Godly Expectations

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Chapter Thirteen, Pauline finds an ally

23 They only heard the report: “The man who formerly persecuted us is now preaching the faith he once tried to destroy.”24 And they praised God because of me. Galatians 1:23-24

Well, that was easy, thought to herself Pauline . Now I just have to find some new agers. Wonder where I can do that? She and Tyler decided to go to Barnes and Noble for a chai latte and shortbread that evening. Wandering around the store, Pauline found she had gravitated toward the new age section! She had browsed there in the past and it is where she found a copy of the book she had when she was a child. It had gotten misplaced over the years, and it had been reprinted. She was not even sure how she had gotten the original one, or where it went. It had come in the mail, and it was before she would have had a credit card or even a checking account. It had drawn her attention when she was quite young and it talked about things like ESP and walking through walls through dissociating your molecules or some such nonsense.

Much to her surprise she ran into Kassie, the woman who had gotten out of witchcraft through drawing closer to Father God.

“Hello Kassie,” said Pauline . “I have been thinking about you lately since I am starting a support and mentoring group for people getting out of the New Age movement. What was the name of your book again? I need to read that as material. You wouldn’t happen to have a work book on the subject would you?”

“Why yes, I do,” said Kassie. “They should have a copy here if they carry it. Where are you doing your support and mentoring group?”

“At my Lutheran church,” said Pauline . “We would love to have your participation if you are interested.”

“Why don’t you send me more information?” said Kassie. “Here’s my card.”

“That would be great,” said Pauline . “I’ll do that.” She bought a copy of Kassie’s book and went home and began to read. She was shocked at what she found was actually out there in the forbidden occult world.

She explained some of it to Tyler over coffee the next morning.

“Wow, too cool,” said Tyler . “I wonder if there are other people you know that have the same knowledge based on their past experience in those pagan sect or cults? And are they Christians now?”

“Great question, Tyler ,” said Pauline. “Let’s start asking our friends. There are other people at work that I think may be interested as well.”

“Really, at work?” asked Tyler.

“Yes, we have that Bible study at work and at least one of the members has mentioned that her family member used to be into pagan religions. There are other people, who are very into yoga as an exercise but maybe as a spiritual practice as well. They don’t come to the Bible study but they may be open if they are having any kind of evil or demonic activity in their lives. I know someone who followed Eckhart Tolle, for instance, and another woman that is probably open to everything but takes martial arts and follow Buddhism to some extent. And then there are people in religions that they believe are true, such as Mormonism and Catholics. Many people even believe that the Pope is the Antichrist and that Catholicism is his method. Not that I know everything either, I think it’s pretty clear that if things don’t agree with the Bible, or if they contradict each other, they cannot all be true. Just look at that bumper sticker “Contradict,” which is meant to be a response to the “Coexist” bumper sticker.”

“Really?” Asked Tyler. “And you would feel comfortable talking to these friends at work about their religious beliefs?”

“Probably just within the framework of the Bible study. It’s possible we could get in trouble for harassing people if they do not want our opinion.”

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