Godly Expectations

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Chapter Thirty One, Pauline turns her back

As usual, Pauline had a lot to think about after the support and mentoring group met that Tuesday. Not only her and Tyler’s safety, but also the safety of all those in the group. Some of them did not seem to realize how dangerous this was. She remembered reading about and learning about tarot cards. The pictures were fascinating but some of them were quite frightening. There was a Hanged Man and there was another death card. She wondered about the history of Tarot cards. Did the so-called gypsy fortune tellers use them? She had noticed that they were even at the local major chain bookstore and wondered how those really fit their product mix. She wondered now where the cards were that she used to own. She had probably thrown them away at some point along with other forbidden occult paraphernalia. She had to keep away from them now, she realized. They say that Father God only judges you on what you know, and she knew plenty by this time. Therefore she was expected not to stray back to those practices. It was just as well.

What else must they get rid of? A book she had read recently said to BURN any books or paraphernalia that related to the forbidden occult. She had done this exercise before so there was not a lot in her possession, and Tyler had never really been interested. But her yoga books and DVDs were probably still in the house, as well as some e-books in her Kindle. She could delete anything relating to zombies, vampires, magic, Hinduism, Mormonism, seventh day adventists, Buddhism, it’s possible she had all of that. What about books about lucid dreaming? It’s possible she should even delete novels about fearful subjects. There was no good reason to promote fear. This practice of burning magical items and books was precedented in the Bible. A number who had practiced sorcery brought their scrolls together and burned them publicly. When they calculated the value of the scrolls, the total came to fifty thousand drachmas. --Acts 19:19.

Upon salvation, these people brought these items and burned them. She prayed to Father God to have mercy on her and remind her of things to get rid of and destroy.

Meanwhile, a guardian angel was watching her. HER guardian angel. She knew she had one. She was not really aware of it most of the time, but the Bible said they existed. We were not to worship angels, but they were there to help us. She did wonder sometimes what they looked like. Some people said they had seen angels. There were brief descriptions in the Bible, but sometimes a being would be called an ANGEL of the Lord, and then in the same story the same being was called the LORD.

What were druids, she wondered. She had seen a YouTube by Bill Schnoebelen about druids in connection with witchcraft and Masons. He says that Freemasons are losing members at a catastrophic rate, he says because of cable TV, and people nowadays having too much to do to sit in a lodge for meetings. The average age of Mason members now is 70. In other words, they are dying out.

He had been involved in many types of forbidden occult studies and memberships. He was a high degree Mason at the time he got saved, and the first time he entered a Masonic temple after that, he felt heavy oppression that got worse the longer he stayed. He finally had to leave before the meal was over and realized he was involved in one of many pagan sects or cults.

It seems that he is not the only person that involved themselves in several different false religions or wrong practices. It seems as if seekers try everything to cover all their bases. What is really happening, thought Pauline, is that they are seeking a God but finding all the counterfeits. It’s not hard to see that it’s a trick of the devil to keep us so busy chasing things or chasing peace, that we have no time for Father God. Where our treasure is, there our heart is also.

It occurred to Pauline to wonder who introduced her to forbidden occult knowledge or what prompted her to become interested. Her earliest memories included a book of horror stories, and a toy pendulum. Why did she want the pendulum? Where did the book come from? There was a book club at elementary school where she purchased many books. Could they have carried a book of horror stories for children to buy? She thought it was the Scholastic book club.

Or could it have been someone among her ancestry? She wondered if her grandmother had been a magic-worker or occultist of some type? Well, no matter. She could look for connections all day long, but the fact remained at the end of the day it was she, Pauline Tervis, that had to deal with it and renounce everything.

Thinking back on the events in her life, she remembered the vortex incident. It was brief, and they had come back, but sometimes events took place to keep us from fulfilling our purpose with God, for instance, the power going off when Tyler made his initial presentation in Sedona.

The strangest thing happened at her part-time job that day. She was supposed to set up preferred rates for several hotels that her company’s travelers used. She had received two emails from her hotel contacts that week but hadn’t had time to review them yet. Finally, one of those contacts called her and asked about this other person who was trying to negotiate hotel rates, from an office with a similar name, in another state! They were not related, but somehow they did not realize that. She had to call the person much later and ask what they were doing. There was not likely to be any problem because of it, but she needed to stop the other person from doing this extra work that would do her no good. She thought to herself it was probably an inexperienced secretary who just did what she was told without thinking it through. It would be rather strange indeed if this other company, which bore almost the same name, wanted rates at the same hotels as she did, 1000 miles from their home office. With a vacation day tomorrow, she did not really have time to straighten this out, in addition to her normal Friday reports that needed to be done a day early.

Could even this be an attack? There was something else she had heard, that the planets being in certain positions could cause misunderstandings like this. But that was more witchcraft, and she was not supposed to give credit to Mercury where it was probably an evil demonic attack instead.

She needed to move away from the dark. The light (Father God) will not move away from you, she thought to herself. You must have moved away from the light. Now she needed to rebuke the devils and move back away from the dark and toward the light. Anything could masquerade as light. Why, the Bible said even Satan masquerades as an angel of light. Pauline reflected deeply on this. Someone might think that they were moving towards light or pursuing it, when they looked into forbidden occult subjects, such as Ayurvedic remedies or consulting psychic mediums, because it seemed to be helpful to them in the short term, when in reality those pursuits could only drag them down and ruin one’s long term destiny! Many people even look to Masonry as an honorable fraternity, citing the Shriners and the good deeds they do for children’s hospitals, but if you look into the lives of the most venerated Masons in history, according to Bill Schoebelen, they were racist, Ku Klux Klan members, witches, forbidden occultists, and satanists. Manly Hall, Albert Pike, and Aleister Crowley were some of the most recognized Masons in America, and they were high profile occultists. However, Masons believe that the Bible is not the word of Father God.

She decided on an exercise for the next support and mentoring group meeting. She would show the video about the bad spiritual influences and then have everyone write down their factors in life that were working or not working. As a gross example, if someone had a good job at a casino, the two of them might make a good salary but it would not be worth it if they were influenced to drink or constantly brought home hitchhiker evil demons. These hitchhiker evil demons could cause arguments to erupt in the household, or cause people to make unhealthy decisions, all in an attempt to draw believers or people who were undecided, away from Father God and salvation. Whereas if someone had a job they liked, not very exciting but peaceful and God glorifying, that would be an example of something that was working.

Another example might be if someone loved vampire movies, but they caused the person to be fearful or morbid, that would not be something the person should have in his or her life.

The lightbulb turned on over her head. So she could address her depression this way. She could add regular Lutheran church attendance, a fun job or one that was rewarding, and delete excess hobbies that kept her too busy, horror movies, and gossip. She would be bound to be happier. She needed more alone time to seek Him and read His word. What else could she delete?? This would surely make her more joyful and peaceful.

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