Godly Expectations

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Chapter Seventeen, centers of dark activity

Her leaders judge for a bribe, her priests teach for a price, and her prophets tell fortunes for money. Yet they look for the Lord’s support and say, “Is not the Lord among us? No disaster will come upon us.” Micah 3:11

Meanwhile, far across the country in a little town called Sedona, Arizona, there was a shop with a sign in the window that read “Psychic readings here; Tarot cards.” Tourists often flocked to this type of shop, and it is a growing market. Some people can never get enough. They consult psychic mediums or card readers on any and every situation that may come up in their life, every decision that they make. Not to mention that the psychic will probably never see these people again unless they live in Sedona, because most of the people that pass through there are tourists. “Professional psychic mediums” live there because of this phenomenon. They will operate a business that masquerades as a gift shop, selling local rocks, sweatshirts, t-shirts, pens, coffee cups, and other paraphernalia with pictures or logos of the area featured, but in almost every shop there is a fortune teller of some type. You might presume that there are private contractors of the same services working elsewhere in the area, perhaps in their home or a bookstore, or even with a table on the sidewalk. The news about celebrities who consult psychic mediums does not help the situation, or rather it does help the psychic mediums. The World Wide Web and news and the plethora of digital media makes it very easy to spread a message whether or not it is true.

In addition, there are other locations in the US which are focused on psychic phenomena and the spirit world. Pauline and Tyler had recently toured the Winchester house. This is the mansion in San Jose, California which was built by the widow of the Winchester rifle legacy. Born in 1840 and married in 1862, the woman had had several unfortunate tragedies in her life in a short period, including the deaths in the family of first their infant daughter of a disease called marasmus, and then 15 years later her husband’s death from tuberculosis. Mrs. Winchester fell into a deep case of depression and she ultimately consulted a psychic to see what could be done to remedy the situation and/or remove the curse. The psychic told her to move to the west coast of the USA, to build a large house, and never stop building. This is exactly what she did, purchasing the land and commencing building in 1884. The house has many reminders of the number 13, for instance, windows with 13 panes, rooms with 13 windows and other unusual features. There was a spider web window, an interior séance room, stairways that led to the ceiling with no escape, and many unusual doors that were either short in height or opened on to a blank wall with no entry to another room. In addition, Mrs. Winchester had arthritis and so many of the stairs were built only a few inches tall so that she could shuffle up the stairs more easily. Every night she would have a séance in the séance room to consult the spirits as to what should be built next. It was believed that the constant hammering and construction noise would frighten the spirits or else make them believe that they were being appeased.

There are other locations such as Anderson, Indiana, which has a psychic community. They hold monthly psychic fairs and most events probably take place at a location called Camp Chesterfield. Pauline and Tyler had toured this just by driving through and found that many little cottages had signs in the window advertising their various services of this type. Apparently there is a town in Florida that is similar but perhaps larger, Cassadaga, involving a spiritualist camp. But psychic fairs are popular and can be found in many locations.

Notwithstanding all of these strange places, even your local bookstores will sell tarot cards, Ouija boards, and the like. Even Toys R Us, a popular children’s toy store, sells Ouija boards. Is this the type of entertainment we want our children to engage in? The dangers are everywhere. Workplaces may have a Halloween party, but are not allowed to have a Christmas party because it is possibly offensive to some for religious reasons. I maintain that Halloween is more offensive since it involves witches and monsters scaring people and sometimes involving vandalism. So this obsession with the spirit world is very common in today’s culture. Pauline remembered television shows focusing on ESP, UFOs, and all types of psychic phenomena.

Those at risk, in addition to the children, are the elderly. Anyone can pick up a phone and call a psychic hotline, which will prey upon anyone vulnerable to fear. Americans are constantly warned to watch their elderly parents and be on guard for themselves to avoid being taken advantage of by a scam. While psychic mediums may genuinely believe that they are speaking the truth obtained from spiritual sources, the fact remains that mediumship is forbidden in the Bible and Christians believe that the Bible is the sole source of truth which supersedes all other. Evil demons and Satan are frequently referred to as deceivers and the two of them are likely to cause problems in people’s lives. The 900 area code telephone numbers are generally used and they involve a high financial cost.

We are not necessarily safe if we stick to organizations called churches. There are many cults which masquerade as churches. You may not know that anyone may be ordained as a minister on the Internet and thereby be permitted to perform weddings, funerals, spiritual counseling, and organize churches which of course collect money for their own purposes. Formerly it was by mail order but now with the popularity of the Internet anyone in any country could become an ordained minister online and prey upon people’s trust in religion.

Christian churches collect money to maintain their operating costs and pay a fair wage to a pastor. However, illegitimate churches may collect money for the luxurious upkeep of their leader, or on a wider scale to create something similar to the Jones compound in Guyana! If you have not seen documentaries of the Jonestown massacre, it would be well worth your time as you are studying pagan sects or cults and religions. After watching these documentaries it is easy to see how people can be controlled and led to do things they might not logically participate in. And after they are controlled they can be trapped in a situation where they have no money or freedom to escape, even if they do realize the danger in time.

So in a little gift shop in Sedona, a young woman walked carefully in with her baby on her hip and she walked up to the counter. Resting her baby on the counter, she asked about a card reading.

“Yes, of course,” said the attendant. “Denise is on duty today on site and available right now. She would be happy to do a reading for you. What kind of spread are you interested in or what is your question?”

“I have a relationship question,” said the girl in a vague manner. She stepped behind the curtain and met Denise, who stood and shook her hand holding it for a moment to pick up the vibrations.

“It will be $20 for a 10 card spread,” said Denise. Denise took the $20 from the girl and the two of them sat down. Denise held the $20 bill in her hand and closed her eyes, again to pick up the vibrations. “I sense you are troubled,” said Denise. “Do you have an article that belongs to the person you are asking about?”

The girl handed over a ring. “He left this behind and I have not seen him in two weeks.”

“Is he your boyfriend?” Denise asked.

“Oh, no,” said the girl. “We are married.”

“I think there are financial problems,” said Denise. “Is that true?”

“Yes,” said the girl. “How did you know?”

“The spirits tell me things,” said Denise. “I don’t normally do this, don’t normally speak so specifically, but I believe your dear husband is some distance away and is in some kind of trouble and unable to contact you. Does he have any friends or relatives in the surrounding states?”

Lacy’s eyes filled with tears. “Yes,” she murmured. “He has an uncle in Las Vegas.”

“All right, you must follow these directions and take this down carefully. You must withdraw $300 from your bank. Do you have $300?”

“Yes,” she said.

“Just a moment,” said Denise. “I was not finished. Don’t interrupt my train of thought or we may miss the message. Take the $300. If you would please drop off $30 to me for safekeeping and then take a trip to Las Vegas to his uncle’s. Do not let him know that you are coming. If he is embarrassed about his situation he will hide, if he’s expecting you, so you must surprise him. This money will be enough to help him with his situation. Do you have any questions?”

“Well,” said Lacey, “I don’t have his uncle’s address.”

“See what you can do,” said Denise, “and I will expect you to drop by before you leave.”

This is a hypothetical example, but it is very similar to what may actually occur. Lacey will drop off another $30 when she already is having financial problems, so she has spent a total of $50. Then the remaining $270 for her husband’s problem, plus travel to Las Vegas for her and the baby, but whether her husband is there or not remains to be seen. If he is there, Lacy is hooked; she will believe the psychic and anything the psychic tells her in the future.

Unfortunately the baby is along for the ride and maybe put in danger by this ill-advised trip. Whether her dear husband is there are or not, there is probably a good reason why he left and he may be angry or even abusive if she tracks him down. Whether he has a good reason for leaving or not, this does not make it right. He has still gone against the wishes of Father God by leaving his family with no explanation. Lacey may even be convinced to hire a private investigator, who may or may not be legitimate either, to track down her husband. She would be better served to keep her money and make a plan for herself and her child.

In a like manner, telephone psychic mediums often target elderly people. They place ads on television that the people can call their 900 number for advice on any topic. Oftentimes elderly people are confused or even scared or just lonely. They call this number and of course the psychic mediums tell them what they two of them want to hear and tell them in such a way that they will keep calling back. There is a charge just for calling these numbers. In addition, a psychic is deluded into believing that they are helping people, and involved in a legitimate business for themselves, when in reality they are sealing their own fate and potentially the fate of the caller.

How can you discern whether you are being taken advantage of? The important point: Any advice you are given should line up with Christian Scripture. It should agree with advice you would get directly from Father God’s Word. For instance Father God would never tell someone to divorce their spouse. This is in direct opposition to the Word which is in the Bible.

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