TANGO - Part 3 of the HMB Doggie Series

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Chapter 16

I, Protector Tango, keep my Human safe.

Snarl at bad energy. I know it plan. Will stop plan before my Human goes away.

She scream and it scare me. But no time for scary. Must beat plan. Move into action!

Pull on cord and make noisy thing turn off.

Human male run to bathroom, see me with cord in mouth. I smile at him.

“Oh Christ, no! No no no no! Kitty?! Kitty, baby, can you hear me?!” Drop cord and go to Human. He scared. He no be scared.

I smell my Human. She no go away. She here. Need help, but she here.

I run to bedroom. My Human always have noisy thing in pocket. Jump on table and stick noisy thing in mouth. Bring noisy thing to human male and drop on floor. Bark.

“What the…fuck, Tango, good boy! Good boy!”

Jump and splash into water. Nuzzle my Human neck. She here. She okay. Give thorough sniffs. No bad energy. It sly, but I slyer. Use skills to kill evil squirrel some day.

“Yes please, I have an emergency!” Human male need calm. Calm like my Human have now. Bad energy lose.

I protector, Tango, who no need Saving Grace, save my Human.

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