TANGO - Part 3 of the HMB Doggie Series

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The only thing that got me to stop screaming last night was feeling Tango press into my side. I was up the whole night talking with police officers, nurses and doctors, all of whom couldn’t believe a woman would be that crazy to try and kill the vet tech that couldn’t save her dog.

You can’t make this shit up, is all I could tell them.

Once the police ran her name, however, it didn’t seem as unlikely. Apparently Lucy Franklin was in and out of psych hospitals ever since she was a teenager, spouting that she was a witch and would hex anyone who tried to get in her way…in the way of what is anyones guess.

All the while Tango never left my side. He just laid across me like a big, comforting blanket and when Dawn and my parents showed up this morning, it was all they could do to get him up and out to potty.

Now we are sitting together and marveling at all I’ve been through.

“I’m just so glad you’re okay,” Mom keeps saying as she strokes my hand.

“It sounds ridiculous, because this woman wanted me dead and all, but…I feel bad for her. To have that kind of instability your whole life…it just seems…I dunno…unfair.” I will never unsee her launching out the window in hopes of being reunited with her fur-baby. “I mean…if anything were to happen to Tango like that,” I look into his chocolate brown eyes and can’t keep the lump out of my throat, “I could see myself going a little mad, I guess.”

“But to kill someone?” Dawn points out.

“Point taken,” I laugh, “I’m just so glad it’s over and I can start to heal again.”

“Oh! Which reminds me…the girls say they’ve found someone that will start training you once you’re outta the hospital…kinda like a rehab thing,” Dawn says as she adjusts the pillows behind my back, “I guess she just moved here. The girls swear by her.”

“That would be fucking awesome!” The excitement in my voice is enough to lift Tango’s head from my lap. “What do you say, Tango? You think you could help me get back in working order?”

As if he understands me he jumps off the bed and starts dancing in his lefty way, making us all laugh. Nothing like the power of canine cuteness.


I, Protector Tango, dance for my Human.

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