Justice Wildcat

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Chapter 11

At the junction of twenty third and third Jim’s car cruised to a stop.

By the doorway of the condominium was a young woman patiently waiting all dressed up for a night on the town.

Jim got out and crossed over to her.

“Mary.” He said holding out an arm.

“I must be mad to let you talk me into this.” She said with a cheeky grin.

“Alan will love to have you there.” He said before muttering. “He just doesn’t know it.”

He opened the rear passenger door of the car for her.

“You didn’t say I was sharing my seat.” Her face was beaming as a puzzled Jim looked into the back and did a double take.

“What the hell?!” He said indignantly.

“Language Officer Jim, there’s a lady present.” Posh rebuked.

“Yeah what ever he said.” Scrapper added.

Down in the footwell behind the front seats was huddled Scrapper, Posh and little Lou who was clutching his book of Licence Plate Numbers to his chest.

“Right you three. I’m not happy not happy at all. It’s to late to take you back to the dormitory. Sit properly in the back and keep your mouths shut.” He slammed the rear door shut with a bang before taking a calming deep breath and opening the front passenger door for Mary.

“Thank you kind sir.” She gently mocked. “It’s not often that a Lady gets escourted by four hansom young men.”

“Oh gee Miss.” Scrapper said embarrassed.

“It’s our pleasure Miss.” Posh said gallantly.

Little Lou went crimson and wriggled in his seat.

Fifteen minutes later they were at the hotel that backed onto the park.

“Right you three stay put and behave.” He turned in his seat only to find they had gone.

The passenger door opened and Posh helped Mary out.

“Why thank you young man.” Mary said impishly.

“My pleasure my Lady.” Posh replied gallantly.

Jim, still seated in the car, thumped his head against the steering wheel.

“Oh Lord! Oh Lord why me, why me.”

He got out of the car and trailed after Mary and her diminutive entourage through the glass doors into the foyer.

They nodded at the perplexed Doorman and crossed over to the elevator with its bellhop.

“They are a dwarf acrobatic team.” Jim explained lamely.

“Ah.” Both the Bellhop and Doorman said as if that explained everything.

“What floor Officer Harper?” Posh asked.

“The Tenth Floor.” Jim replied automatically.

Posh turned to the Bellhop.

“The Tenth floor my man.” Posh told him before turning to Jim. “We will be with your motor vehicle sir.”

The boy held out his hand and Jim reluctantly dropped the car keys into it.

The journey up was a strangely muted affair as if each one of them was frightened to break the silence.

When Jim entered the conference room with Mary Socko made a beeline for them. At the table by the window were the members of the press enjoying the canapés and the wine that had been lined up.

In the corner stood a tall very pale man with pure white hair in a perfect wave. His suit was pale silver of the finest cut.

Both Jim and Mary assumed correctly that it was the sponsor Mr Brimstone.

“Where’s Ted and Alan?” Socko said worriedly.

“They are coming. This is Alan’s friend Mary.”

“Pardon my manners Mary. How do you do. I’m the boys trainer James Smith but most people call me ‘Socko’.”

“Please to meet you Socko.”

Socko turned back to Jim.

“I thought you three were travelling together?”

“No, they are in Alan’s car. They’ve stopped at the Free to see Simon.”

“That’s understandable.”

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