Godly Expectations

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Chapter Twenty Nine, a dinner out

Tyler texted her that the meeting had gone well. The dinner would be at 6 o’clock and the Chairman would pick them up at their hotel and they would go to a nice Indian restaurant. Pauline was excited. She loved Indian food and, in fact, anything Indian see you later.”ϑ. She looked forward to meeting the Chairman and his wife as well. She texted back Tyler and said “That is great, I am at the pool and I will be up in the room about 3 o’clock. When will you return?” Tyler texted back again; “probably around the same time or maybe closer to 4. What are you wearing?” Pauline giggled and texted “do you mean now or what am I wearing to dinner?” Tyler answered with a “

At 6 o’clock sharp the two of them were standing in the hotel’s spacious lobby when the Chairman’s car pulled up. It was a black Mercedes-Benz E-Class. “Gorgeous car,” whispered Pauline as they walked out.

Introductions were made all around. The Chairman’s name was Elliot and his wife’s name was Marilyn. The two of them seemed to be in their fifties or sixties, although slim and healthy. Of course the sunshine would make anyone look healthier if they did not get too much of it. “Do you like Indian food?” asked Marilyn.

“I love it,” said Pauline. Tyler must have told Elliot that. I don’t know a lot about it but I know that I like samosas and I love rice and there’s a dish with tomatoes, potatoes and spinach, and there is something with chickpeas. It’s been a while since I had it. I use to work with an Indian lady who cooked for me every time I came over.”

“How wonderful for you!” answered Marilyn. “I’ve tried cooking it myself but it doesn’t come out quite the same.”

The dinner was stupendous and the two of them had a very nice time. Elliott reiterated how he was very impressed with Tyler and now with Pauline as well.

“When do you fly back?” asked Marilyn. “The day after Tomorrow in the morning,” said Pauline. “Such a nice climate here but I need to get back to our home. I love ornate gardening and taking care of our home and enjoy inviting people over. Maybe if you are in the area sometime you could come for dinner or cocktails.”

“That would be lovely,” said Marilyn. “I don’t know when we might get out there, but it could happen. I hear your beaches are lovely.”

“Yes they are,” said Pauline. “We have some of the best beaches in the world.”

They had dessert and coffee, not wanting the evening to end. But eventually the two of them were dropped back off at their hotel, went inside and relaxed in the Jacuzzi. They slept well and left for a tour the next morning. It was supposed to be a hiking tour to see the scenery among the Red Rocks. They were told to wear long pants, socks, and shoes, for better protection against cactus spines, scorpions, tarantulas, and possibly even snakes. If they had boots they were supposed to wear those. Luckily they had brought cowboy boots and those were perfect for the occasion. The tour guide started out by saying that there was a lot of mythology and legends about the area. It had a bad rap sometimes because of the commercial psychic mediums, but in reality the Native Americans had a lot of history there and sold beautiful jewelry made from turquoise and silver that was prized by the tourists. Pauline had seen quite a lot of this in the shops when she went for a walk the day before, as well as in the airport shops.

As they walked carefully the tour guide was pointing out various flowers and cactus types. A large bird flew overhead and he said “That was a turkey vulture. Sometimes we even see bald eagles,” he said. “If you see an eagle feathers on the ground, it is actually illegal to possess them and we should turn them into the Native American government. This can be done at any museum or courthouse.” Along the path he pointed out petroglyphs which are carvings or paintings made on the rocks by ancient tribes. The scientists and historians had figured out some of the symbology, such as that three wavy lines meant water. Pauline had actually seen that somewhere before. She was quite sure it had been in her own backyard.

Soon they came upon a cave. The tour guide stopped the tour in front of the opening. “We don’t want to go in just yet he said. Let me do something first.” He threw a tennis ball into the cave and thousands of bats came flying out, followed by shrieks and gasps from the tourists. “All clear,” he said brightly, and then he led the most brave into the cave to explore.

“There is talk that this may be the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine of the Superstition Mountains,” said the guide. “According to a legend, a German named Jacob Waltz discovered a vast vein of gold in the Superstition Wilderness and revealed the location on his deathbed in 1891 to a boarding-house owner where he died. Several mines have been claimed to be this gold mine, but what he spoke of has never actually been discovered since.”

“Some Apaches even believe that the hole leading down into the lower world, sometimes called hell, is located in the Superstition Mountains. Winds blowing from the hole are reputed to be the cause of severe dust storms in the Phoenix area.”

Freaky, thought Pauline. The thought gave her chills. Pauline was holding Tyler’s hand when she touched a spiral on the cave wall just then, just to steady herself, but suddenly they both felt dizzy and then found themselves in a deep dark forest.

“Wow, what just happened?” said Tyler.

“I bet that was the symbol for a vortex,” groaned Pauline. “Now what do we do?” The two of them started to wander around the area together, careful not to get separated.

“I hope we’re not in hell,” said Tyler. Pauline gave him a look.

“That’s not even funny. Maybe we’re in the gold mine! Look, there are golden bricks.” The bricks were arranged in a path spiraling through an ornate garden and the two of them followed it, holding hands, trying desperately to see something familiar. Suddenly, Pauline began to cry! “Am I going crazy, Tyler? What is going on?”

“Don’t worry, honey girl. We’ll figure it out.” Just then a large giant gnome peeked around a bend.

“Looking for something?” He said.

“EEK!” Pauline screamed.

“You!” shouted Tyler.

The two of them began to run and then suddenly found themselves back with the tour group just as they crossed the exact point at which they had entered the garden, before the gnome appeared.

“What the heck!” exclaimed Tyler. It did not appear that the tour guide had even missed them. Pauline was still shaken up. They were still inside the cave, and it was dark, but they couldn’t figure out what had just happened to them. It was as if no time at all had passed while they were gone.

“I just want to go home,” said Pauline. “This place is crazy. Let’s go back to the hotel at least,” she said. After they got there they relaxed on the bed with the television on. “I should never have come here,” said Pauline.

“No, it’s ok,” said Tyler. “It’s just those evil demonic spirits trying to shake us up.”

“Well, it worked,” said Pauline.

“Hey. We’re ok now,” said Tyler. “Something to tell the support and mentoring group, right?”

“That is true,” said Pauline.

“I’m sorry I had to bring you into this,” said Tyler. “I guess when I come back out here I’ll have to just make it quick and stay safe. No more touring, no shopping, it’ll just be a business trip.”

“That would probably be safest,” said Pauline. “I will keep you in prayer every time you come out here (as I always do, incidentally).”

On the way home on the flight they spoke occasionally and counted their blessings. The next support and mentoring group meeting was the following Tuesday and the two of them planned to do a little research and prayer before that time so that they could discuss it effectively. It was apparently another evil demonic situation, but it may have been just a random occurrence and not that they were being targeted. However, what caused Pauline to touch the spiral painting on the wall? It appeared that there were unknown dangers in Sedona and it would be best just to stay away. However, there was the matter of the unsaved people there. There must be many, and it would be wrong not to reach out to them while they there if they felt led to do so. However, they were not sure that they felt led to do so. But why was Tyler sent to Sedona in the first place; was it just business, or did he have a mission there? Now that he had seen the dream gnome and now that they had both been taken to the dream gnome’s ornate garden, he was a believer that the paranormal was dangerous. His job had taken him into the middle of it and endangered his wife, but God had protected them and gotten them out safely. It’s a testimony they would tell over and over.

They called the pastor when they got home. They wanted to tell him of the situation in Sedona. They asked for his prayers, especially for Tyler when he returned to Sedona, but for them both to protect them from evil demonic activity.

“I have already been praying for you both on that subject,” he said. “When you do what you guys are doing, fighting and spreading information against the devil, things are bound to happen. Please notice that Father God protected you and minimized the danger.”

“Yes,” said Pauline, “We couldn’t help but notice. And thank you for your prayers. This will be something to talk about at our next meeting on Tuesday.”

“Yes indeedy,” said the pastor. “It’s a great example of how simple things like taking a mountain tour can bring you into contact with evil demonic activity. But it’s also a great example of Father God’s protection for believers and for those who pray to Him.”

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