The Boy in the Bin

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Raul just about came unglued when he found out about Raphael, Court, and Lakeview. He’d been unaware of all the developments until he got home from work the night of the court hearing.

“Are you crazy Sylvia,” he screeched. “You let my son be shipped off to a juvenile facility 450 miles from here without even contacting me? You courted without me? What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“I tried to call you at the office, you Bastard,” Sylvia screamed back. “Exactly where did you skip off to in the middle of the afternoon? Do you think I wanted to take off work early to go to court?”

“I attended a meeting with Mr. Sandez; an important client,” he continued yelling. “But I guess important meetings for me don’t register in your feeble little mind, do they you dumb bitch.”

Raul’s last statement earned him a fierce slap across the face. Sylvia hit him with every ounce in her body. Fortunately for Raul, her hand remained open. Had she struck him with her fist, she probably would’ve put his lights out.

Her action left Raul shocked. He immediately backed up out of her range and thought, for a second, about the possibility of hitting her back. He fumed with rage but retained enough sense to not let his emotions get him a domestic violence charge. He wanted to kill Sylvia at the moment.

“A motion would stop all actions until both sides presented their evidence,” he claimed. “You can’t fathom all the legal tricks available.”

“No,” Sylvia blasted back, “you can’t fathom what I went through hearing the charges against him. They listed Grand Larceny, Assault, Petty Larceny and resisting Arrest. This bullshit has been going on for a long time, according to Lieutenant Sherman. For Christ Sake Raul, they showed a video of him ripping off a jewelry store.”

Raul paused for a moment in his rant, if only to gather his thoughts. Even though he didn’t act as a defense attorney, he knew a video recording of a crime presented strong evidence. Video evidence got people convicted; no matter how good their lawyer argued.

“I still think something else needed to be entered,” he complained, “and at least kept him here in the city. Now, his fate is sealed. He is committed him to at least 6 months of hell. Are you aware of what goes on in those facilities?”

“You weren’t in court Raul,” Sylvia yelled again. “The judge made an offer whereas all the charges would be dropped when he completed his term at Lakeview. I needed to decide right at the time or they would charge him with two felonies. I did the absolute best to protect OUR son ... that’s OUR son, not yours.”

“So what do we do now, Miss Negotiator?” Raul sneered. “Is a time available when we can visit him?”

“He can’t receive any visitors for at least a month,” Sylvia shot back. “I signed the papers and they took him away in a transport van. They wouldn’t even let me pack clothes for him. The Prosecutor told me Lakeview would contact us with a progress report in a month. If he is behaving, we may be allowed to visit him on the weekend; but only if he has caused no problems for them.”

“Sylvia,” Raul uttered as he exhaled, “this is a real mess. Who presented the Prosecution’s case?”

“Some guy named Whitney Breedlove,” she noted. “He seemed like a fair-minded guy.”

“The guy is a prick,” Raul argued. “His only agenda is getting convictions and he doesn’t care how, or who he affects. I’ve never met him, but Fred dealt with him before.”

Fred, Sylvia thought. Why hadn’t she thought of him when she appeared in court? The fond memories of their meeting a few weeks ago still lingered in her mind. She thought he would help her in this case; providing she offered some ‘special’ motivation.

“Call Fred right this minute,” Sylvia commanded. “Call him and see if he can get Raphael out of this mess.”

“The system doesn’t work like that Sylvia,” he shot back. “Fred took off for his cottage in the Hamptons and he won’t be back until next Monday. And I’m not even sure he would do anything.”

“Do you think Raphael is in any kind of danger?” she asked.

“What do you think Brainiac?” he snarled. “He’s an eleven-year-old boy, all alone in a facility with some of the worst kids in three states. I hear of assaults, rapes, and even killings go on inside, but the public thinks the Lakeview facility walks on water. Nothing ever comes of reports from the inmates. It’s like they are in their own little, protected world.”

Sylvia sat down at the kitchen table and cried. She really thought she worked hard for her son by getting him discipline. This entire situation; the arrest; the cheating by Raul; the mini affair with Fred; her yearning for another man’s touch and work took a toll on her. She became an emotional wreck and crying seemed to be the only way to vent her feelings.

Raul felt like crying too, but his pride wouldn’t let him. In reality, he sympathized with Sylvia but he regarded his life as much more complex than hers. He dealt with Sandez. There was his infatuation with Marcia and the real probability of setting the wheels in motion to knock his business partner off, weighing heavy on his mind.

For a brief instant, he wished to go back to the early days; days when it seemed to be a much simpler way of life; days before everything got so complicated. He crossed the kitchen and while standing behind his wife, rubbed her shoulders.

“Honey,” he warned, “this is a bad thing happening, but we are required to try to be rational now and make things work out. I will talk to Fred when he comes back on Monday and can offer ideas.”

Sylvia cringed at Raul touching her but mastered enough restraint to not let her true feelings show. Raul disgusted her and she believed his rubbing of her back exemplified his way of trying to get into her pants. Sex with Raul would not be a happening thing. She pushed her rage down a deep hole in her soul and thought about how wonderful life would be when Raul exited this world; if Fred truly came through as a man of his word.

She hoped he followed through.

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