The Boy in the Bin

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On the next Monday morning, Raphael returned to school earlier than normal. He wanted to meet Eve before the morning classes. As he stood in the entranceway of the school, his mind kept going back to his sex manual. He couldn’t wait to explore the things in person he saw in the ‘Pictorial Guide to Love’. The time approached 9:00 A.M. and Eve still hadn’t arrived.

‘Where could she be? Raphael thought. I hope nothing happened to her’.

Out of the corner of his eye, Raphael caught sight of Eve entering the door at the other end of school. He broke out into a full run down the hallway, zigging and zagging between the students who rushed to their classes.

“Eve,” he shouted.

“Raphael,” Eve said with a broad smile. “You’re back. How did you get out of Lakeview early?”

“My father ndied,” he croaked. “Things nhave been ndifficult lately. I’m so nhappy to be with nyou again.”

Raphael glanced down and realized Eve did not wear the ring he gave her before his incarceration. He wanted to question her, but Eve rushed off to class before he said anything.

“I’ll catch up with you at lunch Raphael,” she yelled as she ran off.

Raphael ran to get to his class too. He didn’t want to be late on the second day of his return.

Mark Lawrence knocked on the door of Sylvia’s Brownstone at exactly 9:56 A.M. He dressed in a casual jacket, slacks, and sports shirt; with no tie. He wanted to dress professional enough to bow out if Sylvia didn’t respond to his advances.

“Mark,” Sylvia acknowledged, as she whipped open the door. “Aren’t we the essence of promptness?”

“I try to be punctual in everything I do,” he quipped.

She welcomed him into the kitchen and they sat at the table. As much as Mark wanted to put his arm around her, he resisted. Sylvia placed her hand upon his and told him how good he looked. She also went into detail telling him what a hectic schedule she kept lately.

“I’ve been working extra hours at work,” she explained, “because I’m not sure when the estate will be settled. I never pried into the financial side of things, so I’m not even aware if Raul owned any life insurance. I assume I should get something for his interest in the law firm, but everything is in limbo right now.”

She told him about Raphael’s return from Lakeview and getting him situated back in school. After about 15 minutes of rambling on, she stopped and peered deeply into Mark’s eyes.

“So how’s life been Mark?” she inquired. “Is your firm doing well?”

“My firm is doing swell,” he smirked, “would you like to check it out?”

Sylvia smiled as she caught his meaning and leaned in to kiss him. The two rose up from the table, embraced and kissed. The passion of the kiss left Sylvia panting as she drove her lips back to meet his again.

Mark never toured the Brownstone, but he led Sylvia down the hall as he kissed her. As they came to the master bedroom, Sylvia took the reins and led Mark to the bed. Her sexual experiences had been limited to Raul for the last 12 years. In that time, no other man touched her and now, she needed this.

They fell into bed.

Raphael became anxious as he sat waiting for Eve at the lunch table. He hadn’t seen her in almost two months and she sort of brushed him off at the school entrance. The fact she didn’t wear the ring he gave her, affected his emotional stability too.

“Here you are,” Eve remarked as she sat down. “I didn’t recognize you at first.”

“I nmissed you,” Raphael blurted out. “I didn’t nthink I nwould ever nsee nyou again.”

“Raphael,” she countered, “I couldn’t forget you. I remember the ring you gave me. Every morning I wore the ring proudly until my father made me remove it.”

“Why did nhe not let nyou wear my ring?” he questioned.

“He told me I was too young to be going steady,” She sighed. “He’s very restrictive and I think he’s a bit jealous, too.”

“He’s njealous of me?” Raphael huffed. “Why would nhe be njealous of nme?”

“It’s just him,” Eve continued. “He’s been this way since my mom died.”

Raphael and Eve sat enjoying their lunch and catching up on the news. He told her about his time at Lakeview, the death of his father and how much he enjoyed being back in school. He leaned over and whispered in her ear.

“Are nwe going to nsneak off and nkiss today?”

Eve put on one of her beautiful smiles and nodded ‘Yes’ to him. 15 minutes remained before they afternoon classes started. The two got up and went down the hallway to their favorite vacant classroom. Once inside, Eve wrapped her arms around Raphael’s neck and kissed him passionately.

Raphael instantly visited the seventh state of heaven. He missed Eve badly enough before, but now she pushed her body close to him. Eve gently took his hand and positioned it to her breast. The sensation became almost became too much to bear. This resulted in Raphael almost swooning with desire.

“I nwant to nhave sex with nyou,” he gurgled.

“We can’t do that now, Raphael,” Eve argued. “Can’t you be happy just touching me?”

Raphael didn’t want to push the issue because he was treading unfamiliar waters. Eve seemed so much more mature than he, but at the moment, his body couldn’t tell the difference. He remembered pictures from his sex guide he wanted to put into practice.

“We need to go now,” Eve whispered, “I’m getting too worked up, and I’m sure you are too.”

“I’ve got a boner,” Raphael admitted. “I can’t nleave. Somebody nmight suspect something.”

Eve giggled as she broke her connection with him and straightened her clothing. As she left the room she told him he should take care of the problem himself.

Mark and Sylvia exhibited mutual exhaustion from their tryst. Sylvia wrapped a sheet around her and got up out of the bed to go to the bathroom. Mark lingered, being proud of himself; though he would never admit this to Sylvia. To him, this existed as another fine conquest.

Sylvia admired herself in the bathroom mirror and thought about how revived she felt. Today definitely took care of a lot of stress in her life. She wasn’t sure if Mark would be a permanent fixture, but for now, he would do. She returned to the bedroom after cleaning herself and crawled back into bed, joining Mark.

“Well Tiger,” she murmured, “round one is completed.”

“I thought you intended to do errands,” Mark retorted. “I don’t want to hold you up.”

“Errands can wait,” she chuckled, “but my kitty can’t.”

They embraced and went back into a long, wet kiss.

For the next couple of weeks, Raphael and Eve met in their hidden classroom every day after lunch. The petting between them moved from light touching to where Eve allowed Raphael to slip his hand under her brassiere. Sometimes, she would reach down and touch him, but always on the outside of his pants.

“Will nyou ntouch nme naked?” Raphael requested. “I’ll ntouch nyou nlike nthat.”

“I’m afraid of what might happen,” Eve breathed. “I don’t want us to get out of control.”

“Please,” Raphael begged. “Nobody ever touched me in that spot before.”

Eve fumbled with the zipper on his pants. Raphael’s breathing increased dramatically as she reached inside and touched him. His hands wandered down to her nether region under the hem of her skirt. He fumbled around trying to find the edge of her panties.

As he reached the top of the elastic band, the door of the classroom burst open. In the dim light of the room, Raphael identified the shape of Mr. Tyska, the math teacher. Eve stood with her blouse and bra around her neck and Raphael displaying an erection.

“What are you doing in here?” he boomed loudly. “This room is private.”

“Oh please help me,” Eve cried, “This boy is touching me and making me touch him.”

Shock registered on Raphael’s face at this turn in Eve’s attitude. At one moment, her hot-to-trot body begged him for more and in the next; she accused him of making her do something she didn’t want to do.

“Come with me, both of you,” Tyzka commanded. “I’m sure the administrator would like to hear about this.”

Mr. Tyzka led both down the hall to the admin office. The school administrator, Mr. Brooks, didn’t answer the door of his office, but his secretary stated he would be right back. In a short while, he returned and Tyska pulled him aside for a discussion.

“Ms. Daniels,” Brooks directed, “I would like you to go to the nurse’s office. Mr. Hernandez, I would like you to come into my office.”

Mr. Tyzka escorted Eve to the nurse’s office where she answered a battery of questions about the events in the vacant classroom. Eve feared getting into trouble. So she told the nurse Raphael asked her to join him in the vacant classroom where he kissed her. Soon, he forced her to put her hand in his pants and touched her secret place.

Raphael didn’t enjoy being in Mr. Brook’s office. Brooks roared at him about attacking a fellow student and ranted about ’How Dare You”, after allowing him back in class on his release from Lakeview.

“She’s nmy ngirlfriend,” Raphael protested. “She nloves nme.”

“I don’t think so Hernandez,” Brooks declared. “Eve is a straight ‘A’ student and she wouldn’t jeopardize her good grades. I think you took advantage of this poor girl because you’re a little punk. I can see you dress. I don’t care how good your grades are, or were, I will report this incident to the police and let them tell me how to handle things.”

“Please, Mr. Brooks,” Raphael whined, “I didn’t ndo anything nwrong. She’s my ngirlfriend.”

Brooks refused to listen to any of this baloney. He pulled out his address book, picked up the phone and called the Rescue Mission because he knew Sylvia would be at work.

“Mrs. Hernandez,” he announced, “This is Arnold Brooks at The Dalton School. There’s been an incident here requiring you to pick up your son.”

“What happened,” Sylvia demanded. “Is Raphael OK?”

“You son is OK,” he told her, “and I’m not at liberty to discuss this over the phone. He needs to be picked up now.”

“I can’t come for a while Mr. Brooks,” she complained. “I’m without a car and even if I left work now, getting there would take me an hour.”

“I will be here until 5:00 P.M. today,” he relayed. “If he is not picked up by then, I will transfer him to the police.”

Sylvia hung up the phone and thought as she stared at the top of her desk. What the fuck did Raphael do now?

She didn’t want the police to take her son again, so she arranged to leave. The fastest way to get to the school would be by taxi. She took her purse, left the Rescue Mission and walked out onto LaFayette Street. She figured the fastest way to catch a cab would be to walk a city block west to Broadway.

The sour look on her face said everything.

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