Godly Expectations

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Chapter Forty Six, salvation

Tyler did not hear from Mr. Ness except when Ness stopped by the hospital the next day. “Looks like everything went well on the upgrade,” he said. “Send us the bill.”

“Will do,” said Tyler.

“It looks like you were lucky to escape the kidnappers,” said Ness. “I wonder what they wanted, since no one ever said anything about ransom.”

“Like I said, I think it was a spiritual attack,” said Tyler.

“You really don’t back down on that, do you?” Asked Ness. “How do you mean?”

“Well, Pauline and I are leading this support group to help people who are caught up in new age practices, because they are forbidden to us by the Bible. The spirit world doesn’t like it and you can get demonic attacks when you cross the spirits. But all things are possible with Jesus and many people including me were praying to get me out of the situation. Jesus came through. We trust him implicitly.”

“Wow, that sounds sort of like something my wife would say. I’ve never heard it explained quite that way before. Can you tell me more?”

“I would love to,” said Tyler. And he explained the gospel to Mr. Ness and they prayed for Ness’ salvation. “Here is a pamphlet that explains what we just did,” said Tyler, and gave him a copy of the Four Spiritual Laws. (You can read it yourself at this website http://www.godlife.com/gospel.)

“Thank you, son,” Mr. Ness said humbly.

“My pleasure,” said Tyler. “Another good reason why I was sent to Sedona. Sometimes God sends us to unlikely places to have us spread the Gospel wherever we go.”

“Amazing,” said Ness. “My wife will be pleased, I think.”

“I know she will. It sounds like she is already a Christian. Make sure you tell her all about your experience here today.”

“I’ll do that,” said Ness.

When Tyler flew home, Pauline rushed into his arms when he came out of the secured area at the airport. “Thank God you’re home!” She exclaimed.

“Yes--thank God!” Said Tyler.

“Tell me everything!” Said Pauline.

“Well the best part, is, Elliott got saved. He heard me praising God and praying for Jesus to help me escape, and he could see I had strong faith.”

“That’s fantastic!” Said Pauline.

“Yes, so that was possibly my true purpose in going there. Glad to do it but it was awfully scary for a while there!”

As Pauline drove him home, since he was a little sedated by the drugs they gave him to help him overcome the trauma he’d been through, he pulled a small box out of his carryon.

“Can you stop up here and we can get a sandwich? I’m starving.”

“Sure,” she said, not seeing the box. They walked into the restaurant and sat down, and then he pulled the box out of his pocket.

“What did you do?” She exclaimed. “What is this for?”

Just because you’re worth it, said Tyler. I thought I’d better show you how wonderful I think you are.”

They embraced and then ordered a very small meal so they could get home.

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