Godly Expectations

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Chapter Thirty Nine, spiritual awareness

The next morning Pauline drove Tyler to the airport for his flight. Interlude Airlines was ready to serve and the lines were short. He checked his bag and walked to the concourse with Pauline. She gave him a big hug and kiss as he approached the security guard. “Be careful, ok? I want you to come back home.”

“I want to come home,” he responded emphatically.

The flight was uneventful except for a small boy behind him kicking his seat. He looked back pointedly several times and finally the boy’s mother told him to stop kicking. “I’m bored!” Said the boy.

“Do you want me to read your book to you?” Asked Tyler. It would pass the time anyway.

“Can I?” he asked his mother.

“Oh, you don’t have to do that. I’m sorry about the disturbance.”

“It’s no problem. If you don’t mind.”

“I guess,” she said.

The book was about construction workers and almost put Tyler to sleep. Finally the small boy did fall asleep and Tyler handed the book to his mother. She smiled and mouthed “thank you.”

Time had passed quickly and the plane landed in Sedona. Tyler could almost feel a palpable dark cloud over the town. He went to a different hotel this time, one without a bar, and checked in. There was a box of cookies in his suitcase, sent ahead by his wife. He smiled. What a great wife, he thought. They were his favorite, peanut butter oatmeal cookies. He bit into one and enjoyed their hearty flavor.

He sat at the desk in the room and made a cup of tea. There was a different feel in this hotel, more relaxing. The cookies went great with the tea and Tyler reflected on how lucky and blessed he was. He and Pauline made a great team. He had some time this afternoon and decided to find a gift to buy for her.

Finishing his tea he took the elevator to the main floor and stopped at the front desk.

“Can you recommend a good jewelry store?” he asked. “I want fine jewelry, not like the silver Indian jewelry for this person.”

“You can walk about two blocks and there is a shopping center on the other side of this street. There are a few in there. Most of the people that work here are Indian, though. I don’t think I’d tell them you don’t want Indian jewelry. Just ask for what you do want.”

“Of course--Good tip--thank you,” said Tyler.

Walking down the street Tyler was struck by the view of the beautiful red rocks. He wondered why this had become a spiritual community rather than a Christian one, or just a natural park area. He was surprised the national park organization hadn’t snapped it up but there were other national parks in the southwest. He supposed they had budgets just like every other organization.

Walking into the first jewelry store he came to, the shop girl could tell he was there to buy. She showed him goldstone, tanzanite, and diamonds, trying to get him to get excited about something so she could steer him to a sale. He did settle on a tanzanite bracelet, quite pricey but Pauline was certainly worth it. She would love the white gold chain and the beautiful purple stones. “Good choice!” She said. “These Tanzanite stones have an especially deep purple color and are said to promote spiritual awareness.”

“Are you trying to change my mind?” Asked Tyler. “We don’t believe in that stuff.”

“Begging your pardon, sir, but you are in Sedona. IT believes in YOU.”

“What a bunch of crap. I’m just here on business. If you knock 10% off and take out the spiritual awareness you’ve made a sale.”

Her eyes got big and she stared at him. “Well I never,” she said. “Sold.”

He waited while she wrapped the package and handed it to him. “Come back soon!” She said brightly.

He walked back to his room and put the bracelet in the safe. Pauline would love it, he thought. Now to get ready for his meeting.

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