first to hear it. I think all I needed, was some motivation. And well, that motivation was you. I’m going to stop talking now, and let you enjoy the view. Sit back, have a glass of champagne, and I will see you in about thirty minutes.”

Whitney was a bit overwhelmed, but she sat back and did just what Isaias told her to do. She wondered where she was going, she wondered what she was going to be doing, and most of all, she wondered if she was going to be able to relax. At the end of thirty minutes, Isaac pulled up to a beautiful house that sat lakeside.

“We have arrived at our destination, Miss Matthews. I hope you enjoyed the ride.”

“It was wonderful, thank you.”

“Glad to be of service.”

Isaac stayed in the car, and did not get out and open the door as she expected. Moments later, the door opened, and Isaias stood there with his hand out to help her out of the car. Whitney took his hand and stepped out. “Hello, Whitney.”

“Hello, Isaias.”

“Did you enjoy the ride?”

“Yes, I did.” Whitney looked around and saw a big house that was so large it could have been called a mansion. “Where are we? What is all this?”

“This is the date that I had planned for you. I hope you are prepared.”

“Isaias, I don’t know what to say. Thank you, I think.”

Isaias chuckled and led Whitney into the house.

“Is this you?”

“No. Actually, it belongs to Owens’s family. He has a butt load of money. I just wanted to get you away from campus and show you a good time. Here we have people to wait on us, and the entire run of the house. No one is here, but me and you.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

Isaias smiled. “Tell me what you want to do after dinner.”

Whitney looked at Isaias, surprised. “Dinner?”

Isaias nodded. “We have two chefs to feed us whatever we want until noon tomorrow.”

Whitney’s grin widened and she knew she was going to enjoy herself, but there was one thing on her mind. “Before we get into this, I want you to answer me one question.”


“The song I heard in the car. What did you name it?”

Isaias smiled. “Philly.”


“I’ve already told you. You were my inspiration. And that is all I’m gonna say.”

Isaias led Whitney to the front room of the huge house, and they sat and talked for a while. Isaias learned about Whitney and her brother Bishop, and Whitney learned about Isaias and his ex-girlfriend Victoria.

“So your brother hates white people?” Isaias asked.

“Yeah. I don’t though. I know there are ignorant people in the world. I don’t fault a whole race of people by the actions of one. Only the one who shot my parents. Bishop on the other hand, tolerates white people because he has to work with them. But he still doesn’t like or trust them.”

Isaias wanted to get to know Whitney inside and out. He had her all to himself, and his attraction for her was growing by the hour. “I would love to meet him. I think I could change his mind about me at least.”

“Well, maybe one day you’ll get a chance to try. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Isaias chuckled. “It’s me, Whitney. It’ll work you’ll see,” Isaias said with a reassuring grin.

“So tell me more about Victoria.”

Isaias hesitated for a moment before he answered. “She’s my best friend.”

“I thought Owen was your best friend.”

“Well he is, but it’s different with Victoria. She’s kinda like Desiree.”

“In what way?” Whitney asked, confused.

“Well, when we were younger, she hung out with me and Owen. Then I turned sixteen, and she started to look different to me. So, out of the blue one day when we were alone, I kissed her, and the rest was history. I loved her very much.”

“So what happened? Why are you dating other women?”

“Two days before I left for school, she said it would be better if we broke up. I never understood why, but she said she didn’t want to hold me back. I still don’t get it, but that’s what she said.”

“Sounds to me like she was setting you free to enjoy life without worrying about hurting her. She knew you were going to be far away, and eventually you would meet someone else.”

“I understand all of that, but why? I loved her.”

Whitney wondered why she was out on a date with Isaias if he still loved his ex-girlfriend. Whitney knew she had to be careful. She didn’t want to come between Isaias and Victoria for any reason. “Sounds like you still do.”

“Not in the way I used to,” Isaias said shaking his head. “Owen seems to think so.”

“I think he may be right.”

“Well even though I don’t understand what she did, maybe she was right. Because the first time I laid eyes on you, I wanted to meet you. The next time I saw you I wanted to talk to you. The third time, I wanted to touch you.” Isaias reached out and put his hand on her leg.

With his touch, Whitney suddenly felt guilty. She had her own secret. “Isaias, I have a confession to make.”

“I’m listening.”

“I’m still connected to someone back home,” she said looking away. “His name is Russell.”

Suddenly concerned he may have moved too fast, Isaias asked, “How long have you been with him?”

“Three years.”

Isaias tilted his head and gave her a tender smile. “Any plans of marriage in the near future?”

“Not that I’m aware of.”

“Well then, I still have a chance to win your heart.”

Whitney smiled. “You think you can?”

Isaias smiled back. “That is why you are here my dear.”

Whitney grinned widely. Just then, the butler came out to announce dinner. Isaias and Whitney went to the dinning room and ate a fantastic meal. After dinner, Isaias was ready to move on to the next phase of the date. He arose from the table, and took Whitney’s hand. “Come on.”

“Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise.”

Whitney followed Isaias to the backyard where a small veranda with champagne and fruit were waiting for them. He pulled out her chair and she sat down. Before he sat, he popped open the bottle of champagne, and poured a glass for each of them and then sat down. Isaias raised his glass, and Whitney did the same. “Wanting to be with you is like trying to touch a star. You know you’ll never accomplish it, but you just keep on trying.”

Whitney smiled. “Cheers.”

They touched glasses and each took a drink.

“Whitney, I’m happy you decided to come on this date with me. In the past I have done some elaborate things for women, but none of them has ever amounted to anything. I’m hoping that this goes a little farther than the others have. In the past women, even though they have been few, have left me wanting for more, and broke. I hope you won’t do that to me.”

“Well as long as we remain as open and honest as we have tonight, it just may go farther than both of us have even imagined.” Whitney heard her own words, and couldn’t believe they escaped her lips. The last time she checked, she still loved Russell.

“I won’t ask what you are gonna do about Russell, because that’s none of my business. But, if we do decide to take our friendship to another level, all I ask is that you respect me and let me know what’s going on. I mean if Russell is coming to town, just let me know. I will gladly step aside so you can do what you need to do.”

“Okay, that goes double for me.”

Isaias was satisfied with her answer. “Wonderful,” Isaias replied. He looked at her seductively and asked, “Can I kiss you now?”

“I’ve already told you. Just do it.”

Isaias put his glass down, and gently leaned in to kiss Whitney. The kiss was slow, soft, and non-intrusive. Isaias wanted her, but he was not going to run her away from him. He didn’t kiss her too long or with too much passion. But the kiss definitely let her know that he liked her. When the kiss was over, Whitney was happy.

“That was nice,” he said, almost instantly in love.

“Thank you.”

Isaias picked up his glass and took another sip. “Are you tired?”

“No, why?”

“Would you like to take a walk?”

“Sure. Where are we going?”

“Around the lake.”

“Is it safe?”

“I won’t let anything happen to you. I promise.”

“Lead on, Mr. Reynolds.”

The two of them walked around the small lake adjacent to the property. On their journey, they talked and learned more about each other.

Isaias wasn’t ready for their time together to end, but it was their first real date and he did not want to scare her. “Well my lady, unless you are ready to go to bed, this is where I leave you. I had a good time tonight,” Isaias said gently stroking her cheek.

Whitney wasn’t ready for her time with him to end either. “Where are you going?” she asked with wide eyes.

“I’m going to my room. Your room is across and down the hall from mine. But, you don’t have to go to sleep if you don’t want. Explore the house, eat something, and watch television. Enjoy yourself.”

Not sure if he was brushing her off, Whitney felt a little disappointment. “Well, I am a little tired.”

Isaias touched her face again. “Come on. I’ll walk you to your room.”

Isaias and Whitney walked upstairs to her room. He stopped long enough to give her a goodnight kiss.

“Thank you, Isaias. I’ve had a wonderful time.”

“You’re, welcome. Good night, Whitney.”

“Good night.”

Whitney went into her room and closed the door. Isaias turned and walked to his room and did the same. Thirty minutes passed, and there was a knock at Isaias’ door. He got up and opened it. “Is there something wrong?”

Whitney looked at the floor, then back up at Isaias. “I can’t sleep can I come in?”

Isaias, glad that she was okay, stepped back to allow her to come in. “Sure. I couldn’t sleep either. Would you like to watch this movie with me?”

“Okay,” she said, glad that he had asked.

The two of them climbed in the bed, and watched a bit of the movie. Isaias was doing everything in his power to remain a gentleman. But holding her close to him was beginning to get a little difficult. He rolled her on her back and began kissing her softly. “I’m glad you’re here with me.”

“Me too.”

Isaias didn’t know how much longer he could remain a gentleman. He didn’t want to mess up his chances with Whitney, so he asked, “Would you be offended if I asked you to go back to your room?”

Whitney found herself extremely attracted to Isaias, and wanted to be close to him. She shook her head gently. “I don’t want to go back. I want you to hold me.”

“If that is what you want. I’ll try. If I can’t handle it anymore, you will have to leave.”

“All right, but what’s wrong?”

“I don’t want to mess up my chances with you. So please if I go too far, just say no.”

“I promise.”

Isaias held her just as she wanted to be. It didn’t take long before his hands began to wander. He felt the firmness of her breasts, and he even tasted them. He rubbed her extremely fit ass, and began to get excited. In all of this, Whitney never uttered a word. Isaias placed his hand inside of her underwear, and touched her warm wet hole. Still Whitney did not object. Isaias was wondering what it was he truly wanted from her. Was it a real, lasting relationship or was it just her fantastic body at the time. Before he went any farther, he had to make sure that he was doing the right thing.


“Its okay, Isaias.”

“Are you sure?”


Isaias continued to explore her wet hole. He placed one finger inside of her and probed. Whitney quietly moaned. Isaias then placed two fingers inside of her, and began slowly masturbating her. Whitney loved every minute of pleasure she was receiving and moaned a little bit louder. Isaias was giving her all she could ask for. By the time his entire hand was wet, he was fully erect and ready to penetrate her sexy body. Isaias pulled back to get in position, and then entered her forcefully. Whitney responded with excitement.

Making love to Whitney was different from anything he’d ever experienced. She was wild and animalistic. She bit, she scratched, and she screamed. Isaias was in heaven. Whitney on the other hand couldn’t believe what she was feeling. She had always heard that white men were smaller. White men had no rhythm. White men couldn’t screw. That night, all of the rumors were just that. Rumors. She thought no other man could make her as happy as her Russell, but Isaias was almost Russell’s equal. There was only one difference. Isaias was white.

That night Whitney decided that maybe it would be good for her to leave Russell in Philly, and start new. But, what would Bishop say when he found out about Isaias? Whitney was now freaking out. The thought of her brother killing Isaias made her quickly change her mind.

“Isaias, please stop.”

Still keeping up with his current rhythm, Isaias did not stop. “Baby, you feel so good.”

“Isaias, please.”

Reluctantly, Isaias rolled off her breathing heavily. “What’s the matter?”

“I’m sorry. I can’t do this anymore. I’m going back to my room.”

“Please don’t leave, Whitney. We don’t have to do it anymore. But, stay with me tonight. Please?”

Whitney shook her head. “I can’t.”

Whitney got up out of bed and wrapped her robe around her sweaty body, and left the room. Isaias was stunned. What happened? He didn’t think about it long, he fell asleep inside of five minutes. Whitney on the other hand went to her room, and thought about what she was going to do for a long time. Now she was between two men, and Russell didn’t know it. Russell, the man she loved for three years, and Isaias, a man she barely knew. Isaias was the sin. Isaias was the forbidden. Is that why he was so attractive to her? What was she going to do?


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