The Boy in the Bin

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Raul and Sylvia continued to have semi-battles between them. Finally, the couple decided the best course of action would be for Raul to work as much as possible and Sylvia to work only part time. They would need a nanny or a part time babysitter for filling in the slack times, but this seemed to be a workable solution.

A babysitter would be required to also fill in when the couple went to one of their many social events. After many interviews, they hired a local woman named Natasha.

Natasha seemed to be a perfect match. She listed her age as 41 years old, newly widowed and highly referred by one of Raul and Sylvia’s friends. She presented herself as an attractive woman, having long black hair and piercing black eyes; with a kindness to her face.

Raul worked long hours at the law firm. Sylvia therefore, took upon hiring and introducing her to her new charge.

“Natasha”, Sylvia exclaimed, “We are so happy you are available to babysit our little boy. I think you will find Raphael a bundle of joy, as we do.”

“I luff children,” Natasha said with a Slavic accent. “My hoosband and I coult not haff kids, so I will luff Raphael as eef he belonged to me.”

“I understand you recently lost your husband”, Sylvia said. “May I ask what happened?”

“Boris worked as a Sommelier.” Natasha told her. “Do you have any idea what theese is?”

“No, I’m sorry I don’t.”

“A Sommelier ees a person who helps diners in upscale restaurants find exotic wines,” Natasha explained. “Their job is to make the perfect complement to meals and the diner’s preferences. They also develop the restaurants’ wine lists, advise clients on pairings and must haff knowledge of many wines by detail. Boris did well at his job because he studied his craft back in the old country. He wass attacked coming out of a wine tasting event earlier this year. I suspect someone wanted to rob him and when he resisted to geev his wallet, he got shot.”

“Oh my God”, Sylvia shouted, “what a horrible thing. Did they ever catch the person who shot him?”

“The police tried to claim Boris wass part of the Russian mob,” she said, “But I knew my Boris and he woult not be involved. They never caught who deed the keeling.”

“I’m so sorry,” Sylvia remarked, “but perhaps working keeps your mind occupied and off your loss.”

“My heart misses Boris,” Natasha mourned, “but he left me a goot inheritance. I work only for filling my days.”

“Well,” Sylvia smiled, “let me introduce you to Raphael.” Natasha followed Sylvia into the bedroom where Raphael stood proudly in his crib.

“Good Afternoon my big boy,” she spoke as she beamed, “Did you get a good little nap?”

“Nama, Nama,” Raphael uttered.

“Oh my Gott,” Natasha chirped, “Hees just a beautiful leetle boy.”

“Raphael,” Sylvia continued, “This is Natasha. Can you say, Natasha? Na ta sha.”

“Na Na,” was the only response.

“This lady is going to be here for you when Mama is not here.”

“No,” came a distinct utterance from Raphael’s mouth. “No.”

“Ah, his new favorite word,” Sylvia proclaimed. “Everything is the ‘No’ word.”

“Can I peek him up?” the nanny asked. “I think perhaps vee get to be friends vedy fast.”

Sylvia reached in the crib, wrapped her arms around Raphael and lifted him out. She kissed him on the lips and on top of his head and handed him to Natasha. The new nanny displayed a smile on her face.

“What a preety boy you are Raphael. I will take such goot care of you my baby.”

Raphael put a sour expression on his face for about five seconds before he burst out crying. In a motherly way, Natasha patted his back and cooed in his ear trying to get him to calm down.

Sylvia didn’t do her normal thing of picking him up. She let Natasha keep holding him and talking with a soft voice, like the whisper of the wind. After a while, Raphael stopped crying long enough to fill his diapers.

Both ladies laughed.

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