Confessions of a Black Dog

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Close your eyes.

Just for me.

Can you see the tree in the desert?

Can you see how tragic it looks?

It is all gnarled, rough and desperate.

It doesn’t want to be a tree anymore.

Can you see the Black Dog lying under it?

I can see it because it’s in my head. This whole book has been in my head in some way or other. Most of the characters are based on real people, some are not, but this book started with a dream about a Black Dog and so it will finish with one.

The Black Dog is waiting for a herd of elephants to come past.

He is hungry.

While he waits he sleeps and dreams. As he dreams he twitches and makes cute little whimpering noises. He is hiding under the tree from the full force of the midday sun. The sun scorches him and he does not like it. The tree offers little shelter, but little is better than none. He sometimes moves as the sun moves and the shadow follows. The sun travels across the heavens, while it waits patiently to implode one day. But that won’t be for a while yet. So the Black Dog waits.


Did you see him twitching?

He does that when he dreams of nice things.

Today he sees a man and a woman. The man’s name is Sam. The woman is called Joy.


Such a beautiful name, don’t you think?

Sam and Joy are crouched in a doorway in a big, big city a long way from the Dog’s desert home. Around them people go about their business as if they too are dreaming and don’t notice the two crumpled figures, crouched amongst last night’s piss and fly posters.

Sam and the Dog are friends.

They are my friends too.

The Dog likes to see Sam when he can.

They have known each other forever.

Sam has no tongue, but he speaks to the Dog in his head.

The Dog would like to get to know Joy too.

Sam is holding on to Joy and he is laughing.

Very little sound comes from his mouth.

Just a wheeze from the back of his throat..

Joy is crying for joy.

They know people are looking for them and so they move.

They keep on moving.

They will keep on moving for the rest of their earthly lives.

And when they finally die they will carry on running forever, together.

I hope they never find peace.

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