Godly Expectations

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Chapter Twelve, Pauline and Tyler go to breakfast

Better to be a nobody and yet have a servant than pretend to be somebody and have no food. Proverbs 12:9

Tyler and Pauline enjoyed breakfast out on busy days, before the busyness of their errands and shopping began. They especially liked a little place called the Biscuit, about a mile from their home. They rode their bicycles there if the weather was fine. Pauline wasn’t up to bike riding just yet, but might be soon. Right across the street was an Italian restaurant with fabulous food, but what they liked at the Biscuit was the granola pancakes. For an extra dollar they could get a small pitcher, more like a shot glass really, of real maple syrup. They always commented on that and said next time they would bring their own syrup! This time they actually did it. Real food, that’s what they wanted. And these granola pancakes were so full of nuts and grains that nothing less would do. The coffee was good, the food was great, and if she didn’t have the pancakes it was tough to resist the biscuits and gravy.

“So what do you think we should do about it?” Asked Pauline. “It’s really been bothering me and I don’t think we can sweep it under the rug any more.”

“Ok, I agree,” said Tyler. What she was referring to was the heavy traffic on their street and the speed at which the cars and trucks travelled. During the summer heavy construction trucks had been flying by starting early in the morning. There should have been a street light in front of their house, she thought, but there wasn’t. This made it darker than it should be and so she was very careful when crossing the road to make sure nothing was coming. Not only was it dangerous for pedestrians, deer, and pets, but the road was not zoned for heavy equipment. It was just repaved a year ago because it was all torn up, but it was damaging the old houses with the vibrations of the heavy trucks. “I went to that meeting,” said Tyler, “where they talked about how they were going to repave the road, and then they did, but we want to keep it in good shape.”

“I know some of the neighbors would go to the city council with us. The eight of us might be able to get somewhere and make them think about it,” said Pauline.

“I can talk to them next time I see them outside,” said Tyler. “But we don’t have time to get involved in every good cause. You wanted to help the Felt Mansion and volunteer at the humane society.”

“Good point. How many are you involved in?”

He laughed. “You should have been a lawyer.”

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