Godly Expectations

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Chapter Thirty, the next support group

When the next meeting came they were ready. Pauline had documented their experience in Sedona for the other group members and they mulled over and discussed it excitedly and at length. She asked Tyler to detail his first trip as well, when the power went out in the middle of his presentation. It just seemed like too much of a coincidence. Then, the stakes escalated on the second trip, when they toured the desert cave. Their question was, should Pauline have touched the picture on the wall? Should the two of them have gone on this tour at all? They weren’t sure where they had gone wrong, if at all. There was a lively discussion about the experience and one of the other people in the group mentioned that Tyler and Pauline had had a mutual teleportation experience at the same time.

“What do you think that was,” asked Pauline. “It does not seem to line up with generally accepted laws of physics. I know I don’t care to do it again,” she said. “It was quite frightening,” she added, “and then we saw this big giant gnome that had bothered me in vivid dreams before. Now that it’s over, I seem to remember that Jesus Christ told me that it would not bother me again. So does this mean I let it in this time?”

“Not necessarily,” said Pastor Xavier John Blanc. “You may have let down your guard a bit, but it does not mean you did anything wrong. The evil demonic world is always looking for ways to trip up believers. We must be vigilant and yet flexible to change our plans if necessary. I remember one time I wanted to take my wife to a certain place and we were very young at the time, and did not have much money. Everything seemed to work against us so that it finally became clear that God wanted us to go somewhere else. We enjoyed it more than we would have the original plan, and we still laugh about it today.”

“That is good to know,” said Tyler, “and very interesting. But the plot thickens. I will have to go out there again, and I would certainly like to avoid any similar experiences. “

“Maybe you could find a Lutheran church out there suggested the pastor. They are almost everywhere including in seemingly godless areas like that. I remember going to Scottsdale Arizona once and there were at least three Lutheran churches close to where we were staying.”

“How would I find one?” asked Tyler.

“Yellow pages?” The pastor asked rhetorically and with a winsome smile.

“What other ideas do we have for Tyler?” asked the pastor. “Does anyone have anything that they like to do to spiritually protect themselves?”

“Well prayer of course,” someone said.

“Yes of course,” said Tyler. “Does anyone have any other ideas?”

“Basic safety rules,” said someone else. “Don’t go anywhere alone, especially after dark.”

“That should cover it,” said the pastor, “but I would strongly urge you to pray before you go, while you are there, and when you get back. And of course Pauline will be praying for you while you are gone if she does not go along this time.”

In any case, Tyler was glad to be home, and did not look forward to going back to Sedona except that he did like the people that he met at the job site and he was looking forward to doing a good job for them on this project.

“If no one has anything else, let’s close with prayer. Father God, I pray that anyone who has been involved in any witchcraft, occult, or even reading books about it or vampirism, I pray that they would repent right now in the name of Jesus Christ. I pray that you would drive any evil demonic influence out of the lives of everyone here and anyone we may be thinking of. Take the evil demonic influence out of their life and replace it with a hunger for you in Jesus Christ name, Amen.”

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