Godly Expectations

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Chapter Eighteen, what research revealed

Pauline had a distant memory as she was thinking about these things and it was regarding a point in time when she was lost in a vivid dream world and it appeared to the doctors as if she was in a coma. Father God made her forget about this episode, however she began to remember more as she was thinking about psychic phenomena. It was a terrifying episode when one of her friends was killed, by an evil demon, and the demon tried to influence Pauline to delve into the spirit world. She had had many of those influences throughout her life. She remembered the book she picked up recently called Romancing Death. She had not finished reading it, but the beginning was terrifying. The author had been a real vampire, not undead like in the movies but he would actually drink human blood and eat very little else. Apparently there is a subpagan sect or culture which promotes this activity and believe it or not there are willing blood donors for these vampires. Pauline reflected on this and thought to herself about the current popularity of vampire and werewolf movies and books. She wondered how many people realized that these were real occurrences. The author had been a Satanist and a witch priest. When he detailed some of the things that he had learned while going through his training, Pauline was horrified to realize that she had had many of the same interests over the years--unexplained mystery stories, astral projection, lucid dreaming, ESP. She thought to herself if this is really out there, imagine what else is out there. She did not know how to find this information because while she had been aware of the Satanist movements she had no idea about the vampire part. Even though she had frequented forbidden pagan sect or cult bookstores in the past she had not come across this practice. Now with the advent of the Internet and all sorts of information being available she wondered what was online about this topic.

Doing a quick search she was once again horrified, to discover that there were thousands of people in the USA who drank blood on a daily basis. Often found in large cities, there were actually clubs where this could and did take place. Many articles were found online about these practices. These discoveries forever changed her interest in the paranormal. Imagine being at a resort or on a cruise ship and someone bites you to drink your blood. This could well account for many disappearing and missing persons and in the movies if these bodies were found they were attributed to animal attack. It would be interesting, Pauline thought to herself, to do a study on this, but she thought maybe she did not even want to know. Her time would be better spent researching positive topics that God would support her in doing.

The articles she found varied widely in the benefits and/or inadvisability of drinking human blood. She was a bit surprised to find that Dr. Mercola, an online doctor many people turn to for health information, actually thought that this could have some medical benefits, citing blood’s richness in iron. Actual medical sites caution against blood for the same reason, since iron is so difficult to excrete from the body and overdosing on iron can be fatal. Mercola’s article contained typos including the use of the word millimeters when it should have been milliliters. The lack of credibility of online so called doctors is well known and another very potent danger.

Curiouser and curiouser she thought out loud, reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. She felt as though she was being led down one rabbit trail after another. And like Alice in Wonderland she was finding very bizarre truths, facts, myths, and articles. What if she searched on Cheshire cats? What if she searched on magic mushrooms that made you grow or shrink? Or drinks that made you invisible? Or on the psychology of people who believed all this crap? Did this come from home schooling, where people could believe whatever they wanted and teach it to their children?

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