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Victoria's life should['ve been normal. She should've had a great school life, a loving family, and great friends... But life is a baseball game, and curveballs can always be thrown. Victoria Alexia has a wonderful life. A mother and big brother that love her, a great home, she has it all... But after a terrifying accident takes away all of it, what will she do? Will she drown in the sea of sorrow and pain or will she rise up from it's waves and learn to live life by her rules? With help from her new friends, she'll definitely be able to find her way through it all.

Drama / Other
Church Guiles
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Prologue: New Year’s Eve, 2016

Saturday, 11:23 PM

Behind closed doors, away from the roaring of the crowd and the booming sound of the opening act performing their song, a soft weeping could be heard from one of the dressing rooms. Inside was a woman in a white tank top and black, ripped jeans and black steel-toed boots with tattoos with a sleeve of a musical score spiraling down her arm and ending at her wrist, a small bit hidden behind a studded wristband while her other arm had a larger one covering most of her fore arm, a large tattoo with the words ‘Never Forget Him’ on her bicep. Her hair was a messy mix of blonde streaked with turquoise hanging low over her face as she held something in her hands, teardrops falling upon its lenses.

This simple accessory, this pair of blue-purple faded shades in her hands were her treasure. She held them close to her chest and choked up more, her sobs growing louder as she leaned over as if in pain. Staring down at the item in her hands, she couldn’t help but weep louder, losing the little bit of control that she’d left herself with.

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