The Boy in the Bin

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The only member of the Hernandez household who displayed a good attitude turned out to be Raphael. He liked going to school, enjoyed wearing his new jacket and found out Eve wasn’t involved with a boyfriend. Things seemed to look up.

Raul constantly complained about problems at work, the hassle of traffic and any other gripe of the moment. Sylvia acted mainly like a sour puss. She complained little but anyone talking to her would soon realize she couldn’t be more miserable.

Classes ran their routine and every day, Raphael would meet at lunch with Eve. Sometimes Steven would join them and sometimes other kids. But mostly, he and Eve shared the time alone.

“Is there a special girl in your life?” Eve asked.

“No,” he said, “I never had a ngirlfriend before.”

“Who do you go to when you need a shoulder to cry on?”

“I don’t cry,” Raphael shot back. “My mom said boys don’t cry.”

“I sometimes need to tell my secrets to somebody,” she commented. “I think we are getting close and I would like someone special to talk to; other than my brothers.”

“I haven’t got any nbrothers or sisters,” Raphael confided. “Sometimes being alone is fine, but for a nlong time, no one would nplay with me. Now at least, I nhave friends to visit and nhang out with.”

“I think being an only child would be difficult,” Eve declared. “Everybody thinks I’m smart, but my older brothers taught me things.”

“What nkind of things are nyou talking about?” Raphael questioned. “Don’t you learn everything in school?”

“Not everything,” she hinted. “Perhaps, I can teach you some things some time.”

Lunchtime ended and the students headed off to their respective classes. Raphael wandered along, almost on cloud nine because of his enjoyable time with Eve. He fantasized having a girlfriend like her.

She looked pretty.

Saturday morning came and Raul got out of the house by 9:00 o’clock. This early departure seemed normal since he usually worked on the weekend. Today held a special spot on his calendar. Today, he would take his little lovebird off on a get-a-way to Connecticut. He hadn’t told her of his plans when he talked with her on the phone. He wanted their trip to be a surprise. Getting away from Sylvia for a while might help in cooling her down. His balls still hurt from the other night and his back hurt from sleeping on the couch.

Sylvia stayed miserable because she didn’t enjoy all this family drama and in reality, her home life recently turned to shit. Initially, when Raul told her about going away for the weekend, she got pissed off. But now she viewed his trip as a blessing. Perhaps the trip opened up an opportunity for Mark Lawrence to get evidence on Raul’s ‘secret life’.

Raul did do work at the office, like reviewing corporate contracts and organizing his files. Though, the bulk of this work a secretary should take care of. He only showed up at the office to meet Marcia at the corner bar around 11:00 o’clock.

He planned to meet and whisk her away to a motel. He went to Connecticut because he didn’t want to chance running into any of his local contacts. He also wanted to spend time in a bed because lately, his choice was the couch or the floor.

Raul made busy work for himself until he could wait no longer. He got up, locked up and headed for the sports bar. Marcia couldn’t wait either. She sat waiting at the end of the bar with a drink in front of her already.

“I couldn’t wait,” Marcia exclaimed as he approached, “and so I came early to wait for you.”

“I’m so glad you did,” Raul approved. “We can get an early start.”

“An early start to where?” she wondered.

“I thought we’d go up to a little place I found in Connecticut; away from the madhouse.”

“Oh, I didn’t bring a suitcase or my makeup bag,” Marcia complained. “You realize I want to be pretty for you.”

“You’re pretty enough,” he complimented, “and besides, today is only a day trip. I need to be back tonight.”

“What a sweet surprise,” Marcia beamed, “can I finish my drink first?”

Raul gulped down a drink while Marcia finished hers. They took a cab to Penn Station and hopped on the commuter train to Greenwich, Connecticut. From the station, they grabbed another cab to the hotel.

The Delamar provided a beautiful setting overlooking the Greenwich Harbor. Marcia seemed impressed because as they walked through the lobby, she pulled him closer. After they registered, they took an elevator to their room.

The room offered two Queen sized beds, a marble vanity, and a balcony. The beautiful overlook gave a full view of the boats in the harbor. Marcia sat down on the bed and made good her promise to Raul she would be wearing no underwear. Raul devoured her with his eyes and moved over to get a closer peek. Within a minute, both nakedly engaged in passion moves. Afterward, Raul sat up in bed and admired Marcia up and down.

“I think I just enjoyed the best lunch on a Saturday in a long time.”

“Baby,” Marcia boasted, “you only dined on the appetizer. Wait until you get to the entree.”

“Well,” he confirmed, “the appetizer definitely helped my DSB problem.”

Raul admired Marcia’s sense of humor. He couldn’t help comparison to the way Sylvia acted when they first married. Sylvia was once an avid lover too. Until a few months ago, she never denied Raul when he wanted to get his way with her; even when she fought off a headache.

In the last month though, she seemed more distant. She no longer initiated their sexual bouts and often she flat out told him ‘NO’. Poor Raul took matters into his own hands on numerous occasions to ‘do the laundry’ by himself in the bathroom.

“Are you hungry at all?” Marcia quizzed.

“I wouldn’t mind having a snack,” Raul admitted. “What thoughts do you have?”

“I’d like a sandwich,” she announced, “and possibly a drink.”

“If we called ‘Room Service’ and ordered something delivered,” he chuckled, “we wouldn’t even be required to get dressed ... yet.”

“I like the way you think.”

Raul picked up the phone and placed an order for two Roast Beef sandwiches and a bottle of Cabernet wine. He asked how long before delivery and the porter told him about 20 minutes.

“They said we will be dining in twenty minutes,” he told Marcia. “Do you think we might get through round two before lunch arrives?”

Marcia didn’t even bother to answer. She wrapped her arms around Raul and pulled him down to the bed. She swung on top, kissing him softly at first and gradually more fiercely. Slowly, her kisses moved with her sliding body, across his chest, down past his torso and finally to the solid object in her hand.

This session lasted longer than the first one. They barely finished making strange noises when a knock at the door indicated their food arrived. Raul wrapped a towel around him and opened the door to take in their order. He told the porter to charge the room and closed the door.

The rest of the day comprising nibbling on leftovers, snorting lines of cocaine Raul brought and making love; five serious bouts. The time approached 7:00 P.M. and Raul suggested they head back to the city.

“I don’t want to leave Marcia,” he whined. “You’ve given me a wonderful time. But I must get back home, if only to keep peace.”

“If you are so unhappy,” Marcia countered, “why don’t you leave her?”

“Because of our son, Raphael,” he conceded. “He used to be a dream but as of late, he’s been acting up. He got thrown out of one school for stabbing kid with a pencil. He seems to be enjoying his new school, but he has adopted an attitude we don’t like. I can’t leave Sylvia now because she’s the primary parent. I’m trying to get her to quit her job and stay home with him full time. Until we get him under control, I can’t shit.”

They packed up their things and went down to registration. He pulled out his credit card, paid the bill and they left the hotel to get a taxi. They paid no attention to the man in the lobby with the Hawaiian shirt who stared at them intently.

They didn’t see him get up and go up to the registration desk as they left.

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