Godly Expectations

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Something made Pauline think of a place she had been a few times in the past. A man and his wife had a dyslexic child, and they said spirits had told them to build a pyramid to help him read correctly. They did this and supposedly it worked. This began a lifetime of study for them and when Pauline first encountered them they had opened the pyramid for a meditation class she was taking at college. She had recently had a problem with double vision, and after meditating in the pyramid, her vision cleared up. She attended several of their classes on pyramid energy. Many years later she went back and they were holding full scale psychic paranormal festivals for several days at a time. She heard some very outlandish things there and probably encountered more than a few evil demons. The last time she had been allowed inside the pyramid, it smelled like a musty tent and held much less appeal than it had the first time she encountered it. It was amazing what she had subjected herself to over the years. Why hadn’t she just prayed for help with her vision? In addition to telling her parents about it, so they could take her to a doctor? Pauline’s involvement seemed to be quite deep seated. She imagined it as an invasive vine that had wrapped itself around many parts of her life and were threatening to constrict and choke the life out of her. Sort of like Gulliver, when the giant man was tied down by many small threads. It could take a long time to remove everything. She trusted Father God to make her remember everything she needed to do.

It was a rude awakening that the place she had enshrined in her mind smelled of musty canvas and ancient BO. Maybe God had allowed her to experience all these dangerous things, but protected her from going over the edge, so that she could do this very thing she was doing now, ministering to others caught up in it. Yes, she had experimented a bit, but never really went crazy over it--she had always come back to Christianity and its teachings which were ingrained in the core of her being. It was really true, that no one could really snatch us out of Jesus Christ’s hands. That felt so good to Pauline right now. Now, she needed to get serious and work to fulfill her mission that Father God had designed for her to do.

Years later, when Pauline and Tyler looked back, they would be amazed how they had grown and changed and how Father God had used them. It was a life well lived. The two of them hoped to hear one day, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

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