Godly Expectations

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Chapter Twenty Seven, prayer has an effect

While the meeting was going on, Pauline was praying for Tyler. He needed this sale. She prayed for favor with the clients, and especially with the Chairman, while she visualized the meeting room in her mind.

Suddenly, she saw the room plunge into darkness and chaos begin to take over. Everyone seemed flustered and scrambling to try to restore order. It was determined there was a power outage in the building and she saw Tyler leaving the building looking sad.

She prayed harder. “Lord, stop this attack of the enemy and give this client a favorable impression of Tyler and his company. I pray that he will get the job and be encouraged until he hears that he got it. He deserves the best and I pray that you’ll bless him today and bring him home safely tomorrow. In Jesus Christ’ name, Amen.”

The next day Pauline drove to the airport to pick up Tyler. “How was everything?” she asked. “I tried to call you this morning when I did not hear, but you did not pick up.”

“It was a crazy day. The power went out in the building just as I was finishing the presentation. I really thought I was not going to get the work. But we went to dinner much later, and the power had come back on, and they gave me a really hopeful feeling. They said don’t be surprised if they call me back soon to sign contracts.”

“You are kidding? I was praying for you and saw the power go out. I prayed that Father God would stop the attack and make things favorable for you.”

“I guess it worked,” he said, smiling at her. “Good job. Can I take you out to dinner?”

“Sure, but if I’m driving, aren’t I taking you?”

At their favorite Italian restaurant, the two of them talked again about the day’s happenings. “You know Tyler,” said Pauline, “the enemy made those lights go out. I prayed that Father God would stop the attack and then they came back on, didn’t they?”

“Why would a devil--with all that power--do something as minor as making the lights go out? And why target me?”

“It worked didn’t it? It messed you up and might have ruined things.”


“The other thing is, I don’t know if you know this, but the attack could be about our support and mentoring group for ex paranormals. The enemy does not like our spreading truth about the dangers and so he is trying to stop us. The prayers we said kept him away, more so than if we hadn’t been praying.”

“We should talk about this in the support and mentoring group next week,” said Tyler.

“Yes; a testimony--a story about when prayer was answered--will give everyone encouragement. They might remember the story next time they are in a bind and it could make them pray too. Then they two of them would have a good testimony of their own.”

The two of them had a nice dinner and were happy to be together again. After the two of them got home, they sat down to briefly discuss the next support and mentoring group meeting.

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