The Boy in the Bin

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Raul and Sylvia came for a visit on the weekend. Six weeks passed since Raphael began his incarceration in this boot camp and they hoped life here hadn’t changed their son too much. With Lakeview not being a high-security facility, they allowed Raphael to meet his parents in the cafeteria building. When he arrived, both his parents, who sat at one of the long tables, stood and embraced him.

“I’ve nmissed you, Daddy,” Raphael cried, “are you taking me home?”

“We are here to discuss the situation Son,” he said. “Both you Mom and I missed you too.”

Sylvia hugged and kissed her son like a mother should after such an absence. Tears filled her eyes as she examined him. He lost more weight since she last held him and she wondered about his diet.

“Honey,” she exclaimed, “you look good. I think you have lost weight. Are you eating right?”

“I nhave been nworking Mommy,” Raphael gloated. “First I nwas in the laundry, but now I nwork in the kitchen. I get to eat nwhatever I nwant.”

The three sat down at the table and Raphael explained all the activities going on here at Lakeview. He told them about the marching, the schooling, and the work details. Being overjoyed to see his parents, he forgot about being pissed at his mother for sending him here.

“I nwant to come home,” he whined. “I nmiss my school and nmy nfriends; especially Eve.”

“Honey,” Sylvia replied,” we want you home too. We would like to take you away today, but the judge said you need to stay here for 6 months.”

“All your friends will be present when you get back Son,” Raul piped in. “I made arrangements with The Dalton School and you will be given credit for the days you spent here. You will come back and pick up right where you left off.”

Raphael smiled because he was happy. He didn’t like being here, even though he made decent acquaintances with some of the other inmates. But the fact remained he missed his old school and being free. He especially missed seeing Eve. Before he left, he studied his sex guide hoping to experience her body. He wasn’t sure she would remember him when he got back, which caused him to worry.

A security guard came over to the table and informed them the 20-minute time limit expired. Tears filled Raphael’s and Sylvia’s eyes as they got up and hugged one last time. Even Raul pushed back the pang in his heart.

“Are nyou going to ncome back again?” Raphael questioned.

“They told us we can return in another month, Son,” Raul asserted. “Can we do anything for you before we leave?”

“I nwould like my nblack jacket,” Raphael told them. “They won’t let nme wear my coat here, but I’d nlike to nmake sure I don’t loose it.”

“We will keep your jacket safe for you Honey,” Sylvia promised. “I realize how much your prized possession means to you. We’ve got your baseball cap too.”

The security guard got restless now and let out an ‘ahem’. They hugged and kissed one more time and Raphael sadly allowed the guard to guide him back to his barracks. Mom and Dad left through the exit.

The exit to freedom.

Sylvia waited until she got into the transit bus to break down. Raul hugged her and held her tight because even though they experienced marital problems, he realized the pain she suffered from missing Raphael. The other riders on the bus took a quick glance at the couple and turned back; apparently unmoved by Sylvia’s display of emotions.

“He’s lost so much weight, Raul,” she moaned. “I don’t think they are feeding him.”

“Sylvia,” Raul assured, “he’s eating better than at home. You heard him; he’s working in the kitchen now. I think it’s been good for him, even though I miss him too.”

“Did you talk to Fred about getting him out?” Sylvia sniffed. “I don’t think I can stand waiting another month to visit him.”

“Fred has been leaving the office early,” Raul acknowledged. “I don’t understand what’s up with him lately. Perhaps he’s got a girlfriend.”

Sylvia thought about Raul’s last statement. All her plans for him were tied to Fred and she assumed the two may end up together. The possibility of him having a girlfriend never entered the equation. What if Fred only used her and never intended to help her in her situation.

The bus rambled on down the highway, stopping at the main cities on the route. Rochester, Syracuse, Utica, Albany, Kingston and Newburgh all passed with little conversation between Raul and Sylvia. They finally arrived at the Port Authority terminal shortly after midnight.

“My ass is tired,” Raul complained. “The next time we visit Raphael, we’re going to take the train.”

“I agree,” Sylvia breathed. “Sitting for 8 hours on a hard seat is a bit much.”

They caught a cab from the terminal to home. When they finally got into the house, Raul and Sylvia went directly to the bedroom and stripped their clothes off. He stood naked in the dim light from the hallway and admired Sylvia as she removed the last of her clothes.

“I need a shower,” he hinted, “would you like to join me?”

“Are you out of your mind Raul,” she shrieked. “I just spend a day riding around on a bus. The only thing I want to do is crash into my comfy bed. You shower. I’ll stink until morning.”

“Well,” Raul huffed, “no sugar cookies for you tonight.”

Raul thought he could coerce his wife into a little rubbing and scrubbing of the sexual kind. Quite a while had passed since he and Sylvia did the horizontal bop and this seemed like the perfect way to end a long weekend.

His assessment turned out to be wrong.

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