The Boy in the Bin

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Eve had promised to return to school on Thursday. Raphael met up with her at the entrance to the building and they made plans to eat lunch together. When the noon break came, they sat together at their favorite table.

“How nwas nyour trip to Pennsylvania?” Raphael asked.

“I enjoyed the visit to my relatives,” Eve replied, “but the trip itself tended to be a bit sad. My Aunt died and she was popular. Many people attended the services I didn’t know and so I kept to myself.”

“My week nwas good too,” he boasted. “I got nyou a present.”

Eve broke out with one of her heart-melting smiles as she cuddled up to Raphael. “What did you buy me?” she questioned.

Raphael reached deep in his jacket pocket and pulled out a Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconium ring. The jewel in the center of the ring glistened under the glow of the cafeteria lights. He thought the sparkle paled compared to the huge grin on Eve’s face.

“That’s beautiful,” she exclaimed as she reached over and hugged Raphael. “I didn’t think you would spend that much on a ring for me. I love it ... and I love you.”

“I nwanted to show nyo how much I care,” Raphael beamed. “Nothing is too ngood for nmy girlfriend.”

They broke their embrace, and Raphael showed Eve how the adjustment worked. She held out her left hand and Raphael slid the ring on her finger and squeezed the band together. He told her if she wanted to wear it on another finger, she simply expanded or compressed the band.

“I might decorate my toe,” she commented. “I saw in a fashion magazine how unmarried women wear toe rings with polished nails to show off their love. I’d buy a pair of open-toed shoes because I wouldn’t want to hide this beautiful ring. With a ring on my toe, I would always be reminded of how much you love me.”

Raphael seemed glad Eve loved the ring, but not so glad she kept using the ‘L’ word. He recognized he liked her but wasn’t sure the sentiment qualified as love; mainly because he never encountered the emotion before.

He loved his mother and father, but this seemed different. Unfortunately, he didn’t hang out with any friends close enough to explain the difference. The only thing positive as he sat with Eve; nothing else mattered.

“Come with me,” Eve directed. “I’ve got something to show you.”

They got up from the table and Eve led Raphael by the hand down the hallway. They made a left turn down another hall. About half of the way down, Eve opened the door to a vacant classroom. She threw her arms around him and kissed him passionately. He pulled her close and kissed her back, like he did when practicing with his pillow. His head spun and he thought he floated on air.

Eve pulled back to gaze at him as she contacted take his right hand. She lifted it and guided him to her supple breast. In a micro-second, Raphael experienced a growing boner coming on; with little influence to stop the sensation.

Eve pulled Raphael in close again as he fondled her. She sighed as she enjoyed his hand moving back and forth while squeezing the supple flesh. Her nipples became erect and Raphael concentrated on them.

She reached her right hand down below his belt and put her hand on what she assumed would be there. Raphael initially jumped because nobody touched him in that place since being a baby.

Her hand glided up and down the length of his erection and in about 10 seconds, he experienced a sensation like never ; he thought he exploded. His head got hazy; his eyesight blurred and for some unknown reason, he wanted to thrust himself at her.

“Oh, Raphael,” Eve sighed, “I wish we could be alone. I want to make you feel so good.”

Raphael became dizzy, but he gathered his thoughts enough to mumble, ‘We are alone’. Eve said she meant alone; where she might show him more. Lunchtime ended and they needed to get back to class. She slowly pulled away and smiled at him.

“We’ll meet again,” she stated, “I promise. I hope you liked touching me.”

Raphael said something garbled; even to his ears. Eve kissed him one more time and left; abandoning Raphael alone in the darkened room. He was still emotionally charged up; like someone whose plate had been taken away before they finished eating.

And the front section of his pants was all wet.

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