Above the Silence

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Chapter Six

Chapter Six


The sun shines on her filtering through her golden hair as she strolls through the garden in front of the house. Somewhere in the distance, the slaves sing as they work using their songs to dull the anguish they feel working in the sun with little or nothing to eat.

Felicia turns back and heads for the house. The sadness in their voices always seems to get to her. She has never been able to stand it. She never will be able to stand it. She enters the house and starts to look for their slave maid.

She doesn’t bother calling out the maid’s name. There are only a few places she can be. Felicia walks through the kitchen but she isn’t there. Neither is she at the pantry where they store food. Felicia searches all over for the maid but the girl is nowhere to be found.

Felicia heads up towards her room. She will come back to look for the maid. As she steps on the last stair and heads towards her room, she hears a low whimper from her father’s room. Someone is crying and pleading in there and it sounds very much like the maid.

She moves slowly in the direction the voice is coming from. The closer she moves to her father’s room, the louder the noise gets. What in the world is happening? Who in the world was hurting the maid and in her father’s room. Without thinking, she places her hands on the doorknobs and pushes the door open.

Her mouth flies open as she sees the gory sight in the room. She can’t help the tears that fall from her eyes as they set on her father raping the maid.



“Oh my God! What the fuck is that?!” Elijah cried as the doll’s face appeared from behind the wall. Before the others could see it, it disappeared again.

“What the fuck was what?” Nathan asked.

“There was a thing. A… a doll thing,” Elijah said, obviously shaken.

“A doll thing?” Rachel asked, confused. “You’re not making any sense.”

“It’s there!” Elijah screamed pointing in the direction where the doll now moved.

All seven of them immediately turned towards the direction Elijah pointed. Nothing stood at the spot to which he pointed, which shocked Elijah himself. He had seen the doll. The doll had been standing right there? How in the world had it just disappeared into thin air? Suddenly, they heard a loud sound. The room seemed to be shaking and they all started running for support as the spinning continued. And then, it just stopped. They all looked at each other. What was that? An earthquake? Suddenly, Rachel screamed and they all looked in her direction. She pointing at Paul and they all followed her eyes. There was a noose tightening around his neck and he was desperately struggling for breath. Elijah lunged forward and with his pocket knife, he cut it off though not without scratching his friend who started coughing as soon as he was freed.

“It was just there, I told you it was just where Paul was standing and…” Elijah insisted.

“There is nothing there,” the young lady with Steve finally said. “It’s just your mind.”

“I saw it. It’s not just in my mind! I fucking saw that doll walking around. You heard the footsteps. You saw the noose tightening around Paul’s neck for goodness sake,” Elijah’s said, his voice rising to a frenzy.

“The footsteps could have been anything else, Elijah. And for the noise, there is probably a pulley system attached somewhere around there. Paul must have stepped on it,” Nathan commented.

“I’m not fucking crazy. I know what I saw. It was the blind doll from when I first came here.”

“Oh the same blind dolls we came to look into? The same one you dragged us all the way here for?” Paul said through clenched teeth. He coughed and rubbed his neck. “There is no such thing. All of that is nothing but the tricks from the liquor you indulge in playing in your brain. Stop with this nonsense already.”

“I’m not drunk. I’m in my perfect senses. I swear I say it.”

“What you are is a bloody alcoholic!” Paul snapped. “And I have no idea why we decided to come here with you in the first place. Now stop with this crazy ass talk already.”

Elijah glared at Paul and then moved his glare to the others. They all looked at him like he was lunatic escaped from an asylum. He was sure of what he saw. Too sure. It hadn’t been a hallucination; he hadn’t even had anything to drink, for crying out loud. Yet they thought it was his alcoholism at work. Elijah turned away from the others and started to walk farther into the house. He would find the doll and prove them wrong.

“And where do you think you are going?” Eliot asked.

“None of your damned business,” Elijah retorted and continued on his way.

Just as Elijah crossed the doorway that separated the living room from the next room, a laughter echoed all over the house, causing Elijah to stop in his tracks. He spun around and looked at the others to be sure it hadn’t just been his ears. The look on their faces was enough to let him know it wasn’t just his ears that heard the laughing.

“You all heard that too?” he asked when he finally found his voice.

Before they could answer, the laughter rang across the room again. Shadows swayed across the room, casting darkness around the room. All of a sudden it felt like there were eyes all over them. Elijah slowly started to retreat towards the others.

As he walked back, he felt the eyes follow every individual footstep. He could hear low whispers as he continued on. This, he was not sure was heard by anyone else because they were still transfixed on the spot and didn’t seem like they had seen or heard anything new. Suddenly, lights came on and they started flickering off and on. The group drew closer to each other, well except the colored. They just held each other closer as well. The light went on and they saw red stains on the wall and then, it started trickling down as well. Images started to appear on the wall and they all stared at it in horror. It was that of a baby. The images started floating around and approaching them and the screaming increased. The screaming of the visitors was soon mixed with a blood-curdling scream which shocked them into silence. They looked around at one another. Where had it come from?

They keep following me, Elijah heard a voice that sounded so much like a child’s say. They won’t stop following me. Stop staring at me!

Elijah ran the rest of the distance between him and the others. Everyone had reached out to the nearest person to him, seeking comfort; Paul to Rachel, Nathan to Kate, Steve to Maria. Elijah could smell the fear on the others…the fear on himself.

“Did you hear the whispers?” he asked.

“What whispers?” Kate asked.

“A little girl was whispering about something following her.”

“We didn’t hear anything,” Nathan said.

“Well I heard something. And it’s not the voices in my head or the alcohol,” Elijah replied stubbornly.

“It might be the alcohol,” Steve said in a voice so low, they almost didn’t hear anything.

“What did you say?” Elijah asked, his eyes thinning.

“I don’t mean any harm but if you’re hearing things we aren’t hearing, then there might be an explanation for that. And it might have something to do with your alcohol use.”

“No one spoke to you, nigger,” Eliot spat. Despite his obvious fear, he still had room for hate somewhere in his head.

“We’re trapped in a place where we can’t see the things that hold us hostage and all you can think of is your hatred for the black race? I’m amazed,” Steve said, shaking his head in disgust.

“Will you two stop squabbling?!” Elijah shouted. “We’re trapped here. We might as well just work together to get the fuck out of here.”

“Over my dead body!” Eliot spat. “I’m trying to stop this baboon from insulting you and this is what I get? I’d rather die than work with this fool.”

And die, you will, an icy, enraged voice echoed throughout the room. It brought along with it a sharp, icy breeze.

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