Godly Expectations

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Chapter Forty Four, prayer works

Pauline sat for a few moments. It couldn’t be true. She knew in her heart of hearts that Tyler was alive. But who would have taken him and exposed him to this danger? What interest would the escapee have in Tyler?

She went to their bedroom, her quiet place. She knelt next to the bed and began to pray. “Oh God, what is happening to Tyler? You just have to find him and protect him. Please tell me what I should do.”

After sitting for a while she decided to call Pastor Xavier and fill him in on what was going on.

“Are you kidding me,” said the Pastor. “That is very unfortunate. Do they have any leads?”

“Just that there is an escaped mental patient who dresses in a day of the dead costume. They think that the man is involved.”

“So maybe there is cultic activity involved,” said Pastor Xavier.

“Do you think so?” Asked Pauline.

“Almost surely. Let me pray with you and then let me know as soon as you hear any more about it.”

They prayed and Pauline hung up the phone.

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