Godly Expectations

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Chapter Eleven, Pauline commits to the group

A number who had practiced sorcery brought their scrolls together and burned them publicly. When they calculated the value of the scrolls, the total came to fifty thousand drachmas. Acts 19:19

Pauline stayed in the hospital overnight just for observation. She had a concussion but didn’t seem to be any worse than that. When Tyler came to pick her up the next morning she was eating breakfast. Since she had not been in her room yet when meals were ordered the day before, she got what they had extra of but it was good--corned beef hash and biscuits and gravy. “Not very healthy for hospital food,” said Tyler!

When she was released, and after a few days had passed, Pauline called Pastor Xavier John Blanc and proposed her idea to form a support group. He was interested, but suggested she put together an outline and a course plan so that she could be better prepared. And of course pray about it so that she would be well protected against the evil demonic attacks that were sure to go along with helping people out of spiritual darkness. He did think it was possible that the accident in the back yard was due to a demonic attack, but then again, he said, “you have some dead branches up there and they tend to fall when it’s windy. Sometimes things just happen. You should have Tyler get those taken care of or call a tree service. You don’t want that to happen again or take a chance of it happening to anyone else.”

He suggested that she start a class in January and that he would help her learn more about spiritual warfare in the meantime. This was a good plan but she was a little bit frustrated that she could not dive right in! That is, after all, how she liked best to work. She was definitely a starter, and not always a finisher. She tended to get overly enthusiastic about new projects, and too many of them, and had to back down much later when she was too busy or stressed. Still, the wait was good training. She used the time well to search the Bible and look for passages on the occult, witchcraft, mediumship, and fortune telling. In all cases, she found that these practices were prohibited.

Tyler and Pauline took a walk that afternoon and talked about her idea. She liked bouncing ideas off him, even though the two of them did not always agree, because his different viewpoint often could mirror that of the other people that she might be dealing with. In other words, if he saw things they might object to, she could address those issues before they came up in the class she was to teach. One thing that he objected to right off was that, if she was dealing with a bunch of new agers, wouldn’t she be exposing him as well as herself to the evil demonic spirits?

“That is why we pray,” she explained. “We must pray over our homes, the meeting room, and each other, in addition to the people in the group. We must discern what items in our houses should be burned so that they don’t tempt us or anyone else ever again. That would include books, pictures, statues, things from other religions, and maybe some other items I can’t think of right now. Those evil demon spirits are clever and can lure a person into grave danger. They may offer money, treasures, or circumstances, but it is imperative that we stay away from them and their temptations. All those things are only temporary anyway, as are all material things.”

“How much do you know about new age? Maybe it could be a support and mentoring group and not a class. Then it could go on indefinitely. People could come and go and it’s not like anyone would miss anything. They could start or stop at any time. The more experienced could help the less experienced that needed the help in knowing how and what to overcome,” said Tyler .

“I like that,” said Pauline . When she talked it over with Pastor Xavier John Blanc, he was surprisingly positive.

“I would still like to discuss it with you over several weeks’ time. Can we do that?”

“Of course! I would be happy to have you oversee the group at first and you could even continue that for as long as you like. Then you could see that it is going satisfactorily and could pray with us. You could even learn more about it if you wanted to. If you felt confident that it was serving a purpose, we could continue, or if not, we could either stop or revisit the idea at another time.”

“I will certainly take part and assist in any way I can. If we are using the Lutheran church building, I think we should train everyone right off in praying over a building to keep evil demonic influence out, especially given the subject matter. “

“I think you are right. Thank you so much for your support,” said Pauline . “I’m ready to start when you are!”

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