The Boy in the Bin

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The phone rang on Raul’s direct line at about 4:00 o’clock. When he picked the receiver up, he heard Marcia on the other end breathing heavy into the phone. Raul recognized her voice but played a little with his caller.

“Who is this?” he demanded.

“You’ll find out when I breathe heavy with you in person,” Marcia breathed. “Are we getting together this evening?”

“There’s been a little snag Honey,” Raul confessed. “Your father knows about us.”

“How did he find out?” Marcia questioned.

“He installed a security system in the office without telling me,” he complained. “We’ve been caught on camera.”

“OH MY GOD,” Marcia gulped, “did he see us in the act?”

“Yes he did,” Raul confided. “I can confirm this because he showed me the video. He wanted to punch my lights out, but I calmed him down. Has he said anything to you?”

“No,” she conceded, “but I’ve been away. What are we going to do?”

“I don’t have a clue,” he declared, “I hoped maybe you might talk to him; tell him we engaged in a one-time thing or something; anything to cool him down. The last thing I need is for him to contact my wife and spill the beans.”

“Is he in the office now?” Marcia quizzed.

“No,” Raul assured, “he left early today.”

“Then I’m coming over,” she burst out. “We need to get this settled.”

“Come to the back door,” he commanded. “He probably is spying on us which we should avoid.”

“OK Honey,” Marcia agreed, “I’ll be with you in a flash.”

Raul smiled because he knew Marcia would take care of his sexual needs and handle the dirty business of cooling down her father; at least until Mr. Sandez came up with a more permanent solution.

Ratso/Raphael made his way home after meeting his friends. He didn’t even stop in the kitchen to make a snack for himself. He wanted to study his new book and learn all about the art of having sex; he wanted to be prepared for Eve.

Sitting on his bed, he started from page one looking at the actual photographs of couples in the acts of lovemaking. The photos were graphic and included a written explanation underneath each one. He kept flipping through the pages and alternately picking up a comic book to divert his attention.

Looking at the illustrations caused him to get a boner each time. The last thing he wanted at the moment would get called for dinner by his mother and going out to the kitchen with the front of his pants all wet.

Sylvia came home at the usual time and immediately got ready for the dinner meal because the cooking time might be over an hour. Natasha made a dish called Chicken Cordon Bleu for this evening. This comprised chicken breasts stuffed with ham and cheese and nestled on a bed of rice. The meal looked simply marvelous. She poured a glass of wine and sat down at the kitchen table to think.

Her memory focused on the meeting with Raul’s business partner. This stood out as the first time in her life she gave oral sex to someone other than her husband. In a public place no less.

The act became exciting for Sylvia because Fred proved to be hung like a horse; much bigger than Raul or any of her lovers of the past. Perhaps having a relationship with him would not be too bad .

She hoped Fred could keep his promise to her and correct the current situation with Raul. Murder was a dirty business, but Fred assured her he would not be getting involved. He apparently relied on others for this dirty work. She needed to remain detached and innocent of any suspicion. Being rid of Raul, taking claim of his legal firm and providing for her son remained the only things of consequence. ; where was her son?

“Raphael,” she called out.

Raphael quickly stuffed the book under the mattress of his bed. He feared discovery because of difficulty in explaining why he possessed this book. He got up from the bed and went out to the kitchen.

“Hi Mommy,” he chirped. “Did nyou nhave a good nday at nwork?

“Yes Honey,” she smiled, “Mommy enjoyed a wonderful day. I talked to a man who may provide a house for us. It’s out in the country and according to him, the house is nice.”

“Are we going to nmove?” Raphael inquired. “What about my new nschool?”

“I thought you wanted to get away to a place where we could own a horse?” She queried. “When did you change your mind?”

“I nhave a girlfriend now,” he proclaimed. “I don’t nwant to nmove away from here. And I like nwhere I go to nschool.”

“You’ve got a girlfriend?” Sylvia exclaimed. “That’s wonderful. Is she pretty?”

“She is beautiful,” Raphael boasted, “and she’s smart too. I’m glad I skipped a class because she is in 7th Grade now and so am I.”

Sylvia didn’t pay too much attention to Raphael’s claim of a girlfriend until he kept talking of his young consort. Raphael recently turned 11 years old and attended 7th Grade, because he skipped a grade.

Sylvia estimated his new love, also being in the 7th Grade, must be about 12 or 13 years old. This would be a difficult age for teenagers; especially girls. The hormones kicked in and their bodies changed. She remembered when she turned 13 years old. She couldn’t keep the boys away from her.

“Is your girlfriend in your classes?” she wondered.

“She is only in nmy nMath class,” Raphael chattered. “She flunked nlast year and ntakes the class over. The nrest of her classes are nsomewhere else.”

Sylvia relaxed because with Raphael only attending one class with this older girl, the relationship couldn’t be too harmful. She didn’t ask him other questions because his interest seemed only infatuation on her son’s part. To call her a girlfriend would indicate seriousness not there. Raphael always appeared shy and she couldn’t imagine their involvement anything other than as classmates.

Sylvia definitely got this one wrong.

Marcia came over to Raul’s work location and entered through the back door. She told Raul she wanted to explore the office and look for any cameras installed. They started in Raul’s office and within about 5 minutes, found a miniature camera in the base of a potted plant on the desk.

“I want to give Daddy something to choke on,” she giggled. “Come over her and stand next to this desk.”

Raul met Marcia’s warm embrace. As he stood facing her, Marcia moved her hand down below his belt and fondled him in a way he couldn’t resist. He wanted to touch her, but she shook her head and told him to let her do her thing.

She unzipped his fly and reached in to find a firm member; continuing to grow in size. She slid down in front of him, looking at the camera all the time until she settled on her knees in front of him.

Raul stood helpless as she took command of his body with her lovely mouth. Her rhythms moved faster, and he couldn’t help but put his hand on the back of her head. In a short period, he exploded into her as both uttered gasps of pleasure.

Marcia stood and kissed Raul passionately as if she wanted to share his own juices with him. After what she did for him, he could respond no other way.

“I hope he learns not to spy on us,” she cooed. “I would like to do more, but I’m on a tight schedule today. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Marcia,” he admitted, “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t mind, but you took care of my immediate need. We need to plan something more long-lasting now.”

“Don’t you worry,” Marcia argued as she opened the door to leave. “You owe me and I always collect.”

Raul finally arrived home at 6:30 P.M. and the family immediately sat down to dinner. He and Sylvia went through small talk between them, but the atmosphere seemed rather cool. Sylvia thought about the arrangements she made with Fred. Raul thought about Marcia and the arrangements he made with Mr. Sandez. And Raphael thought about Eve.

After dinner, Raphael went directly to his room. His mother asked if he wanted to watch TV, but he said he had a lot of studying to do. If she walked into his room, her shock would take over by what he studied.

He pulled the book out from beneath the mattress. He needed to find a better hiding place because Natasha sometimes changed the sheets for laundry. Raphael hunted high and low for a suitable secret spot. Finally, the decision was made to put a fake book cover on the manual and hide in plain sight.

He took the plastic cover off his Geometry book and positioned ‘The Pictorial Guide to Love’ inside, since they measured approximately the same. He grinned because his little training manual hid so nicely.

Once again, he kept opening and closing the book and distracting his thoughts with comic books, because a natural swelling took over his body. Something seemed weird though. When he touched himself, his boner got stronger and larger. He unzipped his pants and unleashed this monster to examine what seemed to happen. A reddish hue at the end throbbed. When he pushed down, his manhood sprang right back.

He kept repeating his motion as he kept looking at the pictures and imagined the girl in the picture being Eve. This seemed to yield an even bigger effect on the firmness. He gripped the shaft with his hand and moved back and forth. The intensity level jumped to such a point, he got dizzy as white, gooey foam erupted from him. The sticky fluid shot all over his bed, and his book. The sensation appeared very similar to the feeling he got when Eve touched him.

Raphael quickly got a tissue and cleaned himself up. As he went about this task, he noticed his boner fading away. He realized the firmness would come back again, but he didn’t know when. He continued studying the pictures in the book, so he understood exactly what everything meant. Afterward, he replaced the book in his new hiding place and settled in for sleep. His mind kept returning to the illustrations of the book, to memorize.

He didn’t want to leave anything to fate.

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