The Boy in the Bin

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Rolland Sandez wasn’t pleased. He contracted with Sammy to toss a firebomb into the Hernandez residence. The true target of the hit was Fred, ex-partner of Ratso’s father Raul. He had an affair with Sylvia, Raul’s wife, and Raphael’s mother. Sandez already paid Sammy half of the fee, $ 2,500 to do the job. He prided himself on always getting his money’s worth. Fortunately, a meeting with Sammy this afternoon meant he could correct the situation.

Mark Lawrence couldn’t get the thought of Sylvia out of his head. He made a surprise visit to her house, hoping to take her out for an evening of dinner, dancing, and sex. The surprise hit Mark however, as he watched Fred and Sylvia embrace while leaning on his white Corvette. Mark became so shocked at this turn of events; he drove away without confronting either Fred or Sylvia. The overwhelming force in his world would be to take Fred out of the picture.

Marcia continued pouring herself into every bottle of booze available since she found out about Raul’s death. She convinced herself he died because of Rolland Sandez. It became her belief Sandez took her lover away because of a cocaine deal gone bad. Obviously she had no way of knowing her father contracted Raul’s death. She confided what she thought to her friend Suzy after one of her all night drinking bashes. Even though Suzy warned her to let the police handle the matter, Marcia behaved headstrong. She didn’t intend to let Sandez get away with his actions.

Sammy arrived at the outside parking lot of Penn Station for his routine gathering with his friends. He carried a pocketful of cash; compliments of his last job for Mr. Sandez. He planned on talking his friend Lenny into boosting a car. Then, his gang would drive out to Coney Island Amusement Park for some fun and games.

His plan unraveled when the black limousine belonging to Sandez pulled into the lot. Upon seeing him, he assumed Mr. Sandez came to pay him the balance of his fee for tossing the firebomb. As soon as the car stopped, he left his friends and entered the rear door of the limo.

“You owe me some money Sammy,” Sandez said gruffly. “When I pay for a job, I expect the job to get done.”

“What the hell are you talking about Mr. S,” Sammy shot back. “I did what you told me. I even stuck around to make sure the bomb went off.”

“The bomb went off all right,” Rolland shot back, “except Fred didn’t show up. One of my associates told me Fred went to the Hampton’s over the weekend.”

“How the hell could I know?” Sammy argued. “His white Corvette sat parked in the alley. Why would I think he wasn’t at the house?”

Sandez pondered his statement and realized Sammy was correct. He told Sammy to watch for a white Corvette. Somehow though, Fred got away.

“Perhaps something scared him away,” Sandez theorized. “The lady of the house seems to be getting a lot of action. She’s been screwing Fred, who owns the Corvette. She’s also been doing a PI named Mark Lawrence.”

“So you see Mr. S,” Sammy maintained, “this mistake couldn’t be my fault.”

“I guess you are right,” he conceded. “You couldn’t know. Somehow the primary target escaped and now I still must deal with him at some other time.”

“Does this mean you are not going to pay me the rest of my money?” Sammy questioned.

“Wow,” Sandez snorted, “you’re smarter than you look. Hey, I’m not even going to ask you to give back what I gave you. I’ve got an even bigger job for you.”

“Mr. S,” Sammy urged, “I don’t want any bad blood between us. I’ll be happy to complete the job if you give me another chance. I really need the rest of my money though.”

“How would you like to earn $50 K?”

That statement caused Sammy to swallow hard and blink at the same time. Sandez originally offered the huge $ 5,000 for a hit on Fred. Who the hell would be worth $ 50 K? He didn’t mind doing an impersonal job like tossing a bomb; even if someone got killed . But he didn’t want to get involved in anything requiring him to attack someone.

“What would you want me to do Mr. S.,” he inquired. “I don’t want to get close to any victim.”

“No,” Sandez explained, “nothing complicated. Basically, the same job you did with Fred. I will give you another bomb in a case. The timer gives you plenty of time to get clear.”

“Who is the mark?” he quizzed.

“Read this,” he stated, as he handed him a newspaper.

Sammy read the headline about the President of the United States would come to the city. The article mentioned he would visit several select schools; talking with the students. One of his visits included the Village Community School where Sammy previously attended. He glanced at Sandez and returned back to the newspaper.

“You want to put a hit on the President?” Sammy bellowed.

“Simple job, Sammy,” he replied. “I’m finding out exactly when he will be going to your old school. You, as a young, innocent teen will be at the same location. You drop the bomb off, set the timer and leave. Simple.”

“What about the other people,” Sammy continued. “A bomb is going to kill more than the President.”

“For FIFTY LARGE, what do you care?”

Sandez presented a point. Sammy figured if he did this one job, he would be set for life. He wouldn’t be going to school anymore; wouldn’t be forced to listen to those idiot teachers telling him what to do. He would be his own man. There were a few teachers at Village Community. He would do the world a favor getting rid of them.

“Don’t worry about details right now,” Sandez affirmed. “I’ll inform you when I firm things up. Go back and enjoy the day with your friends; and stay out of trouble.”

Sammy got out of the limo and waited as his ‘boss’ pulled away. The main thing on his mind at the moment; how to spend all the money he would get?

Being a private investigator provided many benefits. Mark Lawrence used all the resources of MassEye Investigations to locate Fred. One of those resources, called ‘The Big Ear’, is a Parabolic Antenna and amplifier. The device picked up conversations from over 100 yards away; even through windows. He drove by the law office, checking for any hint Fred, by aiming the ear at his building.

After verifying the office appeared vacant, his next stop would be Fred’s get-away home in the Hampton’s. He found this tidbit of information about the Hampton’s while doing the investigation of Raul. This would be a time-consuming drive out to Long Island. The benefit however, would be Mark couldn’t be connected to Fred as any client. Fred’s demise would seem like a random killing.

Since the white Corvette stayed parked in the city, Mark realized he needed to use the ‘Big Ear’. Listening through it, he could make sure his target traveled here and would be alone. He drove down the quiet street, listening for any noise coming from adjacent homes. He didn’t even pick anything up from Fred’s house.

Christ, I hope this hasn’t been a wasted trip, Mark thought. I want this over and done now.

He circled his car over to the private tennis courts, but could identify no one matching Fred’s description. His next stop would be the Community Center, where a neighborhood tavern thrived. This time, he got out of his car and entered the building. He hoped he wouldn’t need to show any ID. He didn’t want to lie about living in the complex, to get served.

“Can I help you sir?” the cheery barmaid bubbled.

“I’ll take a Rum and Coke please,” he acknowledged.

“Can I see your member’s card?” she requested.

Mark, being handsome and charming, used his charm on the young girl. He broke out his brightest smile and leaned in close; as if to tell her a secret.

“Honey,” he admitted, “I’m not supposed to be here. My wife wanted to drag me to a play in the city and I played sick. I don’t carry the membership card with me because I only wanted a quick drink or two. Can you please help me out?”

The young girl smiled and puffed her chest out; as if offering him an invitation.

“My name is Barbie,” she announced. “What’s yours?”

“I’m Brad ... Brad Connor,” he lied. “Glad to meet you.”

“You should change your name to Brad Pitt, Foxy,” Barbie chuckled.

“And you should change your name to Barbie Doll.”

Barbie took off to make the drink for Mark. He looked around and at once spotted Fred sitting at a table with a group of people. He didn’t plan on making his move right here, but rather he would follow Fred home later the same evening.

“One Rum and Coke,” Barbie chirped, as she returned. You didn’t tell me your brand, so I gave you two shots of Captain Morgan. I hope it’s OK.”

“You’re just trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me,” Mark joked. “I like that in a woman.”

Barbie smiled and took the $ 10 bill off the bar Mark placed in front of him. Mark took a long pull on his drink and almost choked. This young lassie made a strong drink. He smiled at the thought of possibly getting in Barbie’s pants day ; under his fake name . Barbie returned shortly with his change.

“I get off at 9:00 o’clock if your wife is still at the play,” Barbie commented as she walked away.

Mark hung around and choked down another drink, ordering another and teasing Barbie all the time. He told her he couldn’t meet her tonight, but he would be back again when more time availed itself.

He finished his third drink while making sure Fred still partied with his friends in the bar. He left and went out to his car and pulled the ‘Big Ear’ out; aiming right at the large front window. From here he listened to Fred’s conversation with his friends.

“I’m trying to figure out how to squeeze my ex-partner’s wife out of the law firm,” Fred commented.

“Can’t you simply buy her out?” his friend suggested.

“No way,” he complained. “She wants her share to give to her punk kid.”

Mark sat listening to their boring conversation. Apparently, Fred didn’t realize Sylvia died in the bomb blast after he left. Mark became aware because he listened to the report on his police scanner.

He hung around the bar until Fred mentioned he intended to leave. It became Mark’s signal he needed to leave also. He intended to be waiting for Fred when he arrived home. He started his car and slowly moved down the road to Fred’s condo. Parking around the corner, he quietly closed the door and crept up to the back side of the house.

A flash in the driveway told him someone gave Fred a ride home. He waited until the car left and dashed up the side of the house to the front entrance. Fred fumbled with his keys as Mark pulled out his Smith and Wesson revolver.

He fired two shots, both hitting Fred in the back of the head. He stood while Fred dropped to the ground and afterward ran blindly through the back yards of the homes. Once he got to his car, he turned the ignition and drove off in the opposite direction.

Fred wouldn’t be stealing girlfriends anymore.

Marcia ached with a nasty hangover. For the past month , she focused all of her energy on drinking. She realized the time arrived to put down her glass and get on with her life. Losing Raul, her lover, took its toll on her and now retribution seemed to be the order of the day. She intended to deal harshly with Rolland Sandez; the man she believed caused her loss. She would blame him for two murders if she knew of her father’s recent death.

I can’t simply walk into his office as a total unknown, she thought. I need must give him a valid reason.

She remembered a conversation with Raul, where he disclosed how Sandez provided him with cocaine; in exchange for using the law office as a distribution point. Perhaps she might use this connection to arrange a meeting with Sandez.

Maybe I should pretend to be taking over Raul’s interests at the law firm, she realized. Sandez wouldn’t be any wiser. The key would be to not let her father learn of her plans.

After popping a few aspirins to clear her pounding head, she sat down at her desk. Opening up the top right drawer, she pulled out a Beretta 2-shot Derringer. She hadn’t held the gun in her hand recently. Not since her Daddy gave the gun to her for a birthday present the previous year. The very lightness of the pistol felt good in the palm of her hand.

This one’s for you Rolland, she vocalized.

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