The Boy in the Bin

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Sylvia decided she wanted to talk to Fred, Raul’s business partner, about his daughter Marcia. She wanted to learn more about the woman having the affair with her husband. She knew enough to employ caution in what she said because Fred sometimes showed a nasty temper when he got fired up about something. If she said the wrong thing, Lord knows how he would react.

She called the office and gave a phony name to the receptionist, saying she could be a potential client. As soon as Fred came on the line, she told him her true identity. She asked if they could meet somewhere privately to discuss a personal matter. Fred agreed and offered to meet her at a place called Lucien Blue; right down the corner from Sylvia’s work place.

“Thank you for meeting me, Fred,” Sylvia said as they sat down.

“I’ve got to admit,” Fred told her, “your call took me by surprise. What’s up?”

“It’s Raul,” she confessed. “I believe he’s having an affair and I’m at a loss as to what to do about the situation.”

“Why do you think he’s cheating on you?” he asked.

“A private investigator who I hired, followed him,” she confessed. He took pictures of Raul and a woman at a hotel in Connecticut on the weekend; the weekend he supposedly worked in the office.”

Fred needed to take care of what he said too. The only evidence he had, was the video from the security at his office. He wasn’t aware of the weekend meeting or if his daughter was the other woman. Finally, he decided to cautiously admit what he suspected.

“Sylvia,” he disclosed, “I found out about Raul and another woman this last week. I found out because we installed a security system at work and I caught Raul. I confronted him about his little tryst and he denied the truth until I gave him a copy of the tape.”

“Fred,” Sylvia lamented, “I am lost about this. I can’t decide whether to kill him or divorce him.”

“You think you’re upset?” Fred barked. “My daughter Marcia is the one he’s involved with.”

Well, there it was. A confirmation of what Sylvia thought when she first saw the pictures. And Fred knew about everything. The fact amazes that Raul still lived, knowing about Fred’s temper.

“I wasn’t aware of Connecticut,” Fred admitted, “but I can’t say I’m surprised. Raul works with many business secretaries and I’ve suspected him fooling around for a long time. This is why I put the security in the office . Imagine my surprise to catch Marcia in the video. I always thought he had the ‘hots’ for Mrs. Rosencranz.”

“That bastard,” Sylvia shouted. “I called him out on a lipstick smear I found on one of his shirts. He told me a Mrs. Rosencranz kissed him for doing a good job on a merger project. What does Mrs. Rosencranz look like?”

“She’s about 28 years old,” he relayed, “tall, attractive. She owns a winery with her brother.”

“He described her as being old and married,” Sylvia stated. I think he estimated her age at around 70 .”

“She’s actually good friends with my daughter.” Fred pointed out.

“This sounds like Raul the Rooster lives part time in a hen house,” Sylvia snarled. “I’d like to bring this to a screeching halt. What should I do?”

“How are your finances?” Fred wondered. “A divorce is going to be a long and costly event; especially if you expect to get any of the proceeds from the business. I wanted to kill him when I caught sight of him with Marcia. Doing so, however, would make it too easy to get tied to a murder if the cops ever dug into the truth.”

“I haven’t got a lot of money,” Sylvia admitted, “or I would more than likely shot him. I’m pissed .”

“What if someone else did the dirty deed?” Fred prompted. “We deal with some pretty surly people. These are in and out of the justice system like revolving doors.”

This gave Sylvia pause for thought. If Raul died, his insurance would go to her and Raphael and she would still split the proceeds of the law practice with Fred. He would be happy because some of Raul’s clients were very wealthy and now Fred would get a bigger share of the business. The only loser in the deal would be Marcia and Sylvia didn’t care about her.

“I’m only interested in making a life for my son and me,” she answered. “I can understand none the less, not having Raul around would benefit both of us. Can you suggest any remedy?”

“If his demise is what you want,” Fred told her, “I can make the arrangements. However, we need to agree on this. I’m not about to be hung out and dried by a jealous wife.”

“How can I convince you I’m sincere Fred?” she questioned. “I told you about my money situation.”

Fred reached over and put his hand on her knee. He slipped his hand under the hem of her dress and moved slowly up and down her thigh.

“I’m sure we can work something out,” he smiled, “don’t you think.”

Sylvia casually allowed her legs to relax and open . Fred might be 15 years older than Sylvia, but he wasn’t unattractive. An affair with him may even be fun. She leaned over towards him, put her hand on his thigh and whispered, “I’m sure we can.”

Fred gave her details she didn’t want to hear about. She listened anyway. He assured her everything would be done in total secrecy and he acted confident about the people he needed to contact. He asked her if she would be opposed to meeting him in the men’s room where they would ‘sign the pact’, as he put it.

Sylvia agreed and licked her lips.

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