Godly Expectations

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Chapter Fifteen, the support group meets

When someone tells you to consult mediums and spiritists, who whisper and mutter, should not a people inquire of their God? Why consult the dead on behalf of the living? Isaiah 8:19

Time passed and the day came for the support and mentoring group to begin. They had three people show up the first night plus the pastor, Pauline, and Tyler. “That actually works rather well, said the pastor, “As each Christian could work with one visitor.” The pastor opened with prayer.

Kassie did not join them this first meeting but she promised to be there in the future. She even wanted to give her own presentation including her book that she had written about her experiences.

The first person that Pauline spoke with had visited a psychic fair recently. Her experience was such that the psychic told her some information that seemed very targeted to her own life, but in reality it was rather vague. This is a common tactic, and the psychic will watch for your reactions to various things. In the old days scammers would gather information before a presentation so that it seems that they had some kind of secret knowledge.

Where it gets dangerous is when the client takes the advice of the psychic mediums so seriously that they make a major life change which could be ill-advised. But that is just the beginning. If the client has a habit of trusting other people or trusting themselves rather than trusting Father God, they are in for a lot of trouble.

“I do want to thank you all for coming,” said Pauline. “I appreciate your trust and honesty in admitting that you would like to learn more about the dangers of the forbidden occult, pagan sects, and cults. If anyone would like to speak first they two of them can go ahead. Tell us what you are dealing with and a little bit about yourself and what you would like to get out of this group,” said Pauline.

The first person said she had been to a psychic fair and said “Well, I had just lost my mother. The psychic told me first of all what her name was, which surprised me, and then she told me that my mother wanted me to know that she was very proud of me and that I would have a son in the next five years. How could she know that?”

Pauline answered, “How do you know that? I mean the part about your mother’s name and that she was proud of you, well, anyone would like to hear that and believe it, would they not? What about her saying that you would have a son? You may or may not ever have a child and it may or may not be a boy so how can you believe that when there is no way to really know unless you experience it? Unless it comes to pass? And by the time it happens, even if you were to get pregnant tonight, the psychic would be long gone if it did not happen as she said.”

“I see what you are saying,” said the girl. “But if she was really in touch with my mother I would like to know that. I would like to know that my mother is doing well, and that she can see me, and guide me.”

The pastor spoke up then and said, “There is a verse in the Bible, several, in fact, that indicate that the dead cannot speak to us or even see us. They do not know anything while they are dead. They fall asleep in death and the next thing they know Christ will come back and they will either get sent to heaven or to judgement!”

“Yes,” said Pauline. “And the other thing is there are many verses declaring that psychic mediums should be put to death and that we are not to contact mediums or attempt to contact or hear from the dead. It is pretty clear what Father God desires. Maybe next we should talk about why Father God’s Word is to be our guideline for life.”

“I think first we need to talk about why these practices are so attractive to us,” said the pastor. “We tend to want to have control over our own lives, and to know the answers when the answers are unknowable at this time. Logically, we do know that we don’t know the future. If psychic mediums claim to know the future, it is because they are talking to spirits. We are not to talk to spirits, just as we are not to trust mediums.”

He went on. “What would be the worst thing about not knowing what will happen? Do you think there are any drawbacks you could face from you knowing the future? For instance, what if you learned the date that you would die. Would you live differently? Would you make bad choices knowing it would be over on that day?”

“I have heard of people running up their credit cards when they knew they were about to die or at least had a bad diagnosis anyway.”

“Yes but what about if you were about to die what would you do? Maybe we can think about that and pick it up next week. Thank you all for your contributions; I think it was productive.”

Pauline took names, phone numbers and email addresses and promised to send them information to think about during the week. In the meantime, she needed to search out Bible verses and do more studying on the topics they had mulled over and discussed.

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