Godly Expectations

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Chapter Fourteen, Pauline meets with the pastor

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21

The two of them were relaxing at home that evening when the pastor called. He asked if the two of them had thought anymore about the support and mentoring group or class. Pauline laughed. “Yes,” she said. “As a matter of fact we went to Barnes and Noble and ran into a former witch I know who is possibly interested in helping with our support and mentoring group. She is now a committed Christian.”

“That is certainly coincidental,” said the pastor. “Can you meet with me this Sunday afternoon or evening? I would like to discuss this further with you and Tyler before we invite anyone.”

“Of course,” said Pauline. She hung up after the conversation. “Tyler, it sounds like he’s really on board with this.”

“That is great,” said Tyler. “What will be my role in the support and mentoring group? I mean, since I don’t have any real experience in these topics.”

“Well you could be, shall we say, the devil’s advocate,” said Pauline chuckling. “How would you like to wear a red suit with horns and a tail? Actually, in all seriousness, I would like it if you would ask questions based on what you don’t understand because there will be others that have the same questions.”

Pauline sat on the patio much later that evening and looked for shooting stars. She so enjoyed the scent of the autumn leaves after they had fallen. She wished she could be home more often to watch for deer, turkeys, woodchucks, and whatever else might be out there. Just then she heard a crashing in the dark lush forest nearby and thought to herself about what it could be. They did often see deer but it could be even a stray dog. You never know what’s out there. Actually, she reflected, that applies to life in general. There are no guarantees and no do overs. She knew that well enough as she had made so many mistakes, but they were all forgiven by Christ.

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