Godly Expectations

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Chapter Forty Three, a dangerous escapee

Eliot was beside himself. Pauline had been calling Tyler’s cell phone and he could ignore it no longer. He called her back finally and told her the bad news. “I left Tyler alone in the building for a couple hours last night, and someone broke in and he is gone. He left his cell phone and laptop here. The police are doing EVERYTHING THEY CAN, Pauline, but there are no good leads yet.”

Everything they can, Pauline thought. They always say that, when they could actually do more.

“What do you mean no GOOD leads?” She asked him. “Are there any leads at all? Please, I must know.”

“I didn’t want to tell you until they had more of this information put together and more than speculation to go on, but there is an escaped mental patient running around. He may be dressed as a day of the dead character. We haven’t heard of any other kidnappings, and strangely we have not been contacted for any negotiation. So I wish I had more to tell you but that is all we know at this point.”

“I’m flying out there,” said Pauline.

“Wait, Pauline. If you do that we won’t be able to contact you for several hours while you’re in the air. You really should stay home until we know something. Odds are we will know something within those hours.”

“I can’t just stay here when he’s missing. We have to find him.”

“Maybe you could just call the police and work with them over the phone. At least start there. They may have some other ideas.”

“What is their number and I will call them right now?”

Eliot gave her the number and she called and asked for the captain.

“This is Pauline Tervis. I understand you have a missing person report on my husband, Tyler”.

“Can you provide some proof that that is who you are?” said the captain. “Give me your birthdate, driver’s license number, and phone number, and I’ll call you back shortly.”

“Of all the . . . ! Of course I’m who I say I am. Here is the information. Please call me back right away.”

Within five minutes Pauline’s phone rang and she grabbed it. “Thank you for your patience Mrs. Tervis. Privacy act and all.”

“Sad case when you think you have to protect a man from his own wife,” she said. “Tell me what you know.”

The captain reiterated pretty much what Mr. Ness had told her. He did have a little more information about the mental patient though. The man was obsessed with death and had a comprehensive collection of day of the dead paraphernalia and costumes. He liked to dress up that way on an everyday basis and of course that did not go over well at the insane asylum. They had rules about seeing faces so they could be sure who they were dealing with. But in any case, the point was that the escapee was probably the prowler. The fact that he had left a sugar skull behind when he took Tyler was a strong indication that they were connected and that they probably had Tyler.

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