The Boy in the Bin

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Raul’s board meeting only lasted until 6:00 P.M. on Thursday night. After the member’s discussion broke up for the night, standard operation procedure would be to head down Avenue C and toss back a few drinks. As he and his co-worker Fred entered the bar, they got a real surprise; being greeted by Fred’s daughter Marcia and her friend Suzy.

“Hi boys,” Marcia chirped. “Did we put in a busy day at work?”

“Marcia,” Raul grinned, “what a treat seeing you here. What brings you to this part of town?”

“Suzy and I went shopping,” she reported, “and we thought we would grab a quick drink before going home for dinner. I remembered you guys like to come here and so we surprised you.”

All four sat at one of the tables and ordered a round of drinks. Marcia introduced Suzy to her dad and they all sat having a friendly conversation. Unseen by anyone else at the table, Marcia rested her hand on Raul’s lap. In a slow rhythm, she moved her palm up and down his leg. Fred and Raul chugged their drinks and ordered another round, but Suzy insisted her limit was a single drink.

“I need to go all the way to Brooklyn tonight,” she protested, “and I don’t want to be weaving and bobbing.”

“Oh come on Suzy,” Fred insisted, “you can handle one more, can’t you? I rarely get to meet my daughter’s friends.”

Suzy caved in and ordered another drink and they continued to chat and munch on the free snacks offered by the bar. After an hour passed, Suzy finished her second drink and announced her departure. Fred, Raul and Marcia all bid her goodbye as she walked outside to hail a cab.

“She seemed like a sweet girl,” her father remarked. “Where does she work?”

“She’s a disk jockey and production assistant for WPLJ radio,” Marcia announced. “She loves her job but hates living in Brooklyn. She wants me to be her roommate here in the city.”

“You would need a roommate to live here,” Raul cautioned. “Rent in midtown Manhattan is expensive.”

“We started thinking,” Marcia speculated. “Suppose we got a place down on the lower east side or the Chelsea section? I understand life is cheaper because of rent controls.”

“I’m not sure if rent is cheaper by much,” Raul continued. “I rent a Brownstone in that section and my rent is $ 3500 per month. If I wanted garage access, the rent would be another $ 1000 per month. Rent control only applies to tenants who are grand-fathered in. You and Suzy might run into a problem.”

Fred asked Marcia if they would like to order one more drink before leaving. He wanted to get home before his favorite TV show, Law and Order, came on at 10:00 o’clock. Marcia claimed she needed to get up early the next day because of her full schedule. However, she also agreed to another drink while placing her hand back down on Raul’s lap.

The combination of Marcia’s touch and the alcohol made for an exciting effect on him. He kept shifting in his seat hoping Marcia’s hand would move higher. She sensed what Raul attempted to do and allowed her fingers to do the walking; to the base of his zipper. He wanted to return the favor, but touching her would be too obvious of an act in front of her father. So he relaxed and enjoyed.

They finished their drinks and Marcia gave Raul a final little squeeze and got up from the table. Fred and Marcia left together in one cab and Raul took another. Riding home, he reached down and put his hand on the area where Marcia kept touching; not five minutes earlier.

He sensed a slight dampness.

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