The Boy in the Bin

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Ratso woke up to total darkness. His eyes peered out from under his half-open lids to gaze into the black environment. Some mist surrounded him and his ears identified the faint sound of water dripping somewhere. His nose detected a thick, musty scent in the air.

I hope this bin isn’t leaking. He thought to himself.

The memory of being caught in some vortex still lingered fresh in his mind. The last thing he remembered before losing consciousness was being on 42nd Street, looking for a boutique.

How did I get here? I couldn’t sleepwalk my way home.

He listened carefully, but couldn’t perceive the noise of rain coming down on his hiding place; only the rhythmic pattern of drops hitting the surface.

What the hell? He wondered. I guess I’d better investigate.

He ran his hands over his frame and found he still wore his wet, smelly clothes. He peered forward, trying to see into the mist before him. When he stood up, he realized the ground beneath him wasn’t the floor of the bin . The surface seemed made of dirt.

What the ... Where am I?

He moved slowly into the darkness, attempting to find something to hold onto. He tried to get an idea of his surroundings, but he couldn’t even locate the door of the bin. He moved towards the dripping sound first attracting him and as he progressed, the area seemed to get lighter; almost to a point where light allowed him to perceive images. The scent grew stronger now; almost reminding him of a perfume. Periodically, he would feel the craggy surface of a rock under his sneakered foot and sidestep, to avoid falling.

Gazing forward, he recognized a small opening in the wall. He came to realize this place resembled something like a cave. The light came from the walls themselves, as he entered a subterranean cavern.

As he pushed through the opening, he came upon a pool of placid water. All around the inside of this magnificent chamber, maroon velvet covered the walls. The pool itself displayed lavish decorations with gold fittings while the water emitted a pinkish hue. Things appeared so calm and peaceful and above all, so inviting.

I don’t understand where I am, he said to himself, but what a great place to wash up.

He quickly removed his clothes, and with one foot tested the temperature of the water. The liquid seemed pleasant as he glided his feet forward, letting the water cover him up to his neck. He went about cleaning himself while he glancing around; trying to identify the dripping sound.

Suspended from the ceiling of this cavern, several ice fissures dripped. The sound in Ratso’s ears came from the melting droplets falling into the pool he now enjoyed. The light itself came from these fissures as if they emitted an iridescent glow.

Ratso gained an energy boost from the water itself. While he scrubbed himself, he caught sight of tiny ripples on the surface of the water in front of him. He hadn’t thought of the possibility this pool might be infested with snakes or something worse.

Suddenly, fear gripped him and he turned to leave the pool.

Directly in front of him, the ripples parted to reveal the head of a beautiful blond face as she surfaced. This caught him by surprise because he assumed he bathed in solitude. Another face, this one a brunet, popped up next to the blond. Both stared at Ratso, as his mouth opened in a manifestation of awe. Finally, a third face surfaced to the right of the brunet; this one a dark-haired beauty with piercing black eyes. All three displayed a soft calmness in their faces. He became mesmerized as he stared at the trio. Out of the quiet recesses of the pool, the blond spoke to him.

“Ratso, Welcome,” she said. “We are known as the Empusa of the pool. We bid you greetings to our home and wish to make you safe and relaxed.”

“How do nyou know nmy name?” Ratso asked.

“We are knowledgeable about many things,” she answered. “We’ve waited for so long, to let our waters bring you coolness.”

Ratso still wanted to scurry away fast , but something in their beauty forced him to hold fast. The three swam in tangent towards Ratso and as they approached, he admired their naked bodies down to the waist. These stunning faces with bountiful breasts rattled Ratso to the core.

From this point, things got weird. At their midriff section, the legs of each co-joined into a single trunk; similar to the body of a mermaid. Covering this junction, instead of traditional pubic hair, a snakeskin wrapping adorned each pelvis; not an unpleasant sight but still shocking.

The Empusa swam directly up to Ratso and took turns kissing him. The cumulative effect of three beautiful women kissing a young teen boy overwhelmed him. Ratso closed his eyes in enjoyment, aware of an erection overwhelming his body.

They circled around him and each would take their turn caressing his mouth, his neck, his chest and his penis. Afterward, they circled around the back of him to gently apply their lips to his shoulders, his spine, and finally his buttocks.

All three continued their ritual and Ratso couldn’t control the physical gyrations his body went through. He let out a loud moan when the blond nibbled gently on Ratso’s flesh. This nibbling didn’t hurt , but Ratso couldn’t determine whether he liked the sensation . The brunet joined in, doing the same thing and finally the dark-haired beauty. The circular motion became exciting to Ratso and in a matter of moments his body exhibited this, by shooting forth a stream of ooze.

They circled Ratso, kissing and nibbling his flesh. The sensation continued to drive him out of his mind. He never experienced such a feeling of love in his life. Much to his surprise, he liked what they did, because their attention uplifted him; just as the warmth of being wanted by these strange creatures did.

Looking down, the first tiny drops of his blood formed in the recess of their bite marks. What normally would shock him didn’t. When the droplets formed, the Empusa took turns to lick the crimson marks away. Performing this deed seemed to be the most natural thing in the world.

As each sampled the blood of his flesh, their eyes would blacken and their faces became contorted in mortal pain. Ratso assumed the flavor of the blood tortured them, until in unison, all three opened their mouths to voice a silent scream. The fairest of the trio cried out to him.

“We all have loved you Ratso.”

Ratso stood helpless, watching them as they convulsed in sheer agony and evaporating before his eyes. Each snakelike body floated silently to the surface before vanishing. A sickly sourness filled the room. He reached out and tried to grab hold of the brunet as she shuddered in her anguish. But her form turned to mist, and within seconds, all three Empusa dissolved into a vaporous state.

Ratso experienced helpless passion as he stared at his lovers’ deaths before him. To hold their essence, he inhaled the vapors that once coalesced into their physical bodies. For one of the few times in his life, he experienced raw emotion cutting to his soul; like abruptly waking up in the middle of a nightmare.

Tears filled his eyes and his only thought; to exit the pool quickly . He pushed himself hard to gain advantage over the liquid surrounding him and swam ferociously until he collapsed at the edge, where his filthy clothes rested.

He laid in silence for what seemed to be an hour, attempting to get his breath back after this traumatic experience. Try as he might, keeping his eyes open became a task; similar to being drugged. He forced himself to rinse out his clothes and spread them out on the rocky surface to dry. Soon, all light in the cave disappeared, exhaustion took over his body and he laid down nearly at the pool in total darkness.

Sleep came quickly.

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