The Boy in the Bin

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Raphael intently studied everything in his new book. He also became concerned his mother may come into the room at bedtime and possibly catch him doing something he shouldn’t be doing. He already camouflaged the manual with his Geometry cover. He decided when not studying, the resting place would be on the shelf over his desk.

He lay in his bed with the lights off, as if ready to sleep. He held a small flashlight as he studied every line and picture in the book; digesting every word the experts said.

“Er-rog ... er-ogenous” he vocalized to himself.

Erogenous Zones. Raphael didn’t recognize those words. He got up and found his dictionary to check the definition and get the exact meaning.

Erogenous - Adjective - 1) especially sensitive to sexual stimulation, as certain parts of the body. Also called Erogenous Zones 2) Arousing or arousing sexual desire; sexually stimulating.

Returning to the book, he took in the pictures of breasts, male and female genitalia, thighs, buttocks and any other part excitable by touch. Now he understood why he got a boner when he got excited. Now all became clear to him.

He studied every line and page and made mental notes. Figures 1 through 6 seemed easy, but he may get into some trouble with zone number 7. He needed to memorize this because heaven waited for him in zone number 11. A studious attitude became paramount, in order he remember all these tricks. The satisfaction of Eve depended on his dedication to learning.

He put the book in the shelf and went to bed. Tomorrow should be a great day because he intended to try out his new found knowledge on his girlfriend. The thought of Eve gave him a boner and he wanted to go to sleep. He pulled out a comic book until his amorous urges went away. He needed to get his rest because this new adventure would be a real testing.

Raul and Sylvia tuned into the local and network news and afterward, the late edition of ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’. During the show, Raul glanced over at Sylvia and proposed a question.

“Would you like to enjoy some sex tonight?” he questioned.

“No,” Sylvia grimaced while still watching the TV.

“Is that your final answer?” Raul badgered.

Sylvia didn’t even bother to glance at Raul. She quietly sat, with her eyes glued to the screen. She harbored a pissed off attitude at his indiscretions and didn’t intend to engage in any more conversation than necessary. Her single answer ...‘NO’.

“I’d like to phone a friend then,” Raul said jokingly.

The response from Sylvia manifested as immediate and dramatic. She hurled the remote controller at him with all the force she possessed. Raul didn’t move quickly enough and the plastic projectile hit him squarely between the eyes.

“WHAT THE FUCK, SYLVIA,” he shouted, “I only made a joke.”

“Well you can joke by yourself,” she shot back. “I intend to be left alone and you can sleep in here tonight.”

Sylvia charged off down the hall, quickly peeking into Raphael’s room and on to the bedroom. Raul became dazed and confused at this outburst.

Was it possible she knew something?

The next morning, Raphael bolted out of the house and went on his way to school bright and early. He exhibited an eagerness to arrive ahead of the morning bell and perhaps meet with Eve before his first class. He decided he wouldn’t tell her about the book he studied so religiously; rather he would show her. Standing in the main hallway, he spied Eve come walking in and he rushed up to her.

“I ngot a surprise for nyou,” he chirped.

“A surprise?” she gasped, “what kind of surprise?”

“Oh, it’s very nspecial,” Raphael told her. “I think nyou will nlike my present.”

“What is it?” she begged again.

“I’ll meet you at lunch.”

Raphael went to his first class; almost skipping. He got through Physical Education and sat in his Humanities class as the teacher droned on about the Romance Period of art. His schedule showed one more class before lunch, at which time he would be with Eve. He hoped to make her day. The bell rang and he dashed out into the hallway, only to be greeted by Mr. Brooks, the administrator.

“Raphael,” he informed, “I need you in my office. Will you follow me, please?”

What the hell was this all about? Raphael thought. He maintained good grades and had missed no classes. He behaved and stayed out of trouble with the other students. What the hell was this all about?

He walked into the administrator’s office and the first person he encountered turned out to be none other than Lieutenant Paul Sherman. He tried to be cool about the situation, but somehow he recognized trouble may be on the horizon.

“I guess my little talk with you didn’t do any good Raphael,” he admonished.” I keep getting reports on you.”

“Reports for nwhat?” he asked innocently. “I’m a ngood student here and I nget along with everyone.”

“These reports deal only with your after school activities,” Sherman clarified.

Sherman stood and pulled the handcuffs from his belt. He instructed Raphael to turn around and place his hands behind his back. Raphael realized this probably would interfere in his plans to meet with Eve and he bolted toward the door.

He got about ten steps before Sherman pushed him from behind and he fell face first, landing in a prone position. He wrestled and wiggled, to keep the cuffs off his wrists, but Sherman won.

“You are under arrest for real this time, Raphael,” he trumpeted. His voice echoed throughout the room.

“We are going to go downtown and you will be arraigned,” Sherman told him. “After which you will be sitting in a jail cell until someone bails you out.”

“I didn’t ndo anything,” Raphael pleaded. “Why are nyou being nmean to nme?”

“I’m charging you with one count of shoplifting and one count of grand larceny. If I can find your buddy Sammy,” he continued, “I will nail his ass too. We recognize you on a video tape at the jewelry store, and the owner of the tailoring shop is prepared to testify against you also.”

Raphael came to the conclusion he sat in a bucket of deep shit. He ignored the possibility of a camera at the jewelry store because the ring clouded his judgment and a security system went unnoticed. Now the whole gang may get in trouble and all because he wanted a ring for his girlfriend.

Sylvia went ‘bananas’ when the school administrator called to tell her Raphael got arrested. She asked if a way existed where her son could stay after school until she got out of work. The administrator told her Lieutenant Sherman already took him downtown to be booked.

Taking her first action, she called Raul’s office, but the secretary informed her Raul left the office. This little piece of information almost set her hair on fire. She KNEW he went somewhere to meet with Marcia or park himself at a bar. She called the main police station trying to locate Lieutenant Sherman and found he was not at his desk. Nobody volunteered any information on his whereabouts.

“What the hell kind of operation are you running?” she screamed. “I’m trying to locate my son who left school with Sherman and none of you assholes can tell me where he is? I want to talk to his superior.”

After a while, the Captain came on the line and explained Lieutenant Sherman had reported in. He was on his way to the station and should arrive soon. This didn’t stop Sylvia from screaming into the phone and making threats about how her husband, being a lawyer, would own them soon.

“Mrs. Hernandez,” the Captain spoke calmly. “We’ve been conducting an investigation for a long time and your son keeps popping up on our radar screen. He has shoplifting and larceny charges against him now and the situation looks like more charges will follow.”

Sylvia shut up in her tracks. What the hell had Raphael been doing after school to would cause him to collect so many serious charges? Apparently not doing his studies. She got the address information and told the Captain she would be down at the station soon .

The police station buzzed as a hub of activity when Lieutenant Sherman and Raphael came in. Raphael immediately went into a holding cell while the Lieutenant completed the paperwork. As he wrote up his reports, his boss, Captain Bob Martin, came into the room.

“Well Paul,” he motioned, “Are we welcoming a new visitor?”

“I picked him up at school this morning,” Sherman affirmed. “He sure put up a struggle.”

“What are you charging him with?” Martin inquired.

“I investigated the jewelry heist at Luxury Plus,” he said. “The owner showed me a video of Raphael grabbing a rack of rings. I’m adding the shoplifting of the jacket from Otto’s tailoring shop. I’m including the assault charges on the kid at Village Community School last year and resisting arrest.”

“I don’t think his lawyer Daddy is going to be happy,” the Captain said. “The mother, Sylvia, called and bitched me out. She made a few threatening statements. Apparently her husband will own me soon. I told her about the charges and she shut up. She should be down here soon to pick up her little angel.”

“Here’s the real bonus Bob,” Sherman acknowledged. “On the video, we got Sammy Lovelace and some other creeps involved in the heist. We’ve been hoping to nail his little ass for a long time.”

“Lieutenant Paul Sherman, Protector of Humanity,” the Captain laughed. “We should get you a cape.”

“Captain Bob Martin, Master Beater of Self,” Sherman shot back with a smile. “Get out of here.”

Raphael sat quietly in his cell, thinking about how his life progressed. He experienced no real trouble before, unless you counted when he defended his property against Phillip at Village Community School.

He considered the assault incident the same as self-defense. But this mess seemed different. The fact of being caught on camera made a big difference in how he planned to defend himself. He hoped his father could get him out of this jam. He hoped having a lawyer in the family would be helpful.

“Hey Copper,” he yelled from the cell. “Don’t I nget a nphone call?”

Sherman got up from his desk and went over to the cell. Raphael still appeared to be an innocent little pre-teen in a leather jacket. If he hadn’t seen the evidence himself on the video, he would show more compassion for him. But he also appreciated, under his leather skin, a future felon lurked.

“Sure,” he confirmed, “you get a phone call as soon as I get done writing your ass up. If you would like to confess everything, we can make this thing go away real quick.”

“I didn’t ndo anything,” Raphael argued. “I nwas looking at nrings nwhen those nboys came in the nstore. The old man nran off to nyell at nthem and I nleft. I didn’t ntake anything ... nseriously.”

“Raphael,” Sherman scowled, “you’re a liar. I saw the tape of you stuffing things in your pockets before you ran out. The video shows you to be the last person near the ring display and I’m sure you took them. Now, I will get your little buddy Sammy and he might tell me all the other things you’ve been doing.”

Raphael thought about this and realized Sammy might implicate him to save himself. He acted like a bad-ass for a long time and now things looked as if nothing changed. He remembered when problems with him at Village Community School started, but he thought his attitude improved. He acted like his friend now. Raphael assumed the Lieutenant wanted to hang a charge on him though, so why not blame him.

“Sammy told nme to take the rings,” he blurted out. “I didn’t know. He said the nstore ripped him off and nthis paid them back. He told nme if I didn’t, he nwould beat me up.”

Raphael’s plea sounded to Lieutenant Sherman like something Sammy would do. But the fact remained, even if being true; Raphael still was involved in a major crime. Raphael used the same smart-ass language as Sammy. He used the term ‘Copper’; a name Sammy always called him. This led him to believe Raphael and Sammy were closer than acquaintances. They must be friends with Sammy acting as a strong influence.

“So are your confessing?” the Lieutenant quizzed. “I’ll tell you the truth. Your problems may go easier when you go in front of the judge.”

“My Daddy nwill get nme out of here,” he sneered. “He’s a nlawyer and nyou can’t nmake nme stay.”

“We will see Raphael,” Sherman nodded as he walked away, “we will see.”

Raphael sat in his cell until Sherman completed all his paperwork. When he finished, he brought a copy of the charges over to the cell to give to his young criminal.

“You are being charged with Grand Larceny in the jewelry store heist,” he explained. “I added the shoplifting charge based on a witness statement from the tailoring shop. The assault charge is for your attack on Phillip at your old school. The resisting arrest charge is for fighting me when I came in today to question you. Two felonies and two misdemeanors; and you’re not even a teenager yet. Your Daddy is not going to get you out of anything.”

“Fuck You, Copper,” Raphael hissed, “I nwant nmy nphone call.”

“Not a problem,” the kind lieutenant replied. “You’ll get one. ; if you get no answer it will be too bad. We will go in front of the judge and you will probably return here this evening.”

He took Raphael out of the cell and led him to a phone. Raphael called his home number and the phone rang and rang. He couldn’t believe neither Natasha nor his mother picked up the call. Recent events seemed to work against him. For the first time in his life, he became worried. He always enjoyed being the golden boy and now he wore a cloak of deep shit.

He didn’t like this brown tarnish.

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