Godly Expectations

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Chapter Thirty Eight, the Lord’s guidance

The next group meeting was coming soon. They planned to just check in with everyone and share some additional resources, so they wanted to come up with some new ones they could share.

They learned that even hypnosis was considered occult, since it is never a good idea to let someone or something control your mind, except God.

Tyler came home from work the day of the next meeting with some news. “I need to go back to Sedona tomorrow,” he said.

“Oh no!” Said Pauline. “I won’t be able to go this time. I have an appointment with my mother that she really needs to go to. Well I suppose it is good timing to tell the support group about it and ask them to pray for you.”

“Perfect,” said Tyler.

At the meeting that night they explained about Tyler’s trip. “I have a programming glitch to look into,” he said. “I think they also want to expand the license to include their other office locations.”

“That’s good,” said Pastor Xavier John Blanc.

“It is,” said Tyler. “It’s a large contract if they decide to expand. But if you remember the last three times I was in Sedona strange things happened that could have been due to demonic oppression because of my involvement in this support group ministry. I would just like to solicit all your prayers, if you feel so led, for my safety and the success of the trip. In addition, if you would please cover Pauline in prayer since she will be home alone during that time, three or four days mostly likely. Sedona is so spiritually dark, as I learned from the previous trips.”

They all agreed to pray. “Don’t go to the bar,” joked one of the men.

“No kidding,” said Tyler. “I think she was a vampire!” And everyone laughed.

“All kidding aside,” said Pastor Xavier, “demons can masquerade as something attractive to you, like a woman, or a meal of sumptuous food that will actually make you sick and prevent you from doing God’s will, or a job opportunity that will ultimately put you in spiritual danger. I have seen all these things and more. We must all be careful at all times and stay tuned in to the Holy Spirit for His leading. If you listen He will be there to guide you.”

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