Godly Expectations

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Chapter Twenty Five, first contact

When Tyler got to his presentation, there was coffee and cookies. He accepted one just to be polite and left it on his plate as he got up to speak. With his laptop connected to a projector, he went through the slide show he had created showing how it was to the customer’s advantage to convert to their operating system. They would save quite a lot of money and he knew they would eventually buy. Ultimately it didn’t matter when, but he would like it to be today.

Just as he was finishing his presentation, the power inexplicably went off in the building. They had to finish up the meeting without lights, which was a little awkward, or the projector, and everyone was a bit rattled trying to get the power back on. Tyler’s heart sank as he realized this did not help him.

“Well,” said the Chairman. “Too bad about the power. We’ll have to get back to you next week. It looks really promising, we just cannot look at those final numbers until this gets corrected. If it comes back on before your flight, we can talk some more today, but don’t worry. You’ve convinced me you know what you are doing. Would it be you that installed the conversion?”

“I would certainly be present at key points in the process,” said Tyler . “But we have a staff that does the actual installation, with my supervision of course.”

“Like I said, we will have to let you know, Tyler. We’ll get back to you.”

Tyler left disappointed and returned to the hotel. It was Halloween. He thought to herself about flying back early, but the client had planned on going to dinner with him. He relaxed for an hour in his room until the client picked him up. He wondered if it’s possible there was evil demonic activity causing the power outage. “No, that just cannot be. It must be just a coincidence,” he said to himself.

He turned on the television and flipped through the channels. The local news was actually warning people to watch out for unusual happenings that night. “Keep your doors locked,” the two of them said. “And don’t go out by yourself. Find another person--a SAFE person--to go with you.” Then the two of them laughed a spooky laugh and showed a costumed scary person on the screen.

“Cheesy,” he said to himself.

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