Heaven's Return

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Her taste, Heavenly but her touch, deadly. Heaven is a young woma who lived a double life. From birth, as soon as she knew herself, she wondered what her purpose was. Her parents did not look like her, nor her sister Skyy, but Heaven wanted answers and no one offered any. After a while and when Heaven began to develop into a woman, boys started to notice this chocolate skinned, black wavy hair curvy grl. Age was surely just a number when it came to her suiters for Heaven would go to bed with just about any man who wanted her. Because of this she thought this was her mission. The roads she traveled and the people she met became dangerous and Heaven began to question, was this indeed her purpose. All she knew was, it made her a wealthy young woman and she was having fun in spite of the dangerous people that surrounded her. The question remained from her family and friends, would this be her lot in life or would she eventually come to her senses and leave this life before her life, ended.

Drama / Erotica
Rhabi Rites
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Chapter 1

It was early evening and sitting by the window of a small, yet, popular coffee shop was a woman sitting at the bistro sipping her tall vanilla latte. A beautiful woman she was, dressed in a white Donna Karen Draped Grosgrain Bow dress. Her black wavy long hair was pulled up with little ringlets draping her face. From time to time, she would gaze out of the window as if she were waiting on someone. Her name Heaven.

She was smart and successful and made millions with her Maid to Serve business, which just added 300 new clients who requested her maid services, but there was something that kept pressing her. She missed her old friends and clients from Maid at Nite. She actually missed her old life to be honest but didn’t know how to connect with her old friends without being back at the business.

It had been three years since she had stepped foot in her old business but had often wondered how things were. As she was preparing to go home for the night, she received a phone call. This call came at a time when in the years past she’d receive the same call from the only man who melted her heart every time they made contact.

When she looked down at her phone, her suspicions were right. It was him, the man whom she fell in love with, the man who would forever have her heart, the man she was once pregnant by, Sam. When she saw it was him she immediately answered asking, “Is this really you, Sam?”

Answering back he responded, “Yes baby it is. How have you been?”

Not sure how to answer without sounding too excited Heaven answered, “I am doing fine. It’s a surprise hearing from you,” said Heaven.

Before she could finish Sam interrupted her saying, “I need to see you, when can we make that happen?”

Smiling to herself while trying to contain her excitement Heaven responded, “Tonight, 7?”

Clearing his throat Sam answered, “Sounds good. Let me pick you up for dinner and we’ll go from there.”

Jumping up and down in place because of her excitement, Heaven regained her composure and said, “See you then.” Now she was on cloud nine. She jumped up from the table at the bistro, placed a handsome tip on the table, and with a huge smile on her face said to the waitress, “Have a wonderful day, you deserve it!” After exiting the restaurant, Heaven jumped in her Porsche and raced home so she could prepare for tonight.

It wasn’t enough that Heaven had received a call from a former lover, her sister Sky had dropped by just to say hello. Having married just three months ago, Sky wanted to try new adventures. One adventure would be to invest in Heaven’s business and become a silent partner. As she and Heaven discussed the ins and outs of owning a business, Heaven noticed it was time for her to get ready. “Girl it’s time for me to get myself together. Sam will be here in half an hour,” said Heaven as she got up from the couch.

“That’s right someone has a hot date tonight. Excited?”

“Yes. I’m just surprised to hear from him. I never thought I would hear from him again.”

Walking to where Heaven was Sky looked at her and asked, “You think something’s behind it?”

Grabbing her brush to fluff out her hair Heaven responded, “I don’t know if it’s because he’s been thinking about me and misses me or if there is a hidden agenda but I can assure you, I’ll be prepared.”

While helping Heaven pin her long black wavy hair up Sky asked, “Think you’ll sleep with him? I mean you were so in love with him and I’m not sure you still aren’t.”

Stepping into her red Michael Kors halter dress Heaven thought for a minute and then said, “We will see how the night goes,” and winked at Sky.

Smiling back at Heaven Sky said, “Well, whatever you do, if he wants in, seal the deal as only Heaven can, but remember you’re a changed woman now.”

“If I’m sealing the deal, that’s a job for Heavi,” replied Heaven. Putting the finishing touches on her makeup Heaven was ready. Five minutes later as she slipped on her red bottom black stilettos and was hugging Sky goodbye, the doorbell rang, “Are you ready?” asked Sky.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” replied Heaven and opened the door.

Looking back at Sky as she walked closer to the door, Heaven took a deep breath and opened the door. It was Sam and oh was he handsome. His dark eyes, long eyelashes and full lips met her eyes first and then she gazed down to look at his beautiful Italian tailored suit. His shirt caught her eye as well as she noticed his initials on the collar. He looked like money and she was sure he was doing well financially.

“It’s good to see you,” said Sam as he took her hand and kissed her fingers. His touch was soft and his scent took her back to places she swore she would never go again.

“It’s good to see you as well Samuel,” replied Heaven.

As he took her hand, Sky looked on as they walked to his white Bentley. He opened her door and she stopped to look at him before getting in.

“Is there anything wrong Heaven?” he asked.

“Not one thing, everything is so right, I just needed to look at the man who once stole my heart.” Seeing Sam was refreshing. Heaven got in and Sam closed her door and winked at her as he went to the driver’s side. The entire time Heaven was in the car, she stared at him. She studied every line of his face and looked over every inch of his body. He hadn’t changed a bit and as for aging, he was like a fine wine. His short wavy hair had a bit of salt added to it and the goatee, just as peppered. His smile was intoxicating and when they got close to the restaurant, Sam leaned over to kiss Heaven on the cheek.

“Sweet nectar,” Sam replied as he looked Heaven in the eyes. She smiled at having nothing to say but she felt each area of her body heat up with anticipation of his touch. As they approached the restaurant Sam placed his hand on Heaven’s leg, and when she looked up at him, he winked. “You sir, have some very sneaky ways, but I need to warn you that I am a changed woman.”

It was as if Sam did not hear anything Heaven just said. She did all she could to keep his hands off of her legs but he insisted and to Heaven, it felt so good. “Tell me, what brings you to town and what made you think of me?” Heaven asked while removing his hands one last time.

Looking in her eyes Sam responded, “Let’s go in and every question you have I promise, I’ll answer.”

As they pulled up to the door of the restaurant, the valet opened Heaven’s door to let her out. Sam got out on his side and quickly walked over to Heaven so he could escort her in. Taking her by the arm Sam said, “This way madam.”

Smiling Heaven replied, “Why thank you sir.”

As they walked up to the entrance, several men and women recognized Heaven and spoke to her. “I see you’re still quite known here,” said Sam.

“Yes it seems that way,” replied Heaven as they were seated. Looking around the restaurant Sam noticed there were several men staring at Heaven but she seemed oblivious.

“So you come here often?” Asked Sam.

“I used to be a regular customer but not since my life changed.”

Looking confused Sam asked, “Changed, how?”

Not sure if her being honest about being saved would change things, Heaven thought twice before answering. “Sam when you left, I was devastated. I had actually hit rock bottom with alcohol and drugs. I didn’t know what to do or where to turn. My dad was on my back about getting my life together and my sister was drilling me about sitting in the house all the time. I was a mess and until I got myself together, I stayed a mess. I loved you more than life but because of my state, not eating or sleeping and always crying I lost the baby. It was then I finally knew I needed God and nothing and no one but God could pull me out. So I got saved, sold the business and started Maid to Serve and have never looked back. Well, not until recently.”

“Baby, I didn’t know and let me take a moment to apologize. Honey I loved you too, but I loved my independence more and having been married since I was 18, I wanted my freedom more than anything. I see that caused you much distress and for that I am sorry. Can you ever forgive me?”

Looking into his eyes before answering, Heaven could see his apology was genuine. “You’re forgiven, in fact I forgave you years ago but it’s nice to hear it, thank you.” From that moment on there was silence as they enjoyed their meal.

It had been 5 years since Heaven had seen him so all she wanted to do was stare at him. His body was still a firm muscular build. She realized she missed him terribly and it felt good being in the same space with him. They started conversing about old times, what Sam’s goals were and what was next for Heaven.

After dinner he asked, “So your place or mine?”

She was hardly able to contain her excitement. Heaven responded, “Mine, I have some things to show you.”

So Sam asked for the check and they quickly exited the restaurant. During the drive Heaven noticed that his tie was loose and his belt unbuckled. Was he trying to seduce her...now...in the car? As she looked away she quickly glanced over again and caught him looking at her. He gazed into her eyes as if life itself existed there. “I had a purpose for coming back Heavi, and I must admit seeing you again ignited some old feelings. I want you and I want you now. I want to feel like I felt years ago in your arms...I”

At that moment Heaven stopped him with her finger on his lips. She knew what to do next and though she had changed, her feelings for him had not. She wanted him just as much if not more than he wanted her and this moment would not pass them by.

“Cut off the car.” Heaven said as she began to undress him. “Cut off the car and take my hand. There is a place over in the woods that’s private. Let’s go there.”

All too willing, he cut off the car, they got out and Heaven led him to the spot she was talking about. She clawed at him, tearing his shirt off while unzipping his pants and then as he ripped her dress and threw it to the ground, he kissed her neck and followed the path down to her navel with his tongue. Just then, just as they were both unclothed panting with a heated desire...they heard a voice. “Heaven, Heaven is that you?”

Stunned by the fact that anyone knew they were there, Heaven stood still while Samuel reached for his gun.

“What are you doing?” whispered Heaven while Samuel was taking the safety off.

“What do you think I’m doing? Preparing to shoot the fool who just called your name. What should I be doing?” asked Samuel while pulling up his pants.

“I don’t know but surely we don’t need a gun.” whispered Heaven.

“Well we don’t know what we need, but it is better to be prepared. Now get back,” responded Samuel as he began to walk towards the voice.

“Heaven, Heaven it’s me, Joey,” said the voice as Samuel walked closer.

Still taken aback, Heaven could not believe that it was her former boyfriend and started to fix her clothing. “Joey, Joey is that you, really you?” asked Heaven while walking towards him. Sure enough as she approached, while Samuel stood there with his gun drawn, she recognized him.

Joey was now 32 years old and still the most handsome man Heaven had ever known. His sideburns were long and his bushy mustache had specks of gray but it was neatly cut. He was dressed in a black Brooks’ Brothers suit with a white silk shirt, striped silk black and red tie. His shoes were a polished black and his caramel skin was still smooth. She could not help but stare at him for he had not lost any of his looks nor his aroma.

“Yes Heaven, it’s me. Who is this with a gun on me?” asked Joey. Still staring at Joey, Heaven had to pull herself together. She could not believe that the young man she dated, who loved her and wanted to marry her, the man who could do nothing but stay in her presence, was here and looking better than ever.

Shaking her head, Heaven responded, “I’m sorry, what?” as she came to her senses. Walking up to Samuel, Joey repeated himself. “Who is this man with a gun on me, some thug friend of yours, a bodyguard, who is he?”

Before Heaven could answer, Samuel felt it was time he had a say. “My name is Mr. Samuel Johnson, business owner and tycoon. I am also a good friend of Heaven’s; in fact we go way back…years back,” replied Samuel as he put the safety back on his gun and put it back in its holster.

“I see, so you are here to see Heaven? Are you two dating or something?” asked Joey.

“You might say I am here to visit an old and dear friend. Heaven is a beautiful woman, I am sure you would agree. It is hard to stay away from her for too long if you know what I mean,” replied Samuel.

“Oh I know exactly what you mean, and I agree, she is a beautiful woman, one whom I loved very much years ago. It’s good to see her, and to see she is doing well,” responded Joey as he looked at Samuel. He noticed that this man himself was doing well as he too was in a Brooks Brothers suit, brown, with a silk peach and cream tie, and a peach colored silk shirt along with brown Armani shoes.

Samuel was a good looking gentleman who seemed to be a little younger than Heaven. Both men seemed to size each other up as Heaven took center stage. “Look Joey it is good seeing you, but why are you out here?” asked Heaven.

“I could ask you the same thing,” replied Joey.

“I believe we were minding our own business, is that a crime?” asked Heaven.

“No, no it’s not. Actually I was walking to my car and noticed some movement over here. As I looked closer, I noticed you looked familiar and as I got closer, I knew it was you. It’s good seeing you, I guess I should be on my way,” said Joey.

“I guess you should,” responded Samuel who was all too ready for that meeting to end.

“Joey, it was good seeing you too and take care of yourself okay?” said Heaven.

“Will do, take care,” said Joey as he nodded his head to Samuel and walked away.

“That could have gotten ugly” said Samuel but Heaven gave no response. She just watched Joey as he walked back to his Lexus.

“Wow, he’s come a long way from the irritating guy I use to date,” said Heaven.

“How long did you two date?” asked Samuel.

“A few years, he had asked me to marry him but I was not about to give up my life and at that time, though his family had money, Joey was in no position to take care of me the way I needed him to.”

Samuel walked closer to Heaven and placed his hand beside her cheek. “I understand, but I can and I will, if you let me,” said Samuel.

Rubbing her face in his hand, Heaven wanted so much for Samuel to mean what he was saying but something inside of her kept her from trusting him, not yet anyway. “Sam, I loved you very much once, but I don’t want to revisit those feelings if you’re not feeling the same. Why don’t we take some time to see where this could go?” asked Heaven.

As he leaned closer to her face, Samuel brushed his lips against her cheek. “I want you, right here and right now, in fact I want to tear you apart, is that okay?” asked Samuel.

“It’s always ok,” replied Heaven. As Samuel looked at Heaven, he brushed his lips against hers and they were soon kissing very passionately. Clothing began to drop to the ground and Heaven began to kneel. It was in this position that she acquired the name Heavi because there was no amount of time that was too long for Heaven to be on her knees.

In fact, it was as if she lived on her knees. She then pulled down his pants, took out his penis and licked and sucked it until Samuel could not stand it any longer. “Baby don’t, I don’t want to cum in your mouth, not this time. I want to cum inside of you, please let me?” asked Samuel who was short of breath. Heavi was taking his breath away with her skills.

Looking up at him and then rising to her feet Heaven responded, “Are you sure?” as she kissed his lips and licked the inside of his cheeks.

“I’m sure baby, very sure.” responded Samuel who was at the point of ejaculation. Leading him by the hand, Heaven took him back to his Bentley and when she opened the door, gently laid him down in the back seat. Taking his pants completely off and spreading his legs, Heaven bent down to give him additional head.

So much so, Samuel could hardly contain himself. He was at the point of no return when she took her lips off of his penis, lifted her dress and straddled him. They made love an additional 20 minutes and with an explosive cry, Samuel ejaculated inside of Heaven. She could feel his strength leave his body as he then lay limp under her.

She herself had reached an explosive orgasm but continued to lie on top of him while kissing him. It was beautiful, the night, the company, the sex, and everything Samuel wanted, he had. He knew he could not let Heaven get away again, and for a moment he held her tight while they both lay in the back seat of his Bentley.

“I don’t want to let you go, you know that right?” asked Samuel.

“Yes I do, and I love holding you just as much,” responded Heaven. Nothing and no one could tear them away from each other’s arms this night, no one. As she laid her head on his chest, Samuel kissed her forehead and laid his head back. They fell asleep in each other’s arms.

It was 2 am, several hours after their lovemaking. Heaven heard an alarm go off and quickly woke up. Looking at him, she noticed that his watch, a gold Rolex, was beeping. Shaking him to wake him up, Heaven said, “Baby wake up, your 2 A.M. alarm is going off. Do you need to be somewhere?” asked Heaven.

Barely awake, Samuel looked at Heaven and then looked at his watch. He kissed her on her lips ever so gently and then kissed her forehead. “I just need to call to see how well things went tonight, but I am so tired and weak, I will call in the morning. How about you and me go to my place and settle in for the night, sound good?” asked Samuel.

“I’d like that,” replied Heaven. They both got dressed, sat in the front seats of his Bentley and drove off to his condo.

“I had a good time tonight Heavi, of course I knew I would,” said Samuel.

“The night’s not over yet baby, there is so much more I can do with more space, you know that?” said Heaven.

“Oh yes I know but I think for now, all I can do is sleep. You really know how to completely satisfy a man.” replied Samuel. Heaven smiled at him, took his hand and held it all the way to his place.

She couldn’t help but feel like she was in Heaven. This was the man she loved once and this was the man she would love again. When they got to his place, Samuel took Heaven by the hand and kissed it. “There is nothing I would not do for you, I need you to know that,” said Samuel. “Right now, all I need for you to do is to trust me. I will do right by you. I love you Heaven, I always have and the way I feel right now, I always will,” said Samuel.

“Baby I just want to make you happy. I wanted this before but I guess it wasn’t time. I believe now is our time, we just have to take it,” responded Heaven.

“Let’s do that. Our future starts now, are you with me?” asked Samuel.

“I am with you.” replied Heaven.

The two kissed passionately again and Samuel led Heaven into his condo. The two spent a very passionate night together and did not rise until noon the next day.

Meanwhile Sky and her husband were walking downtown when they ran into Lady Bell. “Well hi there, what brings you downtown today?” asked Lady Bell.

“Shopping, what else?” replied Sky. The two ladies laughed and Sky’s husband, John, just looked at them and shook his head.

“Looks like I’m out numbered, maybe I should let you two shop while I go find Herman, you think?” asked John.

“Honey no, you stay with me and I am sure Lady Bell would like to enjoy her afternoon alone,” replied Sky.

“You two newlyweds shop and Lady Bell will continue to enjoy this fresh air and sunny afternoon. I hear you are coming to dinner later, that’s what Herman said,” Lady Bell told the couple.

“Yes in fact so is Heaven and her new man. I think it will be a great evening, all of us under the same roof for a change,” replied Sky.

“I am looking forward to having you and John and seeing Heaven. Who is this new man?” asked Lady Bell.

“From what I hear, he is an old client of hers from years ago,” replied John.

“You don’t think he would get her back in the game, do you?” asked Lady Bell.

“I think Heaven has her mind made up. She is a child of God and she will stay a child of God, I am sure of that,” Sky said.

“Well that is good to hear. Until later then, enjoy your afternoon,” said Lady Bell.

“You too,” responded John.

As they separated, Sky held John’s hand even tighter. “You know, I am a lucky woman or should I say blessed woman. You are just so good to me and for me,” said Sky. She could not help but feel this way for she loved and adored John.

He and Sky had met while she was in school and since then, they have been inseparable. John was an English major in college and was now a professor at the local college. He was a handsome and stout man. Having played high school and college sports John was of a stocky build, 6’4, very muscular with vanilla smooth hairy skin and a bald head. When he smiled his teeth were so white they seemed to light up a room and those deep dimples were just so sexy. He was a looker and every woman who came in contact with him wanted a piece of him.

Sky wasn’t having it but she smiled every time they passed a woman because she knew they were taking a second look. “So, looking forward to dinner tonight?” asked John.

“I am, but more than that, I am looking forward to us all being together. We are family and we need to strengthen our bond. This is one way to do that,” responded Sky.

Kissing her hand, John replied, “I agree. So more shopping or home?” asked John. Reaching up to kiss him on the lips, Sky responded, “Home.”

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